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Is There Sushi Without Fish? Types Of Sushi Without Fish!

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Wanna try sushi but don't like sushi and wondering if is there sushi without sushi. Here are the different types of sushi rolls that don't contain fish!

What will you say first if I tell you to name a Japanese food?

It's probably sushi. Right?

Yes, sushi is such an iconic dish in our country that it has gained worldwide popularity.

When thinking about sushi, the first idea that comes to your mind will be a raw fish roll.

But what if you don't like fish.

"Is there sushi without fish?" This is the question that will pop up in your mind right away.

Then let me answer! Yes, there is sushi without fish. There are a lot of plant-based sushi options instead of fish.

They are not only palatable but also very healthy and delicious, and today I am here to introduce you to that type of sushi with no fish.

Is There Sushi Without Fish

If you don't like fish or raw fish in your sushi, there are lots of different types of sushi rolls you can try that don't contain fish. For example, vegetarian sushi rolls, avocado sushi roll, sushi with prawns or cooked eel, potato sushi, and many more.

Here's a list of Sushi without fish

Types Of Sushi Without Fish

First, I will talk about nigiri-style sushi, which is the most common type of sushi nowadays.

Nigiri sushi attains its name from the rice which has to be of a very particular portion and nicely fit on the chef's “two fingers” when pressing.

Sushi chefs take a ball of vinegared rice and press it into the shape of a small log with just a few precise moves.

Shiitake Mushroom Nigiri

Shiitake mushroom has a strong and savory taste and is often dried to be used in flavoring soup stock.

You can use this mushroom to make your own fish free sushi. This sushi can be a great option for beginners.

Just flavor them lightly with salt and soy sauce and flame to enhance the fragrance.

Garnish it with tomato furikake seasonings, sliced green onions, and grated fresh ginger.

Now enjoy the juicy texture and rich taste of shiitake mushrooms that make this vegan sushi an extremely satisfying bite.

Nasu Nigiri

Nasu means eggplant in Japanese, which you can find all year round. You can prepare eggplant sushi in various ways.

Grill it to relish the melt-in-your-mouth texture, or pickle it to enjoy a more chewy and tangy flavor.

nasu (eggplant) nigiri

You may also try tempura eggplant, another popular version of this sushi served with grated ginger.

I love the grilled one most though all versions are tasty and succulent.

Avocado Nigiri

Another popular ingredient to make different forms of sushi is avocado or the butter of the forest.

The rice comes topped with a piece of avocado in nigiri form. It is usually lightly seasoned with salt and tied together with a thin strip of nori seaweed.

avocado nigiri sushi

Avocado is a source of vitamin B6, C, E, and K. It also contains riboflavin, folate, niacin, pantothenic acid, potassium, and magnesium.

Besides, it is enriched with high levels of beneficial fats to help a person feel fuller between meals.

Avocado nigiri is a popular form of vegetarian and vegan sushi. So, try to taste the mild, creamy flavor of this sushi and thank me later.

Tamagoyaki Nigiri

Tamagoyaki, a slightly sweet and fluffy omelet, is very popular in Japanese cuisine.

Make a rice ball and top it with a slice of omelet. Then wrap it with a thin belt of seaweed if you want. This is tamagoyaki nigiri for you.

tamagoyaki nigiri

Sometimes dashi is added to the omelet, but if you request, some restaurants may make the tamagoyaki sushi for you without dashi.

This time I will let you know about another form of sushi named makizushi.

Maki-Zushi with No Fish

Rolled sushi is called maki-zushi.

A large square seaweed sheet on a bamboo mat is laid first to make it. Then the rice is spread over the seaweed and topped with filling in a row. Now the mat is rolled up to form a firm sushi roll and then sliced it evenly to reveal its fillings.

Here you will find some of this type of sushi for non fish eaters.

Kappa Maki Cucumber Roll

It is a safe bet for vegetarians and vegan sushi-eaters and a popular starter or palate cleanser for the regular sushi diner.

Now, how will you make it? Right? Well, it is the simplest and easiest sushi roll ever.

Take a slice of a cucumber and wrap it in a thin roll of rice and seaweed. Now enjoy the mixed flavor and keep dancing on your toe.

kappa maki cucumber roll

Takuan Maki/ Shinko Maki

Shinko is a generic word for pickles, and shinko maki is prepared with various types of pickled vegetables.

If you want a change in taste and texture, you can go for takuan or radish maki.

It has a crunchy texture and somewhat tangy taste in a bright yellow or brown color.

takuan (radish) maki

So, don't forget to try this tasty and refreshing vegan sushi that doesn't have fish.

Kampyo Maki

Kampyo or pickled gourd helps you digest smoothly. That's why it is eaten at the end of the meal.

The pickled gourd is brown in color, and its taste can be described as a sweetish soy sauce.

kampyo maki

It is a simple dish, but you need to go through a lot of hassle to prepare it.

The gourd needs to be soaked in water for one day to soften. Then it is salted, and boiled a number of times until it becomes very tender. And finally, it is marinated in soy sauce and sugar.

Ume, Cucumber, Shiso Makizushi

Another sushi recipe without raw fish is ume, cucumber, and shiso makizushi.

It is made with a combination of ume (Japanese pickled plum) paste, sweet cucumber, and refreshing shiso (perilla herb).

Most of the time, umeboshi has a very strong acidic and salty flavor. Hence, you don’t need to use any soy sauce as a dip when eating the sushi roll.

ume, cucumber, shiso makizushi

This staple vegan sushi can serve as a palate cleanser in the middle or end of the meal.

Caterpillar Roll

Do not go by the name of this sushi roll - no, there are no actual caterpillars in caterpillar rolls. The avocado slices that cover the outside of this sushi roll give it the appearance of a large, green caterpillar, which is why it is known as a caterpillar roll.

This roll often has grilled eel, cucumber, and sliced avocado on top of a uramaki roll.

It's a fairly straightforward roll that often appears more adventurous than it actually is, and it's an excellent way for people who are wary of eel to try sushi without diving headfirst into a plate of nigiri.

Dynamite Roll

A dynamite roll is typically an uramaki roll with tempura prawns, avocado, cucumber, and spicy mayonnaise sauce on top. Smoked salmon is frequently placed on top of this sushi roll, giving you the flavour of seafood without any raw fish.

Slices of mango are frequently added to dynamite sushi for some extra sweetness if you're looking for something with a fruity kick. However, as sushi chefs may refer to various creations as dynamite rolls, it is crucial to check the ingredients before placing an order.


Another straightforward yet delicious vegetarian sushi roll is Oshinko, which is sometimes underestimated by sushi bars outside of Japan. Oshinko often includes pickled daikon radish, but it can also include a number of other pickled vegetables, including gobo, cabbage, and carrot.

The pickled radish is often served plain in a classic maki roll and is a bright yellow colour.

Before being served, daikon radish is frequently let to ferment for many months, giving it a crisp bite that is both spicy and sour.

Daikon is typically picked in the fall and preserved for the rest of the year through pickling and fermentation.

Shrimp Tempura Roll

Want a little oomph in your sushi?

Then, you should definitely try the shrimp tempura roll; easy, flavourful, and deep-fried with a satisfying crunch.

shrimp tempura roll

This roll tends to cost higher due to its shrimp filling at fancy Japanese restaurants.

However, you don't have to worry much as you can make it on your own at home!

Boston Roll

For those who do not like raw fish in sushi, the Boston roll is another excellent choice. This roll is an inside-out uramaki, where the rice is rolled around the nori, and it includes avocado, cucumber, and poached or boiled shrimp. However, the shrimp in the sushi is the true key component. Other times, sesame seeds or tobiko (flying fish roe) are sprinkled on the outside.

As the name suggests, the Boston roll is an American sushi roll. It is well-liked on the east coast and by anyone who prefers shrimp to imitation crab in their food. In comparison to other rolls with fried tempura shrimp, it is also a lighter option.

California Roll

California roll is not Japanese food, but it is a popular sushi roll without fish in the U.S.

It is filled with fresh cucumbers, creamy avocado, and soft crab meat. Hence, it is not hard to realize why these rolls are well-loved.

california roll

California rolls are not like the cucumber rolls. They are prepared in an 'inside out' style, referred to as uramaki in our country, which means that the seaweed is inside and the sushi rice is outside.

Other Types of Vegan & Vegetarian Sushi Without Fish

You cannot eat fish, no matter whether you are a vegan or vegetarian. So, vegan or veg-friendly sushi will definitely have no fish.

vegetarian and vegan sushi maki with dried tomato

Anyway, I didn't mean that you cannot try these sushi dishes unless you are a vegan or vegetarian.

If you aren't a fish lover, you may also try the following options to taste something special and unforgettable.

Natto Temaki

Temaki means handroll. So, as the name suggests, it is rolled by hand.

A small rectangular sheet of seaweed is folded with vinegared rice and various fillings and handed to the customers by hand.

The rice of temaki retains its fluffy texture as it is not tightly pressed like makizushi.

Natto temaki is handroll sushi made of natto (fermented soybean). As natto has a sticky texture, it may be a bit messy to eat, but it is famous for its taste and health benefits.

natto temaki

Seaweed Gunkanmaki

A nutrient-rich and flavorful sushi option for vegans and non-vegans alike is seaweed gunkan-maki (battleship roll).

Wakame or seaweed salad is seasoned with sesame oil, sesame seeds, soy sauce, mirin, and red chili, then placed on top of sushi rice and secured with a strip of nori seaweed.

seaweed gunkanmaki

This is a nutritious sushi option for those who don't eat fish but still have a craving for sushi.


A fried and sweet tofu skin pouch is filled with vinegared rice to make inarizushi. Sometimes some sesame seeds are spread on top or mixed in the rice filling.


It is often seen to be offered to the Gods at Shinto shrines, as it is believed to be a favorite snack of the fox, the messenger of the gods.

By this time, you have seen that sushi comes out with a particular shape, but now I will tell you about chirashizushi, which means scattered sushi.

Takenoko Chirashizushi

Takenoko chirashizushi features sushi rice scattered with bamboo shoots (takenoko) that are simmered in a broth.

When the bamboo shoots are simmered, they become soft, succulent, and flavorsome.

takenoko chirashizushi

Anyway, let me inform you of an important thing.

The broth sometimes may contain fish-based dashi or be topped with shaved dried fish flakes (bonito flakes).

So, as you don't eat fish, it is best to check beforehand.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that you won't find takenoko throughout the year. It is typically available during the spring season.

Sweet Potato Sushi with Miso Glaze

If you are searching for a healthier non fish sushi, you shouldn't miss trying it.

white rice sweet potato sushi with miso glaze

It uses nutritious red rice and considerably less sugar. Besides, it is vegan and gluten-free.

Sweet potato sushi is super easy and simple to make. I stuffed the sushi rice with sweet potato coated in miso marinade and added some raw cucumber slices for extra crunch.

So, hurry up, and give them a go. You won’t regret it, promise!

Fruit-Based Fish-Free Sushi

Till now, I have shown you 15 fish-free sushi options, most of which are made with vegetables.

Have you ever tasted sushi made of fruit filling? Then, what about trying something different?

Well, here they are for you!

Spicy Mango and Avocado Brown Rice Sushi

This brown rice sushi recipe is very easy to make.

Take mango, avocado, cucumber, and microgreens for filling. Serve with soy sauce and spicy sriracha mayo for dipping!

Don't miss it if you are a mango lover. I am sure you will love the combined taste of mango and brown rice. It just tastes wow!

Here I have attached a video for your convenience, but it is made of white rice instead of the brown one.

Spicy Watermelon Vegan Sushi

Don't mistake it for spicy tuna sushi! This watermelon sushi is the perfect combo of sweet and savory. 

It is lightly sweet, with a crisp juicy bite. Sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds, and covered in a spicy, creamy, umami sauce - all I could say after having it was yumm!

Hence, if you want something quick and easy, go for it.

Teriyaki Jackfruit Sushi Bowl

It is a vegan sushi recipe. Pulled jackfruits are glazed in teriyaki sauce, which is the key component of this plant-based sushi.

This sushi bowl is healthy and super-filling at the same time. After a long workday, it can be a perfect warm dinner for you. You can also take it to the office the next day as it is eaten cold.

Banana & Nutella Sushi

Banana and nutella sushi – a delicious, cute, healthy, and easy snack! Kids will definitely love this banana and nutella sushi!

You don’t need any special kitchen skills to make this sushi. This recipe will instantly raise your mood and energy.

Besides,  you can make it within a very short time and add some strawberry or chocolate topping to make it more yummy.

Pistachio Chocolate Banana Sushi

Pistachio chocolate banana sushi is a super easy-to-make dessert that is naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan!

Just melt the chocolate, peel the banana, and chop the pistachios. Then, cover the banana with the molten chocolate. Spread the chopped pistachios over the chocolate banana.

Now, cut the banana into sushi slices and garnish them with the remaining pistachios.

pistachio chocolate banana sushi

21. Fruit Sushi

The fruit-based sushi that I described till now is made of a specific fruit, but in this fruit sushi you can have an assortment of fruits as you wish.

fruit sushi

This sushi features sweet coconut rice with various types of fresh fruits. It is an ideal and healthy dessert or snack for kids.

Well, I have completed the list of fish free sushi. I hope you enjoyed the journey to this amazing and exceptional sushi world.


So, you have got an elaborate answer to this question: Is there sushi without fish?

Now be relaxed if you don't like fish. Get ready to try all these fantastic and tasty sushi recipes without fish and throw a fun and delicious sushi party with your family and friends.

Happy eating!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Sushi without fish is still called sushi, but to be precise, it is called sushi meshi, while sushi means sour or vinegared, and meshi means rice.

Sushi having cooked fish and shellfish like crab, cooked prawns, and cooked eel is okay to eat while you are pregnant. Besides, vegetarian sushi, which uses cooked eggs or other fruits like avocado, is safe during pregnancy.

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