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Antibacterial treatment-and-prophylactic toothpaste "Dentor systema EX" mint flavor, 130 gr, Lion

  • Antibacterial toothpaste
  • Contains IPMP to kill pathogenic bacteria in the biofilm
  • Blocks bacteria growth and prevents bad breath
  • ε-aminocaproic acid reduces gum inflammation
  • Sodium fluoride strengthens teeth and prevents decay
  • Refreshing mint scent
  • Convenient plastic tube packaging
  • 130 grams in weight
    • Introducing the "Dentor systema EX" Antibacterial Toothpaste with Mint Flavor (130g) by Lion.

      Experience the power of our advanced formula designed to combat bacteria and protect your teeth and gums. Our toothpaste is infused with IPMP, an effective antibacterial agent that targets and eliminates pathogenic bacteria in the biofilm, the main breeding ground for oral infections.

      The innovative ingredients in our toothpaste work together to block the growth of bacteria and prevent bad breath, ensuring long-lasting freshness. IPMP penetrates deep into the periodontal pocket, effectively eliminating bacteria, while ε-aminocaproic acid reduces gum inflammation to ward off periodontal disease. The inclusion of polyethylene glycol (PEG) 4000 enhances the penetration of the antibacterial agents for maximum effectiveness.

      Furthermore, our toothpaste contains sodium fluoride, a powerful ingredient that strengthens teeth and prevents tooth decay. With its refreshing mint scent, our toothpaste leaves your mouth feeling clean and revitalized.

      Packaged in a handy plastic tube, this toothpaste is perfect for everyday use. Whether you choose to keep it on your shelf or sink, it is easy to access whenever you need it. Each tube contains 130 grams of product, ensuring a long-lasting supply.

      Take control of your oral health with the "Dentor systema EX" Antibacterial Toothpaste, and enjoy a cleaner, fresher mouth every day.