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OSHIMA TSUBAKI Sara Sara Cream for hair 160g

  • OSHIMA TSUBAKI Sara Sara Cream for hair 160g
  • Cream hair oil with Camellia oil for shiny and healthy hair
  • Can be used as a styling oil and treatment without washing hair
  • Contains Camellia ceramide and Tsubaki oil for recovery, moisturizing, softening, and protecting effects
  • Suitable for both dry and wet hair
  • Manufacturer: Oshima
  • Country of origin: Japan
    • Introducing the OSHIMA TSUBAKI Sara Sara Cream for Hair, a 160g product that will transform your hair into a shiny and healthy masterpiece. This cream hair oil is enriched with a generous amount of Camellia oil, known for its incredible benefits. With continuous use, this product delivers outstanding results, leaving your hair looking better than ever.

      Not only does this hair oil nourish and enhance your hair, but it also serves as a versatile styling oil and a treatment that doesn't require washing. Say goodbye to dull and lifeless hair, as this cream contains Camellia ceramide for recovery and Tsubaki oil for moisturizing, softening, and protecting effects.

      Whether your hair is wet or dry, this product can be effortlessly applied to achieve the desired results. Manufactured by Oshima, a brand renowned for its high-quality haircare products, this cream is proudly made in Japan.

      Experience the remarkable transformation of your hair with the OSHIMA TSUBAKI Sara Sara Cream for Hair. Unlock its unbeatable potential and showcase hair that radiates with health and vibrancy.