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Kanebo DEW Afterglow Drop Lotion-serum with the effect of "glass" skin, 170 ml

  • Concentrated serum lotion for intense hydration
  • Penetrates the skin’s horny layer and forms a water-retaining film
  • Provides long-term hydration without weighing down the skin
  • Thick, stretchy texture for a full and glossy shine
  • Contains Hyalo Aqua Veil for long-lasting moisture
  • Improves skin elasticity and smoothness
  • Achieves a luxurious “glass” skin effect
  • Absorbs easily without leaving a sticky residue
    • Introducing the Kanebo DEW Afterglow Drop Serum Lotion - the ultimate solution for achieving the coveted "glass" skin effect. This highly concentrated serum lotion works wonders by deeply penetrating the skin's outer layer and forming a nourishing moisture barrier. As a result, your skin is enveloped with long-lasting hydration that truly revitalizes.

      Boasting a luxurious texture that resembles a smoothly flowing drop, this product effortlessly enhances the skin's fullness and provides a stunning glossy shine. The Hyalo Aqua Veil, a water-retaining veil formulated with hyaluronic acid, adheres to the skin's surface with remarkable density and elasticity, delivering continuous and optimal hydration. What's more, this exceptional lotion never feels heavy or sticky after absorption.

      Experience the remarkable transformation of your skin as it becomes more elastic, smoother, and radiates with the coveted "glass" skin effect.