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KANEBO Media Luxe Loose Face Powder

  • KANEBO Media Luxe Loose Face Powder creates soft, bright, translucent skin
  • Hides pores and unevenness
  • Easy to use with a loose texture that does not roll
  • Soft mesh evenly distributes the powder over the puff
  • Naturally covers pores and wrinkles for a smooth finish
  • Tone: Natural – natural transparent
  • Volume: 14g
  • Manufactured by KANEBO in Japan
    • Product Description: KANEBO Media Luxe Loose Face Powder

      The KANEBO Media Luxe Loose Face Powder is a must-have for achieving soft, bright, and translucent skin. Its unique formula effortlessly hides pores and unevenness, providing a flawless and natural finish.

      This loose powder boasts a lightweight texture that seamlessly blends into the skin, leaving no visible traces or product buildup. The soft mesh ensures an even distribution of powder onto the puff, making application a breeze. By naturally covering pores and wrinkles, this powder gives your complexion a beautiful and smooth appearance.

      The shade available is Natural, which offers a natural, transparent finish.

      To use, simply place a tissue or similar item on the powder box before removing the seal on the inner lid. This precaution prevents any spills or mess. Lightly press the puff onto the mesh to gather the desired amount of powder, then gently sweep it all over the face for a perfectly powdered look.

      Each container contains a volume of 14 g, making it a long-lasting choice. Manufactured by KANEBO, a renowned brand, this product belongs to their Media Luxe line. It is proudly made in Japan.