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SHISEIDO Elixir White Cleansing foam Cleansing foam, 145гр

  • SHISEIDO Elixir White Cleansing foam, 145g
  • Anti-ageing skincare for those aged 30 and above
  • Contains Tranexamic acid to inhibit melanin production and treat hyperpigmentation
  • Hydrating components help fight premature aging, improve firmness and elasticity
  • Brightens and improves dark spots and uneven skin tone
  • Contains vitamin C to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and prevent skin irritation from UV rays
  • Apply to face in circular motions, paying attention to forehead and nose wings
  • Manufactured by SHISEIDO in Japan
    • Product Description:
      Introducing the SHISEIDO Elixir White Cleansing Foam, a high-quality facial cleanser that brings effective anti-aging benefits to your skincare routine. Specifically formulated for individuals over the age of 30, this product aims to combat premature aging by delivering essential nutrients and promoting firmness and elasticity in the skin.

      Powered by the innovative Tranexamic acid, which acts as a bleaching agent by inhibiting melanin production, this cleansing foam not only treats hyperpigmentation but also works to brighten and improve dark spots and uneven skin tone. Combined with hydrating components like CE, it offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining a youthful, radiant appearance.

      The SHISEIDO Elixir White Cleansing Foam goes beyond the standard face wash. With the addition of vitamin C, it effectively removes dirt and exfoliates dead skin cells, encouraging skin renewal and improvement. Moreover, it provides protection against skin irritation caused by harmful UV rays, making it a reliable choice for daily skincare.

      To use, simply apply the foam onto your face and gently massage in circular motions, paying special attention to your forehead and nose wings. Then, rinse off with warm water for a refreshing finish.

      This product is brought to you by SHISEIDO, a renowned manufacturer known for its commitment to excellence in skincare. The Elixir White line represents the pinnacle of their expertise, and this cleansing foam is a stellar addition to their impressive range.

      Originating from Japan, the country synonymous with innovative beauty techniques and high-quality products, the SHISEIDO Elixir White Cleansing Foam is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail Japan is renowned for.

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