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DHC Enriched Night Cream Repair Lift Night Lifting Face Cream, 50g

  • DHC Enriched Night Cream Repair Lift is a night lifting face cream
  • Comes in a set with DHC Relax Night Herb Tea
  • Part of the DHC Day & Night series which supports beautiful skin for 24 hours
  • Restores and nourishes the skin damaged by UV rays during sleep
  • Gives the skin a fresh, supple, and radiant appearance in the morning
  • Stimulates regeneration processes, erases wrinkles, and models facial contours
  • Contains ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen and Japanese cypress bark extract
  • Manufactured by DHC, a brand from Japan
    • Introducing the DHC Enriched Night Cream Repair Lift, a night lifting face cream that is designed to give you beautiful and radiant skin while you sleep. This limited set also includes the DHC Relax Night Herb Tea for a complete nighttime skincare experience.

      The DHC Day & Night series is formulated to support your skin throughout the day and night, no matter the season or your age. This night cream is packed with everything your skin needs to repair and rejuvenate while you rest.

      This cream works to restore skin damaged by ultraviolet rays, deeply moisturizing and nourishing it overnight. Wake up to refreshed, supple, and radiant skin every morning.

      Formulated by DHC, a trusted skincare brand, the Enriched Night Cream Repair Lift is your answer to maintaining beautiful and elastic skin. It stimulates the skin's regeneration processes, helps to redefine facial contours, diminishes wrinkles, and provides intense hydration while you sleep.

      The key ingredients in this night cream include tetrapeptide-26, soy peptide, hydrolyzed collagen, and Japanese cypress bark extract. These powerful components work together to give you the best results.

      With a volume of 50g, this night cream will last you for a long time. It is made in Japan by DHC, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality skincare products.

      Give your skin the nourishment and care it deserves with the DHC Enriched Night Cream Repair Lift. Wake up to beautiful, rejuvenated skin every day.