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KANEBO Media Luxe Liquid Foundation

  • Long-lasting foundation
  • Doesn’t stick even when you sweat
  • Creates smooth and elastic coating
  • Fills in irregularities and hides color imperfections
  • Resistant to sweat and sebum
  • Available in three tones: light, beige, dark beige
  • Application at the end of skincare
  • Volume: 25 g
    • Introducing the KANEBO Media Luxe Liquid Foundation, a groundbreaking product that delivers long-lasting coverage without feeling sticky, even during sweat-inducing activities. This foundation is designed to create a smooth and elastic coating that stays put all day long. Its liquid texture effortlessly glides over the skin, blurring any imperfections and evening out the complexion.

      The formula is specially formulated to withstand sweat and sebum, ensuring that your foundation remains intact no matter what. With three available tones to choose from, including 01 Bright for a light complexion, 02 Neutral Brightness for a beige tone, and 03 Slightly dark for a darker beige, you can find the perfect shade to match your skin tone.

      To achieve optimal results, simply apply the KANEBO Media Luxe Liquid Foundation as the final step of your skincare routine. Each bottle contains 25g of product, and it is proudly manufactured by KANEBO, a renowned brand hailing from Japan. Discover the ultimate foundation that offers both lasting coverage and a flawless finish with the KANEBO Media Luxe Liquid Foundation.