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KANEBO On Skin Essence V Toner to protect skin from dryness, 100 ml

  • KANEBO On Skin Essence V Toner to protect skin from dryness, 100 ml
  • New line from KANEBO – ON. & IN. – developed to restore skin’s barrier function and protect against dryness in cold season
  • Multi-layer moisturizing veil absorbs instantly into skin, moisturizes stratum corneum, and protects from dry environments
  • Toner has a light scattering effect, giving skin radiance and brightness
  • Daily care creates a protective film on skin, making it soft, smooth, and shiny
  • Moisturizing ingredients fill skin with moisture, restoring firmness and smoothness
  • Floral aromas of lily of the valley, rose, and gardenia with notes of tea flowers
  • Apply to cleansed skin, use in combination with other KANEBO products for maximum effect
  • Volume: 100 ml
  • Manufacturer: Kanebo
    • Introducing the KANEBO On Skin Essence V Toner, a powerful solution to protect your skin from dryness. This new line from KANEBO, called ON. & IN., is specially developed to restore your skin's barrier function and shield it from dryness during the cold season.

      The KANEBO On Skin Essence V Toner features a unique multi-layer moisturizing veil that is quickly absorbed into the skin, providing deep hydration to the stratum corneum. This toner not only moisturizes your skin but also offers a light scattering effect, leaving you with radiant and bright complexion.

      Daily care is the key to achieving beautiful skin. After application, a transparent protective film instantly forms on the surface of your skin, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate into the stratum corneum. You will notice that your skin becomes soft, smooth, and incredibly supple.

      Infused with moisturizing ingredients like bilberry leaf extract, hydrolyzed white lupine extract, and glycerin, this toner replenishes your skin with moisture, restoring its firmness and smoothness. Additionally, the inclusion of squalane and macadamia oil helps restore the protective barrier of your skin, further preventing moisture loss.

      The KANEBO On Skin Essence V Toner features delicate floral aromas of lily of the valley, rose, and gardenia, enhanced by notes of tea flowers from Tea Topia.

      To apply, simply take the required amount of the product (around 4-5 pumps) onto your palm and gently apply it to cleansed skin. For optimal results, complement this toner with the Day Protective Cream or Night Protective Face Cream from the Cream In line.

      With a volume of 100 ml, the KANEBO On Skin Essence V Toner is manufactured by Kanebo, a trusted name in skincare. Don't let dryness take a toll on your skin this season - protect and hydrate your skin with this remarkable toner.