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HABA NIGHT RECOVER JELLY Night restorative jelly for face, 50g

  • HABA NIGHT RECOVER JELLY is a night restorative jelly for the face
  • Contains squalane, a key ingredient in HABA cosmetics
  • Designed to rejuvenate and nourish the skin overnight
  • Comes in a 50g size
  • Produced by HABA, a renowned Japanese cosmetics manufacturer
    • Introducing the HABA NIGHT RECOVER JELLY, a powerful nighttime restorative jelly specifically designed for your face. This 50g product is brought to you by HABA, a renowned Japanese cosmetics brand that specializes in squalane-based formulations.

      Experience the ultimate rejuvenation for your skin with the HABA NIGHT RECOVER JELLY. This unique jelly is meticulously crafted to provide intense nourishment and repair while you sleep. Formulated with high-quality ingredients, it deeply penetrates your skin, targeting dullness, dryness, and signs of aging. Wake up to a revitalized complexion that feels supple, hydrated, and renewed.

      Trust in HABA's expertise in squalane-based cosmetics for exceptional results. Give your skin the tender loving care it deserves with the HABA NIGHT RECOVER JELLY.