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KANEBO DEW Superior Lift concentrate cream Nourishing lifting cream, 30g

  • KANEBO DEW Superior Lift concentrate cream is a nourishing lifting cream
  • Developed to solve anti-aging problems of the skin
  • Thoroughly holds the leading position in Japan for 17 years
  • Contains natural herbal ingredients that prevent aging of the skin
  • Provides deep moisturizing and lifting effects
  • Contains royal jelly extract, apricot kernel extract, and acetyl glucosamine for nourishment and moisturization
  • Contains hyaluronic acid and collagen to increase skin elasticity and firmness
  • Has a pleasant floral aroma
    • Introducing the KANEBO DEW Superior Lift concentrate cream - a nourishing lifting cream that comes in a 30g size.

      KANEBO Dew Superior is a luxurious line of moisturizing and nourishing care products that have been specifically developed to address the anti-aging concerns of the skin. With a 17-year track record and a multitude of positive reviews from consumers in Japan, DEW SUPERIOR is widely recognized as one of the most consistently successful product lines for anti-aging care, deep moisturization, and lifting effects.

      This highly efficient cream contains superior natural herbal ingredients that are concentrated to prevent skin aging. The alpinia extract in the formula provides anti-aging and firming effects, while the royal jelly extract, apricot kernel extract, and acetyl glucosamine nourish the skin with vitamins, moisturize deeply, relieve irritation, smooth wrinkles, and even out skin tone.

      The enhanced complex, which includes hyaluronic acid and collagen, ensures long-lasting moisture retention, increases skin elasticity and firmness, and reverses the aging process. The lift concentrate cream has a gentle, dense texture that is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it smooth, moisturized, soft, and more dense. Additionally, the cream contains extracts of flowers and fruits of rodomonte, further improving skin elasticity, smoothing wrinkles, and preventing sagging of the facial contours. Hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture, while algae extract fights against aging and improves skin tone with its pronounced antioxidant effects. The cream also neutralizes free radicals and protects skin cells from their negative impact.

      This cream has a pleasant floral aroma and is recommended for use after applying lotion or cleansing the face. Its composition includes water, DPG, mineral oil, sorbitol, glycerin, macadamia nut oil, sostarennoy acid, cholesterol from wool, hydrogenated lecithin, acetyl glucosamine, yellowfin bark extract, sodium hyaluronate, algae, rodomonte fruit extract, and ghetto leaf extract.

      From the renowned manufacturer, KANEBO, this product belongs to their Dew Superior line and is made in Japan. For a complete selection of products from KANEBO's Dew Superior line, please visit the link provided.