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AGF Blendy Cafe LATORY Instant coffee in sticks, 4 types, 20 pieces

  • AGF Blendy Cafe LATORY Instant coffee in sticks
  • 4 types of coffee in the package
  • Each type has 5 sticks
  • Types include: Bitter Latte, Milk Latte, Caramel Macchiato, Match Latte
  • Brewing method for hot latte and cold latte
  • Volume of 20 pieces (4 types, each with 5 pieces)
  • Manufactured by AGF
  • Country of origin: Japan
    • Product Title: AGF Blendy Cafe LATORY Instant Coffee in Sticks, 4 Types, 20 Pieces

      Product Description:

      Introducing AGF Blendy Cafe LATORY Instant Coffee in Sticks, an exquisite collection of instant coffee varieties conveniently packaged in individual sticks. Each package contains 4 types of coffee, with 5 sticks of each type, offering a total of 20 pieces.

      Indulge in the rich flavors of these coffee selections:

      1. Bitter Latte: Experience a bold and intense latte infused with a hint of bitterness.
      2. Milk Latte: Discover the perfect balance of creamy milk and smooth coffee in this delightful latte.
      3. Caramel Macchiato: Savor the decadence of caramel combined with creamy milk and aromatic coffee.
      4. Matcha Latte: Immerse yourself in the fragrant and vibrant taste of matcha blended with creamy latte.

      Brewing Methods:

      1. Hot Latte: Simply add one sachet to 160 ml of hot water, mix well, and enjoy a comforting and aromatic cup of hot latte.
      2. Cold Latte: Add one sachet to 80 ml of hot water, stir, and then add 5-6 ice cubes. Experience a refreshing and invigorating cold latte.

      Each type of coffee comes in a set of 5 sticks, providing you with ample servings to satisfy your coffee cravings. AGF, the esteemed manufacturer, ensures that each stick delivers exceptional taste and quality.

      Discover the exquisite taste of AGF Blendy Cafe LATORY Instant Coffee in Sticks and bring the authentic flavors of Japan to your daily coffee ritual.