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Hisamitsu Anesthetic Adhesive Patches, 21 pcs

  • Hisamitsu Anesthetic Adhesive Patches, 21 pcs
  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory patches with 24-hour effect
  • Contains 2.0% diclofenac sodium and 3.5% l-menthol
  • Manufactured by Hisamitsu, a Japanese company with expertise in anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Can be used at home or work due to mild menthol scent
  • Easy application on dry and clean skin
  • Maximum of 2 patches per day
  • Not to be applied on areas with skin integrity issues
    • Product Title: Hisamitsu Anesthetic Adhesive Patches, 21 pcs

      Product Description:
      Experience pain relief like never before with Hisamitsu Anesthetic Adhesive Patches. These 21 patches are packed with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that provide 24-hour relief. Hisamitsu, a reputable Japanese company with a rich history of developing top-notch anti-inflammatory drugs, brings you these patches that have been proven effective.

      Each patch contains 2.0% diclofenac sodium and 3.5% l-menthol, with the menthol flavor being subtle enough to use anywhere, whether it's at home or work. The combination of diclofenac sodium and l-menthol enhances the pain relief effect without any side effects.

      Application is hassle-free. Simply remove the patch from the packaging, detach it from the protective plate, and adhere it to the affected area. For joints, just bend the arm or leg, attach the patch, and ensure a snug fit on the dry and clean skin. It's important not to exceed two patches per day and avoid applying them to areas with damaged skin.

      The treatment duration varies depending on the disease stage and the doctor's recommendation. The effectiveness of the patches is remarkable, making these 21 pcs a valuable addition to your pain management routine.

      Composition (per 100 g): diclofenac sodium - 2.0 g, l-menthol - 3.5 g, block copolymer styrene/isoprene/styrene, terpene resin, BHT, polyisobutylene, liquid paraffin, and more.

      Packaging includes 21 pcs.

      Manufacturer: Hisamitsu

      Country of Origin: Japan