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KAO Biore Hand Foam Stamp with Shaped Dispenser

  • KAO Biore Hand Foam Stamp with Shaped Dispenser turns hand washing into entertainment
  • Press the dispenser to get foam in the shape of a paw or flower
  • Contains antibacterial ingredients
  • Fine bubbles decompose dirt, bacteria, and odors
  • Suitable for children from 4 years old
  • Mild citrus scent leaves no odor on hands
  • Press the pump once for perfect shape, twice will not have a perfect shape
  • Volume: 250 ml, Manufacturer: KAO, Country of origin: Japan
    • Product Title: KAO Biore Hand Foam Stamp with Shaped Dispenser

      Product Description:
      Transform your everyday hand washing routine into a fun and entertaining experience with the KAO Biore Hand Foam Stamp. This unique hand soap features a specially designed dispenser that creates foam in the shape of a cute paw or flower when pressed with the palm of your hand.

      Infused with antibacterial ingredients, this soap effectively decomposes dirt, eliminates bacteria, and neutralizes odors. It is suitable for children aged 4 and above. The mild citrus scent leaves your hands refreshed with no lingering odors.

      To use, simply press the blue ring of the pump with your palm, ensuring complete contact. Avoid pressing the dispenser twice in succession to maintain the perfect shape of the foam figure. Afterward, wash your hands thoroughly and rinse with water.

      The soap is formulated with a range of high-quality ingredients, including isopropylmethylphenol, water, polyoxyethylene lauryl ether ammonium sulfate solution, PG, alkyl glycoside, lauryl ether, ethanol, concentrated glycerin, lauryl ether, acetic acid, DL-malic acid, polyglyceryl laurate, benzoate, edetate, hydroxyethyl cellulose chloride, sodium hydroxide solution, and fragrance.

      This product comes in a convenient 250 ml volume and is manufactured by KAO in Japan.