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Kao Curel Aging Care Moisture Face Cream 40g

  • Recommended for people with visible wrinkles caused by dryness and mature skin
  • Contains ingredients such as ceramide to replenish skin with hydration
  • Contains eucalyptus, thujopsis, ginger, and glycerin to make skin firm and reduce visible wrinkles
  • Suitable for rough, sensitive, and dry skin
  • Fragrance-free, no coloring, alcohol-free, pH balanced, allergy tested
  • Apply after skin care lotion or toner
  • Net contents: 40g
  • Manufactured by Kao Corporation in Japan
    • Introducing the Kao Curel Aging Care Moisture Face Cream in a convenient 40g size. This powerful Japanese anti-aging cream is specially formulated for those with mature skin and visible wrinkles caused by dryness.
      Infused with nourishing ceramide, this cream deeply hydrates and replenishes your skin, improving its elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
      Enriched with a blend of eucalyptus, thujopsis, ginger, and glycerin, this cream also works to firm and tone your skin, leaving it looking fresh and youthful.
      Suitable for rough, sensitive, and dry skin, this cream is free from fragrance, coloring, and alcohol, ensuring a gentle and effective skincare experience.
      To use, apply after your regular skincare routine, taking about 2cm of product and gently massaging it onto your face.
      With its generous 40g size and made by the trusted Kao Corporation in Japan, you can trust this product to provide the care your skin needs.