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Fancl Nattokinase + omega 3 for 1 month

  • Fancl Nattokinase + omega 3 is a natural complex for the cardiovascular system and the brain
  • It helps prevent stroke and improves metabolism in the brain
  • It protects the retina and is effective in various health conditions such as diabetic angiopathy, migraines, memory deterioration, and more
  • Nattokinase increases blood flow, inhibits thrombus formation, and reduces high blood pressure
  • DHA from fish oil improves mental activity and prevents cardiovascular diseases
  • EPA from fish oil lowers cholesterol, improves blood circulation, and prevents atherosclerosis and thrombosis
  • Contains various vitamins and ingredients extracted from soybeans
  • Recommended dosage is 2 capsules daily after meals. Made in Japan by Fancl
    • Product description: Introducing Fancl Nattokinase + omega 3 for 1 month, a natural complex from a leading Japanese manufacturer of biologically active food supplements. This product is specifically designed to support the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system and the brain.

      With great prevention of stroke, improved brain metabolism, and protection of the retina, this supplement is highly effective in addressing various health issues including diabetic angiopathy, dysfunction of hearing and vision, migraines, deterioration of memory, cerebral atherosclerosis, and neurodystrophic diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. It also helps with dystonic cerebral venous disorders, dyscirculatory encephalopathy, disorders of sexual function, diseases of the venous system, Raynaud's syndrome, obliterating endarteritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, and diabetes.

      To ensure the brain's normal functioning, a constant and nutrient-rich blood flow is essential. Any factor that slows down the blood flow can negatively impact brain activities. This complex is designed to help you avoid such problems.

      Nattokinase, an enzyme produced during the fermentation of boiled soybean Natto, is a key ingredient in this supplement. It increases the fibrinolytic activity of blood, inhibits intravascular thrombus formation, and reduces high blood pressure. By improving blood fluidity, it enhances the transport of necessary substances to organs and tissues, reducing the risk of blood clots that can lead to myocardial infarction, stroke, and hypertensive disease.

      For over 20 years, nattokinase has been widely used without any side effects for the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It activates the formation of plasmin and destroys the basis of clots - fibrin. Not only does it protect against intravascular thrombosis, but it also does not interfere with blood clotting when vessels are damaged.

      In addition, this supplement contains DHA, a necessary element of unsaturated fatty acids derived from high-quality fish oil. DHA improves mental activity, prevents cardiovascular diseases, softens blood vessels, lowers blood lipid levels, delays aging, and prevents dementia. It plays a vital role in intellectual development from fetal stage to old age.

      EPA, another unsaturated fatty acid found in fish oil, is the main component of this supplement. It lowers cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, promotes the metabolism of unsaturated fatty acids, reduces blood viscosity, improves blood circulation, increases oxygen supply to tissues, and prevents fat deposition on the walls of blood vessels. It serves as an excellent preventive measure against atherosclerosis and thrombosis of cerebral vessels, protecting against strokes, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular diseases.

      Each capsule of Fancl Nattokinase + omega 3 contains 50mg of soybean extract from Natto (providing 1000FU of nattokinase), 10mg of active soybean saponin type B, 80mg of omega-3 (purified fish oil) containing 46% DHA and 5% EPA, along with vitamin E (as alpha tocopherol), vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and folic acid in specific amounts.

      To experience the full benefits of this supplement, take 2 capsules daily, after meals, with warm water. Fancl, the manufacturer of this product, is renowned for its high-quality biologically active food supplements. This product is made in Japan, ensuring its authenticity and quality. Invest in your cardiovascular and brain health with Fancl Nattokinase + omega 3 for 1 month.