Types Of Ukon No Chikara Drink Review

Types Of Ukon No Chikara Drink Review

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Find out all about the different types of Ukon No Chikara drink here. Learn about the different flavors and their ingredients. From sweet to savory, there's something for everyone!

You might have overheard of Ukon no Chikara to be one of the best remedies for hangovers from your Japanese colleague. 

Right after a boozing New Year bash with your peers, your digestive system is in need of a hangover antidote just so you don’t endure terrible nausea and headaches the next day.

Despite the countless hangover preventive measures circulating around us, most of them don’t seem to be effective. 

However, the Japanese have a solution to this which is a flavored beverage called Ukon no Chikara, that should be consumed before intoxication.

It comes in a slim picking of flavors and has the ability to lessen inflammation in the liver while also boosting antioxidants in your body. 

If you’re inquisitive to learn how Ukon no Chikara has worked for me, check out my review below!

Types Of Ukon no Chikara Drink Review

Ukon no Chikara Turmeric Hangover Cure Drink

The original flavor of the Ukon no Chikara Hangover drink is turmeric which is understandable because the Japanese phrase Ukon no Chikara literally translates to the power of turmeric. 

Turmeric is loaded with curcumin which is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties and it’s also an efficient antioxidant as well.

These properties of curcumin aid to evade heart diseases and promote well being of the liver. This hangover-prevention beverage even contains Vitamin B and Bisacuron.

Types Of Ukon No Chikara Drink Review
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The lucrative health benefits of turmeric have influenced the Japanese to utilize this medicinal spice in hangover-prevention drinks.

When I found out that turmeric is the key ingredient in Ukon no Chikara drinks, I was skeptical about the taste above all else. 

However, the turmeric flavor wasn’t too strong. It was just a simple yellow-colored beverage that was faintly sour as well as moderately sweet.

It outright tasted like cough syrup for kids and even had a citrusy aftertaste. Nevertheless, I’d admit it had a herbal medicinal savor but wasn’t prominent. 

I gulped one entire bottle of the Ukon no Chikara before the party because my friend suggested it works better prior to alcohol consumption and thoughtlessly drank throughout the event.

The next day I was honestly astonished because I didn’t experience an agonizing headache or any other hangover symptoms. 

I could go about my day without feeling less anxious and stress-free. This beverage even helps with the digestion of heavy meals. 

Ukon no Chikara Turmeric Hangover Cure Drink - Orange Flavor

To those who aren't a fan of the turmeric flavor, Ukon no Chikara is also available in orange flavor as well.

Nonetheless, turmeric is still one of the key ingredients in this drink as well because it’s the component that single-handedly circumvents hangover effects. 

ukon no chikara powder
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The orange-flavored Ukon no Chikara hangover drink came in a pink colored bottle that’s made out of aluminum and holds 100 ml of the drink with a depiction of a small orange on the bottle.

The bottle is compact and spill-free thus you can conveniently carry it in your pocket or bag. 

In case of a contingency bash, you won’t have to fret over looking for hangover remedies because now you have a bottle of Ukon no Chikara with you. 

Ukon no Chikara orange-flavored hangover drink vastly differs from the original flavor. This beverage has a strong citrusy flavor with subtle hints of turmeric notes that is barely detectable.

Hence this beverage is ideal for those who tried the original turmeric flavor of Ukon no Chikara and loathed it. The taste was tangy and sweet, however, it still tasted narrowly medicinal and I wasn’t bothered by it. 

This time I failed to drink the orange-flavored Ukon no Chikara before indulging thus I was enduring the hangover effects the next day.

Anyway, the package stated Ukon no Chikara can even be taken when you’re experiencing a hangover thus I drank it right away.

It took a while to reduce the headache and nausea, however, I had acid reflux the entire day and I could feel the inflammation in my stomach.

Thus I would recommend any Ukon no Chikara beverages to be drunk before boozing because this way it works more efficaciously. 

Ukon no Chikara Turmeric Granules Hangover Cure

This is the same original turmeric flavor of the Ukon no Chikara hangover cure drink, however, this is in a powdered formula and not a ready-to-drink beverage.

This pack of Ukon no Chikara Turmeric Granules contains 10 sachets and each sachet is comprised of 1.5 g of turmeric granules and 30 mg of curcumin.

ukon no chikara where to buy
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Since it’s in powdered formula, the granules must be vigorously combined in a glass of water and drunk wholly.

You cannot leave any remnants of the Ukon no Chikara drink because it only functions properly when the entire formula is consumed. 

Initially, I added excess water when dissolving the granules and I couldn’t finish my glass of Ukon no Chikara granule drink.

Make sure to just take a drinkable amount of water and then add the granules to it. You could choose to drink this before boozing or whenever you’re in a hangover. 

Nevertheless, unlike the bottled Ukon no Chikara hangover cure drinks, the granules aren’t an opportunity.

This is because you have to mix it with water which takes time to dissolve and doing this wouldn’t be ideal when you’re out at a party as it may seem like you’re attempting to spike a drink. 

Hence, I’d recommend bottled Ukon no Chikara hangover prevention drinks for handy purposes.

Where To Buy Ukon no Chikara Drinks?

Ukon no Chikara hangover-prevention beverages are prevalent across Japan. They’re available in every supermarket, convenience store, and even in small boutiques and bars in Japan. 

However, if you’re residing overseas, then coming across Ukon no Chikara Hangover Cure beverages can be a daunting challenge. Particularly if there are hardly any Asian grocery stores in the vicinity of your area. 

korean anti hangover drink
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If you happen to find an Asian grocery store in your neighborhood, then you’ll most likely come across Ukon no Chikara Hangover Cure drinks in both bottle and powdered forms. 

Periodically, most Asian grocery stores might only have a stockpile of the original turmeric-flavored Ukon no Chikara drink and not the orange-flavored drinks.

In addition, the Ukon no Chikara drinks in Asian grocery stores predominantly come in a pack of 6 bottles. 

I was able to purchase Ukon no Chikara Hangover Cure drinks on Amazon and both the original turmeric flavor, as well as the orange flavor, were available.

These drinks are sold on Amazon in a pack of 6 bottles while each bottle carries 100 ml of the hangover cure drink. 

Although the prices of the Ukon no Chikara Hangover Cure drinks are exorbitant on Amazon, I had to purchase them by any means because I couldn’t find them anywhere else in my environs. 

What Are Ukon no Chikara Drinks For?

Ukon no Chikara drinks are the all-time go-to hangover evasion beverages in Japan that received worldwide coverage after their ability to prevent hangovers and even lessen the effects of hangovers. 

Despite the quantity and type of alcohol one consumes, hangover effects like nausea, drilling headaches, anxiety, dehydration, high blood pressure, fatigue, etc are bound to occur to the consumer the next day. 

ukon no chikara near me
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The regular remedies followed by Westerners for a hangover are hydrating the body with fruit juices, or even resorting to tea or coffee to combat headaches and fatigue.

It’s also common for people living in the West to take painkillers and other medicinal drugs to recover from an excruciating hangover.

However, the Japanese have come up with an enhanced solution for hangovers which is the iconic Ukon no Chikara Hangover Cure drink that’s primarily concocted with turmeric extract.

Turmeric is a medicinal spice that’s not just used for cooking but is also known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

how to make ukon no chikara
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This aids to lessen the acidity levels in your stomach after the consumption of alcohol and even guards your organs against free radicals that are the root cause of heart and liver diseases.

Ukon no Chikara drinks are also formulated with Vitamins B and C that help to hydrate the body after a rough night of boozing. 

It’s recommended to drink Ukon no Chikara beverages before boozing as it evades the hangover effects from taking place the next day.

It’s even common for some people to take Ukon no Chikara drinks right when they’re experiencing a hangover and even in such an instance it can replenish the body with hydration and the ideal sugar level.

How Much Does Ukon no Chikara cost?

The price of Ukon no Chikara drinks can vary from place to place. When I bought the original turmeric flavor of a 6-pack of Ukon no Chikara 100 ml bottles on Amazon, it cost me around $70 dollars. 

ukon no chikara powder
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The orange-flavored Ukon no Chikara drinks however cost slightly higher than the original turmeric-flavored ones.

Nevertheless, the orange-flavored Ukon no Chikara drinks are rarely available on Amazon as well as in Asian grocery stores. 

I found out that Ukon no Chikara drinks in Asian grocery stores cost between $40 - $60, that too a pack of 6 bottles. On the contrary, in Japan, Ukon no Chikara costs less than $15.

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