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KANEBO MILANO COLLECTION GR Face-Up Powder 2022 Rose scent and hyaluronic acid, 30 g

  • Luxurious face powder from the new Milano Collection
  • Combines transparency, velvety texture, and moisturizing ability
  • Leaves skin feeling moist, soft, and smooth
  • Adheres well to skin, giving a natural and radiant look
  • Absorbs sebaceous secretions, mattifying the skin without causing dryness
  • Contains moisturizing components like hyaluronic acid and royal jelly
  • Includes natural moisturizing extracts to protect against environmental damage
  • Comes with a velvet puff for even application
  • Has a premium rose scent
  • Suitable for use in all seasons
  • Ingredients include talc, hyaluronic acid, royal jelly extract, and more
  • Apply after foundation for a mattifying, finishing touch
  • 30g volume
  • Made by KANEBO in Japan
    • Introducing the KANEBO MILANO COLLECTION GR Face-Up Powder 2022, infused with a delightful rose scent and enriched with hyaluronic acid. This luxurious face powder comes in a sleek gold case and offers a perfect blend of transparency, velvety texture, and exceptional moisturizing benefits.

      When applied, it leaves your skin feeling moist and comfortable, imparting a soft and smooth finish. The powder adheres flawlessly to the skin, providing a natural and radiant look that enhances your makeup while keeping your foundation intact.

      With its ability to absorb excess sebum, this powder effectively mattifies the skin without causing dryness. Thanks to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid and royal jelly, it also provides optimal hydration. Suitable for all seasons, it imparts a porcelain shine and natural radiance to your complexion.

      Enriched with natural moisturizing extracts such as artichoke, olive, and marshmallow, this powder nourishes your skin and shields it from environmental damage. The provided puff, crafted from thin and smooth velvet, allows for even application and effortless blending.

      To top it all off, this KANEBO powder boasts a premium rose scent that adds a touch of luxury to your beauty routine. It arrives in a 30g volume, and it is proudly manufactured in Japan by KANEBO, renowned for their quality cosmetics.

      Achieve a flawless finish with the KANEBO MILANO COLLECTION GR Face-Up Powder 2022.