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KAO BIORE Body wash citrus Cleansing body foam with citrus aroma

  • Gentle air cleansing skin foam for the whole family
  • Moisturizing and cleansing formula
  • Leaves skin smooth, clean, and tender
  • Suitable for sensitive baby skin
  • Citrus aroma
  • Paraben and artificial color-free
  • Normalizes natural functions of the skin
  • Available in 600ml and 480ml refill sizes
    • Introducing the KAO BIORE Body Wash Citrus, a cleansing body foam with a refreshing citrus aroma. This gentle air cleansing skin foam is perfect for the whole family!

      Formulated with a moisturizing and cleansing formula, this body wash easily lathers away impurities, leaving your skin feeling smooth, clean, and tender. It is also suitable for sensitive baby skin, providing a gentle and comforting cleansing experience.

      The KAO BIORE Body Wash Citrus features a delightful citrus aroma that invigorates and refreshes your senses, making your shower experience even more enjoyable.

      What sets this body wash apart is that it is free from parabens and artificial colors, ensuring a safe and gentle cleansing experience for your skin.

      The principle behind Biore is simple - promoting healthy and beautiful skin through regular and thorough cleansing without putting unnecessary stress on your skin. This body wash helps normalize the natural functions of your skin, making it more radiant and balanced.

      The KAO BIORE Body Wash Citrus is available in two sizes: 600ml and 480ml (refill option). So you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

      Made by KAO in Japan, the KAO BIORE Body Wash Citrus is part of the BIORE series, known for its high-quality skincare products.

      Experience the refreshing and nourishing benefits of citrus with the KAO BIORE Body Wash Citrus. Transform your shower routine into a luxurious and invigorating experience that leaves your skin feeling beautifully clean and uplifted.