Rides To Check Out At Fuji-Q Highland in Japan

10 Thrilling Rides At Fuji-Q Highland In Japan To Check Out!

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Planning to visit the Fuji-Q Highland in Japan? We have curated a list of rides at Fuji-Q Highland in Japan to check out! 

Although Tokyo Disneyland or USJ may be more well-known, there is no denying that Fuji-Q Highland is the top attraction for thrill seekers.

Fuji-Q has established itself as one of Japan's top theme parks with the world's largest haunted house, in addition to enough record-breaking amusement rides to keep your mind spinning all day.

The park offers a number of kid-friendly theme sections, attractions, hot springs, and the breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji rising above, in addition to the thrills and chills.

Coolest Rides At Fuji-Q Highland In Japan

The Big Four set of record-breaking roller coasters at Fuji-Q, which also includes the renowned haunted house, Fujiyama, Do-Dodonpa, Takabisha, and Eejanaika, are the park's principal attractions. Don't go unless you cross all five off your list!

All of these and a few additional things can be done in a full day, and you can squeeze even more in if you use Premium Passes or skip the haunted house. So take a look at what's available and decide what your priorities are.

Fujiyama: King of Coasters 

The park's signature ride, Fujiyama, has long held the title of being the world's tallest and fastest rollercoaster. You'll struggle to contain your shouts as you travel at 130 km/h (80 mph), especially when your mouth drops at the breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji at the highest point.

best Rides At Fuji-Q Highland
Length: 2,045 meters 
Duration: 3 minutes, 36 seconds 
Top Speed: 130 km/h 
Highest point: 79 meters
Height requirement:  110 cm 

Do-Dodonpa: Break-neck Acceleration 

Even die-hard adrenaline junkies will feel their anxieties start to rise as Do-Dodonpa spins them slowly towards a dark tunnel. And you wait there.

You wonder what the world's fastest speeding roller coaster has in store for you for a few seconds that seem to last for hours.

After that, you're gone! You will accelerate more quickly than a rocket, reaching 107 mph (172 km/h) in 1.8 seconds as the park, glimpses of majestic Mt. Fuji, and even your entire life flash before your eyes.

Did I mention that along the way, it launches you around the biggest rollercoaster loop in the world? Then, before you know it, it's all over—and not a second too soon.

Length: 1,244 meters
Top Speed: 180 km/h 
Loop diameter: 39.7 meters 
Height/age requirement: 130 cm/10 years old 

Takabisha: The Beyond-Vertical Drop 

Takabisha, the second-steepest roller coaster in the world, drops you 121 degrees in a straight line and then some! After eight years on top, Takabisha's 2019 victory over TMNT Shellraiser was narrow. But it still ranks among the world's most terrifying coaster drops.

Length: 1,004 meters
Top Speed: 100 km/h 
Maximum drop angle: 121º 
Height requirement:  125 cm 

Eejanaika: Spin Me Right Round Baby 

With seats that act freely off the track, Eejanaika holds the record for the most inversions, turning riders 14 times in one trip! It is referred to as a "4th dimension hypercoaster" because of this; whatever that term implies, it describes a fantastic ride.

The ride begins with a long, arduous, reverse ascent to the coaster's peak. When you reach the top, the chairs rotate gently until you are looking straight down, at which point you fall!

Length: 1,153 meters 
Top Speed: 126 km/h 
Highest point: 76 meters 
Height requirement:  125 cm

Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear — Haunted Hospital 

For the longest haunted house in the world, which is about a kilometre long and takes an average of 50 minutes to finish, make sure you allow plenty of time. 

One of the few popular attractions that is not included in any Free Pass ticket should be noted; nevertheless, if you have a 1-Day Pass, you'll receive a discount on admission.

This labyrinth's theme is "haunted hospital containment ward," and your trip starts with a description of the gruesome past of the abandoned, boarded-up structure. The lengthy trek through the pitch black follows that.

Long queues form for this well-liked attraction, which is something of a holy grail for fans of haunted houses, only heighten the sense of dread.

Age requirement: 6 years old
Walking distance: 900 meters 
Time required: 50 minutes 


A 500-meter whitewater rafting experience called "Shoot the Chute." Your four-seat "water slider" travels the "Uzumaki Waterfall," rises and falls, and appears to be about to get swept into a maelstrom. Be prepared to become really soaked.


A "sky roller" ride that swings you freely below (or above) the ground while suspended 32 metres in the air. You may control how much you spin on your own axis as you circle the tower by holding onto the handles of a set of wings.

Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage 3D Shooting Ride 

An indoor four-seat shooting ride with an anime theme. Put on your 3D glasses and get ready to shoot down a plethora of virtual ninja as they emerge from the dojo's walls.

You and your buddies will fight for the highest score, and on your way out, you can pick up some limited-edition Naruto merchandise.

Fuji Airways 

a 4D flying simulator that gives you a virtual tour of Japan and Mt. Fuji. The chairs are surrounded by a massive 20-meter 6-K display that plays footage from drones and paragliders that gives the impression that you are flying on an airplane's wing.

It is a really engaging experience when the sounds, smells, wind, and mist are added to the mix. Particularly advised if the day's weather prevents you from seeing Mount Fuji from the other rides!


A 59-meter swing tower ride with 51 km/h top speeds (31.6 mph). It gives you the impression that you are soaring over Yamanashi Prefecture because it towers over the park. Definitely the nicest ride in the park for admiring Mt. Fuji.

Evangelion The Flight  

An alternative to Fuji Airlines based on the well-known anime Evangelion 3.0 You Can't (Redo) That. The NERV Fuji-Q Branch is in charge of managing your flight in the narrative of this virtual tour. Anticipate intensely vivid visuals of angelic assaults around Mount Fuji.

Evangelion, like Fuji Airlines, If any of the coasters are closed due to rain, it is apparent to choose The Flight since it functions in all weather conditions.

Rides Suitable for Family

Choose from favourites like the Tea Cups, Merry-Go-Round, and the Shining Flower Ferris Wheel, which offers magnificent views of Mt. Fuji on clear days, when you want a break from screaming or have young children with you.

With a gentle lift of roughly 10 metres and a minute and a half of largely scream-free airtime, the Wave Swinger is an exhilarating but family-friendly aerial swing.

While the 3D and 4D rides are appropriate for all ages as long as infants go with someone aged 12 or older, Thomas Land and the Gaspard and Lisa areas have a number of attractions geared toward younger visitors.

Pro Tip About Choosing Rides at Fuji-Q Highland in Japan 

When you enter the park, go directly to the ride with the longest wait time among those you wish to try. 

In that order:

  • Takabisha
  • Do-Dodonpa
  • Eejanaika
  • Fujiyama 

typically have the longest lineups.

I advise beginning with Eejanaika.

Park Facilities 

  • Coin Lockers
Oversized locker  83x45x60 cm  ¥800 per day 
Large locker  80x35x51 cm  ¥500 per day 
Medium locker  53x35x45 cm  ¥400 per day 
Small locker  31x35x45 cm  ¥200 per day 

You can store your smartphone, wallet, and other valuables in the little lockers provided by the rides, but you might also need to store larger items for the day. Fear not—850 lockers in 4 different sizes are available within and outside the park.

  • Family-friendly facilities
  • Rental of a stroller is offered at both entries for $500 and requires a $1,000 deposit.
  • Nursing facilities are located at the Thomas Land restaurant and the Information Center by the Food Stadium.
  • Every restroom in the park, the first aid station, the bus terminal, the parking lot, Gaspard and Lisa Town, Thomas Land, and both entrances are equipped with baby changing stations.
  • Ask any staff member for help if you find your child; The Merry-Go-Round makes announcements from the gathering area at the centralized Information Center.
  • Onsen in Fujiyama

The hot spring spa is free to enter for those staying at the Highland Resort and is located immediately next door. It is a four-story building with saunas, tatami-floored rest areas, outdoor and indoor mineral baths, and everything else you'd expect from a quality onsen (with Mt. Fuji views).

A different view of Mt. Fuji is available from the "bedrock baths" on the fourth floor as you take in the heat from a rocky seat.

Entry is $1,500 on weekdays, $1,800 on weekends, and free for children under the age of three. includes entry, yukata robe and towel rental, as well as access to all baths and saunas. Meals in the 2nd dining room start at 970, while the bedrock bath costs 610.

Countermeasures for COVID-19 at Fuji-Q

Officials from the park famously urged guests to "scream inside your heart" and launched the #seriousface challenge back in July 2020, but they also implemented more traditional safety measures.

All guests entering must sanitize their hands, put on a mask (age 2+), and have their temperature checked. When waiting in line, they suggest that you retain a one-meter spacing and make use of hand sanitizers and hand-washing corners that are available all across the park.

If you keep a minimum distance of two meters from other people, masks can be taken off.

Reaching Fuji-Q Highland

There are several ways to get to Fuji-Q Highland since it is essentially on the route from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji. 

There is simply no reason to put off that day trip when there are significant bus and train stops within walking distance of the park!

Opening Times for Fuji-Q Highland

There is no discernible pattern to the park hours, which change throughout the year. 

  • The main hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Closing time may occasionally go past 9 p.m., usually on weekends and holidays.

Before leaving with an open-date e-ticket, do check Fuji-most Q's recent itinerary here because they do close occasionally during the year, usually on Thursdays. 

Just keep in mind that the English sections are machine translated and that new content is only posted occasionally.

Fuji-Dining Q's and Drinking


Fuji-Q features 22 eateries where you may get a bite to eat anytime of the day, and the food is delicious. It's not a bad idea to visit a themed restaurant around that time because ride wait times frequently peak between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.

Lastly, what to ride?

Keep track of the park's closing time and how long the lines are expected to be that day. When a ride believes that the line will keep them occupied until closing, they will cut it off.

You should save one of the major rides, such as Fujiyama or Takabisha, for very last because lines tend to get shorter as the day wears on. Jump in there before you run the risk of being shut out, and if you still have time when it's finished, conclude with a quieter attraction.

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