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Kanebo Milano Collection 2014

  • Kanebo Milano Collection 2014 is a new fragrant floral bouquet for women
  • Gives a festive mood, perfect for new year holidays
  • Designed for stylish, vibrant, expressive women
  • Suitable for daytime wear and romantic meetings
  • Primary chords include citrus fruits, lychee, and Yuzu
  • Heart notes include white rose, Jasmine, Lily, and Magnolia
  • Base notes include honey amber and musk
  • Manufactured by KANEBO in Japan
    • Product Title: Kanebo Milano Collection 2014

      Product Description:
      Introducing the Kanebo Milano Collection 2014 - a captivating floral bouquet designed especially for women. Launched at the beginning of 2014, this fragrance embodies the joyful spirit of cherished holidays, evoking a festive mood. Every detail of the composition and the fragrance bottle has been meticulously crafted to create a coveted, luxurious gift.

      Milano Collection 2014 is tailored for stylish, vibrant, and expressive women who possess the determination and courage to capture the hearts of men. Ideal for daytime wear and romantic encounters, this fragrance opens with bright, juicy citrus fruits, complemented by exotic lychee and yuzu. The heart notes reveal a delicate combination of white rose, jasmine, lily, and vibrant magnolia. The fragrance is rounded off with a base of rich honeyed amber and musk.

      Originating from Japan, Milano Collection 2014 is part of the prestigious lineup of fragrances by Kanebo. Explore the entire collection and experience the timeless elegance of these exceptional scents.