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FANCL Weight control Visceral fat reduction product, 30 days

  • FANCL Weight control is a drug for reducing visceral fat
  • Ideal for people with high BMI and concern about body fat
  • Regulates intestinal environment, reducing weight and deposits
  • Contains live bifidobacteria BB536, B-3, and N-acetylglucosamine
  • Addition of black ginger facilitates fat intake and reduces belly fat
  • Ingredients include N-acetylglucosamine, bifidobacteria powder, black ginger extract powder, and more
  • Daily dose includes polymethoxyflavone, bifidobacterium BB536, B-3, and N-acetylglucosamine
  • Take 3 capsules daily after breakfast
    • Product description: FANCL Weight control Visceral Fat Reducer, 30 days

      FANCL Weight control is a revolutionary solution for reducing visceral fat. Specifically designed for individuals with a high BMI and those concerned about excess body fat, this remarkable product regulates the intestinal environment to promote weight loss and eliminate deposits.

      Using FANCL's unique production method, which shields live bacteria from stomach acid, this supplement allows the beneficial bacteria to reach the intestines where they can work their magic.

      The key ingredients in this potent formula include live bifidobacteria BB536 (B.longum), B-3 (B.breve), and N-acetylglucosamine. These powerful components work together to normalize intestinal activity, decrease body weight, and prevent the accumulation of harmful visceral fat.

      Additionally, the inclusion of black ginger (polymethoxyflavone) aids in fat metabolism, reducing fat absorption and targeting belly fat (both visceral and total abdominal fat).

      Each daily dose of 3 capsules contains essential substances such as 12 mg of polymethoxyflavone derived from black ginger, 10 billion of Bifidobacterium BB536 (B.longum), 5 billion of Bifidobacterium B-3 (B.breve), and 238 mg of N-acetylglucosamine.

      To reap the benefits of this incredible product, simply take 3 capsules daily after breakfast.

      With a volume of 90 capsules, a supply of 30 days is ensured. This exceptional supplement is proudly manufactured by FANCL, a trusted brand from Japan.

      Experience the transformative results of FANCL Weight control and say goodbye to stubborn visceral fat.