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9 Must-try Nori Shio Chips From Japan That Are Absolutely Delicious!

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Ever tried the nori shio chips from Japan? Read on to find out more about the various types and their unique benefits.

Savor the irresistible allure of Nori Shio chips from Japan, a delectable fusion of crispy potato goodness and the savory essence of nori seaweed.

Indulge in the perfect balance of umami and saltiness, as this unique snack tantalizes your taste buds with the authentic flavors of Japan, offering a truly unforgettable culinary experience.

Must-try Nori Shio Chips From Japan

Calbee Nori Shio Salted Seaweed Potato Chips 

Let me kick off with Calbee which is a popular snack brand in Japan that offers a mammoth assortment of potato chips in distinct flavors.

The Nori Shio Salted Seaweed flavor from Calbee is a personal favorite as it possesses the perfect texture and seasoning that makes your tastebuds go awe. 

Nori Shio Chips From Japan
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These potato chips come in a yellow bag that’s loaded with thinly sliced potato crisps that are downright smeared with seaweed bits.

Just taking one bite of this nori shio potato chip will create an echoing crispy sound. Since these potato chips are slim you can cram your mouth with them and devour the entire bag in a few bites. 

The salted seaweed flavor in this bag of potato chips is very prominent that you can even tell the chips are doused in umami flavor just by their intense seaweed fragrance.

The Calbee Nori Shio Salted Seaweed Potato Chips are seasoned with two sorts of seaweeds which are green laver and sea lettuce.

If it’s your first time trying nori shio potato chips then Calbee’s Nori Shio Salted Seaweed Potato Chips will not disappoint. 

Masuya Onigiri Senbei Rice Crackers

For those who are health conscious, Masuya Onigiri Senbei Rice Crackers are here to add piquancy to your boring diet.

Unlike potato chips, these chips are made of non-glutinous rice flour, soy sauce, and a teensy bit of sugar for that lovely kick.

These chips are more like Japanese rice crackers with salted seaweed seasoning. 

nori shio flavor
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What I love about the Masuya Onigiri Senbei Rice Crackers is their figure which is shaped like a triangular rice ball.

This feature makes this an interesting snack for kids as the rice crackers are convenient to munch on due to their slightly dense yet crunchy texture.

Shreds of seaweeds are dusted on the surface of the Masuya Onigiri Senbei Rice Crackers which give the chips a salty and tangy taste.

These crackers are baked and hence are a healthy alternative to fried potato chips. You’re absolutely going to love the subtle seaweed and soy sauce kick in these crackers.

Kameda Noripea Pack Nori Seaweed Rice Cracker & Peanut Snack

Rice crackers seasoned with seaweed are a predominant snack in Japan as they’re the closest resemblance to sushi.

This rice cracker munch is however produced with a crunchy twist and that’s peanuts.

nori shio meaning
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The Kameda Noripea Seaweed Rice Crackers have a unique shape that’s similar to a pill but these crackers are much longer than a regular pill. The crackers are wrapped with nori seaweed and crunchy peanuts on the side.

These are unlike any rice cracker snacks I’ve had in Japan. They’re seasoned with dashi stock which gives the rice crackers an oceany zest while the nori seaweed wrappings grant that subtle umami flavor to the rice crackers. 

Not to mention the crunchy salted peanuts that add extra texture to the rice crackers. They’re a tummy-filling snack that is highly enticing due to their amalgamation of mouthwatering flavors.

However, the salty flavor seems to be more noticeable in these rice crackers due to key ingredients like salted peanuts and salted nori seaweed.

Chip Star Nori Shio Seaweed Potato Chips

Chip Star is another forefront snack brand in Japan that has a gazillion assortments of chip flavors.

The Chip Star brand predominantly manufactures potato chips hence here’s another salted seaweed potato chip option for all those potato lovers.

These potato chips are packed in signature chip bottles and needless to mention that they’re all round and thinly sliced. 

nori shio chips
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The Chip Star Nori Shio Seaweed Potato Chips stand out from the rest of the seaweed seasoning chips I’ve tried.

These potato chips are made out of flour, and potato starch while specks of seaweed are kneaded in the dough itself. 

Hence you can notice how the seaweed scraps are ingrained in the potato chips which makes the chips look very appealing.

The seasoning of Chip Star Nori Shio Seaweed Potato Chips is nothing but salt. The chips are crunchy and briny and you get the flavor of oceany seaweed in every munch.

Kanro Nori Seaweed Chips With Wasabi Crumbs

Those who are expecting this chip to be made of potato or rice flour should lower their expectations because these are nothing but pure seaweed sheets as chips.

These seaweed chips are from Kanro, a brand that deserves praise for its innovative and nutritious version of chips that everybody can gratify their taste buds without feeling regretful.

The nori seaweed sheets are dried and seasoned with seaweed salt and dehydrated wasabi grains which add a spicy zing to the chips.

The fragrance of these seaweed chips is intense and so is the taste. Each seaweed chip contains approximately 12 calories hence I can guarantee that the Kanro Nori Seaweed Chips with Wasabi Crumbs is the healthiest snack on this list. 

They’re crispy, oceany, and spicy and they undoubtedly possess the salted seaweed savor that we all cherish. You can indulge in these seaweed chips without having to fret over ruining your diet. 

Befco Seto Shio Senbei Rice Crackers 

Here’s an unconventional salted seaweed snack and this comes in the form of rice crackers as well.

The Befco Seto Shio Senbei Rice Crackers come in a variety of flavors and salted nori seaweed is one of them. 

consomme chips
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They are made out of three sorts of Japanese seaweed. These rice cracker chips are round-shaped and have a thick crispy exterior while the interior is dense, similar to biscuits.

Biting into one of the Befco Set Shio Senbei Rice Crackers is quite challenging because they’re quite thick. 

Since these rice cracker snacks are seasoned with three types of Japanese seaweed, you can expect high notes of salted seaweed seasoning in every rice cracker.

Although not too intense, they’re subtly coated with the oceany goodness of seaweed and make an ideal snack for tea time. 

When I munched on these rice crackers for the first time I picked up hints of shrimp flavor as well. You’re in for an absolute surprise with these luscious salted seaweed rice crackers.

Daiko Noriten Wasabi Tempura Seaweed Snack

If thick textured and heavy snacks aren’t your forte, here’s a light snack in salted seaweed and wasabi seasoning. They come in a green colored bag with illustrations of the seaweed snacks and wasabi. 

These chips are shaped into small squares that are bite-sized and are made out of rice flour dough that’s fried while a sheet of salted nori seaweed is placed underneath the chip. The dough consists of wasabi chunks that are very well spotted when you pick up one chip. 

types of sushi nori
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The Daiko Noriten Wasabi Tempura Seaweed Snacks are extremely crispy thanks to the layer of nori seaweed as well as the perfectly fried dough.

The saltiness of the nori seaweed is evenly spread out between all the chips hence they don’t make you feel sick.

The flavor of wasabi is intense on these chips hence here’s a fair warning to those who have a lower spice tolerance.

Despite the spiciness of these snacks, they’re quite yummy, crispy, and irresistible, and grant you the ultimate zing after every bite.

Kameda Norimaki Senbei Rice Cracker With Nori Seaweed

Yet another Kameda salted seaweed snack that’s similar to its predecessor in shape. The Kameda Norimaki Senbei Rice Cracker with Nori Seaweed is a light version of the Kameda Noripea Pack Nori Seaweed Rice Cracker & Peanut Snack. These chips are long and averagely dense. 

norishio chips
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They are made solely out of rice flour and seasoned with a couple of flavorings such as soy sauce and bonito broth while being completely covered with salted nori seaweed sheets. 

These rice cracker snacks are a favorite among both kids and adults. They’re very crispy and crunchy, and make a great munch for a movie night.

The salted seaweed seasoning is very much perceivable due to the exterior being a light and crispy salted seaweed sheet. 

The only difference between the Kameda Norimaki Senbei Rice Cracker with Nori Seaweed and its predecessor is the addition of peanuts on the latter.

Yet this version of the rice cracker seems to be more authentic with the nori shio seasoning. 

Calbee Kata-Age Grilled Seaweed Potato Chips

Calbee’s Kata-Age Grilled Seaweed Potato Chips are my absolute guilty pleasure. These chips are very addictive thanks to their extraordinary crunch and out-of-the-world flavor.

The chips are packed in a green bag and you should know that opening this bag will bring out a combination of fragrances. 

Source: Instagram

They’re made out of potatoes that are sliced paper thin which contributes to their crumbly texture. The potato chips are seasoned with a whole lot of nori seaweed flakes. 

The flavor of these potato chips is incredible as they possess salty, zingy, and smoky nori seaweed notes. 

The chips are bite-sized hence you can devour a couple of them at once and your taste buds will still hanker for more.

Overall, Calbee Kata-Age Grilled Seaweed Potato Chips have proved to be an enticing snack with their fabulous salted seaweed seasoning.

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