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Shiseido UREA Body Milk, 150 g

  • Shiseido UREA Body Milk, 150 g
  • Body lotion with urea for natural moisture regulation and prevention of moisture loss
  • Good medicinal properties, promotes healing of wounds
  • Moisturizes and makes skin smooth
  • Softens skin and helps moisturizing particles penetrate into the interior
  • Leaves no grease and is easy to use
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Manufacturer: Shiseido, Country of origin: Japan
    • Introducing the Shiseido UREA Body Milk, a high-quality body lotion designed to provide deep moisturization and nourishment for your skin.

      Formulated with the powerful ingredient urea, this body milk helps maintain the skin's natural moisture balance, effectively regulating hydration levels and preventing moisture loss. Urea also boasts remarkable healing properties, promoting the healing process of wounds and rejuvenating the skin.

      With its milk-based formula, this body lotion hydrates your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and silky. The urea component works to soften the skin, allowing the moisturizing particles to penetrate deeply into the skin's layers, ensuring maximum hydration from within.

      Gone are the days of greasy lotions that leave a heavy residue on your skin. The Shiseido UREA Body Milk is lightweight and absorbs quickly, allowing for easy application without any greasiness.

      For best results, apply this lotion on your skin after showering or before bed to maximize its benefits. Suitable for all skin types, this body milk is an ideal choice for anyone looking to achieve soft, supple, and healthy-looking skin.

      Rest assured that this product is manufactured by Shiseido, a renowned brand known for its commitment to quality and excellence. Made in Japan, this body milk brings together the best of Japanese skincare innovation and tradition.