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Cow URURUA Moist Nand Wash beauty Oil in Moisturizing Hand Soap Foam with oils, 220ml

  • Cow URURUA Moist Nand Wash beauty Oil in Moisturizing Hand Soap Foam
  • No. 1 hand soap from the famous Japanese manufacturer, Cow Brand
  • Liquid soap-cream-foam gently envelops the skin, giving it softness, smoothness, and youth
  • Moisturizing ingredients prevent dryness and flaking
  • Vegetable oils effectively moisturize, nourish, rejuvenate, and tone the skin
  • Soap-foam has a refreshing herbal aroma
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Volume: 220ml
    • Introducing the Cow URURUA Moist Nand Wash, the upgraded version of the popular Japanese soap Ururua hand foam!

      From the renowned milk soap manufacturer Cow Brand, this No. 1 hand soap features the same beloved formula.

      The Cow URURUA Moist Nand Wash is a liquid soap-cream-foam specially designed to enhance the beauty of your hands. It gently envelops your skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and youthful. The moisturizing ingredients prevent dryness and flaking, while the powerful blend of vegetable oils such as jojoba, argan, rosehip, orange, and eucalyptus, nourish, rejuvenate, and tone your skin. With collagen for elasticity and elasticity, and 2 types of hyaluronic acid to retain moisture, your hands will feel deeply hydrated.

      Enjoy the refreshing herbal aroma of this soap-foam.

      Ingredients include water, PEG-400, cocoyl glycine K, lauric acid K, myristic acid K, lauryl hydroxy sultain, argan oil, jojoba oil, Kaninabara seed oil fruit oil, orange oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, soluble collagen, hyaluronic acid, Na, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, hydrogenated castor oil PEG-60, glycerin, DPG, perfume, EDTA, phenoxyethanol, and methylparaben.

      Suitable for all skin types.

      Volume: 220 ml

      Manufacturer: Cow Brand

      Country of Origin: Japan