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KANEBO Lissage Vougne Hair Change Treatment

  • KANEBO Lissage Vougne Hair Change Treatment
  • Contains collagen for hair elasticity
  • Strengthens each hair, making them more voluminous, dense and smooth
  • Penetrates deeply into dry hair and regenerates it
  • Lifts hair at the roots and smooths the ends
  • Has an antistatic effect
  • Contains mallow and sage extract for elasticity and glide
  • Relaxing floral woody fragrance
    • Introducing the KANEBO Lissage Vougne Hair Change Treatment Balm, a must-have for achieving hair elasticity and shine. Developed by the renowned Japanese hair care brand, KANEBO, this product is the result of over 30 years of research on the benefits of collagen for both skin and hair.

      This hair treatment balm is specially formulated to strengthen each strand, making your hair more voluminous, denser, and smoother. Its unique formula deeply penetrates dry hair, providing intensive regeneration while lifting the roots and smoothing the ends. The result? Frizz-free, obedient hair that retains its shape and style, thanks to the balm's noticeable antistatic effect.

      Enriched with extracts of mallow and sage, this balm also enhances hair elasticity and glide, leaving your locks even more manageable. Hydrolyzed collagen and silk further contribute to the overall health and shine of your hair. Plus, the relaxing floral woody fragrance adds a touch of luxury to your hair care routine.

      Recommended for those who lack hair elasticity and stiffness, have thin and lacking volume hair, desire smooth and manageable locks, or suffer from dry scalp and hair. To apply, simply wring out your hair after shampooing and massage the balm into your hair, leaving it on for 2-3 minutes for enhanced results. Then rinse with water.

      The KANEBO Lissage Vougne Hair Change Treatment Balm comes in a convenient 400 ml bottle and is to be used after the Hair Change Shampoo for optimal results. With water, cetearyl alcohol, glycerin, and many other beneficial ingredients, this balm guarantees to transform your hair routine. Manufactured by Kanebo in Japan, known for their high-quality products, this treatment balm is part of the Lissage Vougne line.

      Experience the power of collagen and unlock the secret to beautifully elastic and shiny hair with the KANEBO Lissage Vougne Hair Change Treatment Balm.