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COW Okinawa Natural Sea Mud Face Washing Soap Natural soap to cleanse the skin from Okinawa, 80g

  • Natural soap from Okinawa
  • Excellent cleansing abilities
  • Absorbs dirt and cares for pores
  • Nourishes and creates smooth texture
  • Suitable for oily and problematic skin
  • Contains Aloe Vera for moisturizing and soothing
  • Ideal for various skin problems
  • 80g volume, made in Japan
    • Product Title: COW Okinawa Natural Sea Mud Face Washing Soap - 80g

      Product Description:
      Introducing the COW Okinawa Natural Sea Mud Face Washing Soap, a powerful and effective natural soap designed to cleanse your skin with the goodness of Okinawa. This 80g soap is packed with unique components extracted from valuable sea mud, making it an ideal solution for oily and problematic skin.

      Experience the excellent cleansing abilities of this natural soap as it absorbs dirt, cares for pores, and creates a smooth texture on your skin. The nourishing properties of the soap leave your skin feeling nourished and refreshed, while the voluminous and airy foam adds a touch of luxury to your cleansing routine.

      Enriched with Aloe Vera, the soap effectively relieves dryness, moisturizes your skin, reduces irritation and flaking, and accelerates regeneration. It also provides relief from inflammation, itching, and redness, making it suitable for those with tiny, dry, and physiologically mature skin, as well as acne and painful skin pores.

      To use, simply apply the soap on wet skin and massage in gentle circular motions. Rinse off the foam with lukewarm water for best results. The soap base is composed of water, glycerin, Jerky, sea silt extract, rosemary leaf extract, peach leaf extract, aloe vera leaf, hyaluronic acid Na, water-soluble collagen, Cerebrosides, algae extract, hydrolyzed conchiolin, and ocean perfume.

      Crafted with care by COW BRAND, a renowned manufacturer from Japan, this 80g soap is a must-have for your skincare routine. Embrace the natural goodness of Okinawa and give your skin the pampering it deserves.

      Volume: 80g
      Manufacturer: COW BRAND
      Country of Origin: Japan