28 Topmost Strangest Japanese Fast Food You Will Love To Taste | Weird Japanese Food You Have To Try!

28 Topmost Strangest Japanese Fast Food You Will Love To Taste | Weird Japanese Food You Have To Try!

06 de June, 2024Jon Ng

It's always fun to taste something weird and crazy!

And this fun could be a more versatile experience if you try the strangest Japanese fast food like – The Burger from Hell, The Pizza Rice Bowl, Chocolate Ramen, Kit Kat Pizza, Horse Meat Ice Cream, Bugs Crackers, Eel flavored soft drink, and much more.

Wait, don't think all these foods are gonna be bizarre! 

Give me a chance to assure you that we Japanese always chase after tasting something unique, flavourful! Though it sounds weird, you'll enjoy this odd range of fast food with no regret. Mark my words!

Today, I will make your taste bud more sensational with a bucket-filled list of fast foods you can enjoy in restaurants or local areas in Japan.

Let's get started with some instagrammable restaurants first!

Strangest Japanese Fast Foods

Hearing the word "Fast Food," the first name that comes to our tongue is "Burger," Right?

And, while thinking about a soft, delicious burger, often a line crosses my mind -

"The top is the crown, and the bottom is the heel."

You got my clue! It's a burger bun.

Here I am introducing the topmost unusual burger you will love to have In Japan.

The Kuro Burger-(Burger From the Hell)

Wait! Are you feeling frightened? No!! No!! Don't be afraid because it genuinely didn't come from hell. Actually, it named “The Burger from Hell” only because of its resemblance. 

The Kuro Burger From Hell

The soft black bun is served with a horrifying slice of black cheese made of bamboo charcoal. It wraps over the peppered meat patty with black ketchup and onions colored by squid ink sauce. This sauce closely looks like the slime found inside a storm drain.

Where to get this Kuro Burger? The answer is simple- in all Japanese franchises Burger King’s hamburger menu.

This burger is famous for its bizarre look but does not taste worse. So, you should give it a try and make a show-off to your fellow friends.

Black Sauce Burger

Let's know about another crazy experimental burger-

Shaka-Shaka Chicken Burger

Don't be confused by the name. It's one of my favorite delicious foods that I can't resist from McDonald’s menu!

Let me share the taste in detail-

Shaka-Shaka chicken is a deep-fried chicken patty. It looks like a giant juicier nugget served in a paper pouch. Place the fried chicken piece in a paper bag, then choose a seasoning packet (consisting of-lemon pepper, red pepper, and cheese.) to sprinkle it on the chicken, then shake the bag.

Rip the top fold off and have a flavorful bite!


If you want, you can also try it with a soft burger bun to add more zest.

The crispy patty meat-packed whopper is as extensive with unusual fillings and special salad dressing.You will find this savory combo in any McDonald's outlet in Japan.

Shaka Shaka Chicken Burger

Moving on next, what about a pizza and a rice bowl or these two together!

Yes, my next food item is something weird that that.

The Twisted Version of Pizza with Rice Bowl

It says that-"Keep your friends close and your Pizza closer."

Well, I can bet you will keep this fusion of Pizza Rice bowl the closest as Domino's has taken two of our favorite meals into one cheesy bowl. Wow, an interesting combination indeed!

The base will be a bed of buttery rice (instead of regular pizza crust) with the most delicious cheesy blasted pizza toppings. Yuum!


And, guess what! There are seven delicious options for your toppings, including Garlic Master Pizza Rice Bowl, Five-Cheese Pizza Rice Bowl,Charcoal-grilled Chiki-teri Pizza Rice bowl, etc.

Pizza Rice Bowl

Hmmm, having a watery mouth like me!

Undoubtedly, Domino's has an extensive range of popularity worldwide. But you will get this twisted Pizza only in Japan. So, don't miss this crazy food creation.

Well, what about a dish that comes as fast-food fusion, and originated from our country? Here, the next food is one of our top attractions in the history of Japanese Cuisine.

Weirdest Fast Food Editions of Ramen

"Life is like a bowl of Ramen. The noodles are the events that come and go. And the broth is your friend, don't slurp too quickly!"

Dear, if you are already a ramen lover, I bet you will never be able to forget all the crazy food creations of ramen.

Ramen is basically a noodle dish with some rich ingredients-based broth decorated with different types of topping. It must have five core ingredients- sauce, soup, noodles, oil & toppings.

Here I am introducing the most unusual combinations of Ramen for you-

Chocolate Ramen

If you intend to come here in February, don't miss to enjoy our signature Valentine's special chocolate Ramen with your partner.

So, allow us to make your valentine's date unforgettable!


In Chocolate Ramen, you will find chocolate topping in the soy sauce-based broth, including cocoa oil. The broth is creamier and thicker with a cocoa flavor that has a slightly sweeter taste but does not taste like pure chocolate at all.

You will get this special one in the famous ramen restaurant Mensho Tokyo (located near Yurakucho subway station) as a part of Valentine's menu. 

Matcha Ramen

"Life is beautiful so Matcha!"

Here, another crazy alliance is Ramen with Matcha.

Though these two words wouldn't come together into our imagination, the creamy greenish texture of this yummiest Matcha Ramen will leave you astonished.


This surprising version is made with green tea and chicken broth, topped with juicy pork belly with an egg. It tastes like a harmonious melting combination after stuffing into the mouth and gulping.

You can dig into this popular fusion in Mensho San Francisco, situated in Shinjuku ward in Tokyo. This restaurant has already proved its vision of making fun creation of food for the customer with this signature dish, Matcha Ramen.

Ice-Cream Ramen

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy Ice-cream Ramen to be amazed!"

 Yeah, you heard it right!

This funky dish is made with ice cream cones placed on chilled noodles. Sometimes, the chocolate-vanilla ice cream is mixed with the spicy broth and eaten together.

You may get a hint about the from the following video-


Recently, many restaurants launched this strange sweet and spicy Ramen in Osaka. Though the alliance is weird, this dish got good feedback because of its unusual taste with pleasant fragrance.

Coffee Ramen

Coffee is primarily a favorite flavor of all in Tokyo. It becomes damn unique with Ramen that has a strange bittersweet taste that is called "an acquired taste."

Here, the dish seems like a feast with its slices of boiled egg, steamed fish cake, banana, and salami arranged like a smiling face. The Ramen broth and noodles are made with coffee, lending the dish an aromatic depth.


This creatively arranged bowl of coffee Ramen was initiated by a traditional cafe named Aroma, located in Katsushika, Tokyo.

Black Coffee Ramen

If you are a fan of coffee and Ramen you should not miss this partnership combo.

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Now, here comes another funny fast food!

Takoyaki- Fried Octopus Ball

Imagine your partner or kid afraid of eating the whole octopus, and you are dying to taste it. Hmmm, I have a solution for you to make your eating experience more exciting.

Try our mouth-watering octopus ball with your partner or kids and ask them to find the octopus piece like they are digging for treasure from the ball! Isn't it a great idea? Try it.

Takoyaki Fried Octopus Ball

Takoyaki is a brilliant way to eat octopus because it gets finely chopped up with onion then rolled in a tempura batter, and then being fried. The hot, crispy ball often topped with bonito, sweet-savory sauce, mayo, or seaweed flakes that bring a flavorful bite altogether. It doesn't have a fishy flavor; it actually tastes subtle.

Where to get it? In Osaka! It's an Osakan famous street snack, and this place is best for trying this fried treasury ball.

Funny Fast Food Associations with KitKat

"Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat."

How about enjoying your weekend break, including some weird but exciting combination of fast food with Kit Kat?

Maybe you never thought of having this weird blending of fast food. Here is our specialty to surprise beyond your imagination.

Come with me, much more is waiting for you.

Kitkat Pizza with Mango Dolce

It may sound weird, but it's time to challenge your taste bud.

This 'desert pizza' is topped with the pudding flavored bakeable crunchy Kit Kat bars, creamy mango slices, aromatic mixed nuts, heavily salted gorgonzola cheese sauce, and a honey maple syrup. Aah, Yum!

After introducing an oven bake version of the famous Kit Kat bar by Nestle Japan, "Napoli no Kama" & Strawberry Cones (Chain Shops) first brought this sweet Pizza to their customers. This Pizza has achieved mass popularity, and several restaurants have already included this dish on their menu.

Kitkat Sushi

Don't you like raw fish but want to try Sushi? Hmmm, what about having Sushi with Kitkat?

Yes, I am serious dude!

Sushi belongs to traditional food in the Edo Period, served with raw fish. But these KitKat editions don't bother your taste bud. The splendid mixture of KitKat sushi has three types. Let's know the taste more closely-


Firstly, the Uni (sea urchin) version is made with a slice of seaweed wrapped around a Hokkaido Melon with Cheese flavored KitKat.

Then, Maguro (tuna) is topped with a raspberry-flavored KitKat.

Last but not least, the Tamago (egg) sushi is prepared with banana-flavored KitKat, and wrapped with a sliver of nori seaweed.

All the Kit Kats Sushi come with a rice-puff base, coated with white chocolate and mixed with wasabi powder for a unique flavor.

You will easily get these combinations of KitKat Sushi in KitKat Chocolatory, Itami Osaka International Airport, or some other selected chocolate shops in Japan. Though it was intended to be an April Fools joke by Nestle, now it's an absolute snack.

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Ohh! You must be feeling thirsty now. Okay, let's have some weirdo ice cream.

Horse Meat Ice-cream

Yeah! You read it correctly!

You must be thinking by the name that this ice cream could have just the strong flavor of horse meat.

Nope! It's not just the "essence of horse meat" or "any extract." Let's uncover the taste-

Horse Meat Ice Cream

Horse Meat ice cream (Known as Basashi Aisu) is literally a chuck of horse sashimi blended into vanilla-flavored ice cream. This weird one will give your tongue a unique taste. The texture of the horse meat is apparently damn smooth and creamy!

I must say it doesn't taste as weird as it sounds. You gonna encounter this item in almost all our super shops. 

Soy Sauce Ice Cream

Wait! Don't skip this one. I am assuring you it's not salty or meaty.

Instead, you will be surprised by the flavor. Trust me.

Soy sauce Ice Cream

This crazy soy sauce ice cream is made with salty and umami soy sauce, mixed delightfully with creamy ice cream, leading to a nutty caramel flavor in every bite.

The creation was done by Kikkoman Soy Sauce Museum in Chiba Prefecture. They thought of an extraordinary blending by mixing the ice cream directly with soy sauce instead of just sprinkling it over the cream. You can also find it at Dominique Ansel's Omotesando branch.

And you will be astonished to know that soy sauce ice cream is loved by many Japanese, including me.

Fried Oyster Ice Cream

Bring the land and the sea in one scoop!

We Japanese never lag behind to amaze you with our innovative creation. Presenting another unique Ice cream with fried oysters. We describe it as "Milk from the land and the sea-a formula for success."

Fried Oyster Ice Cream

This ice cream doesn't taste as it sounds! The best way to enjoy the blast is to dip the crunchy fried oyster into the creamy sweet ice cream and stuff into the mouth. The salty oyster sauce on the top complimented the sweet ice cream with the crispy oyster so well. Don't miss the texture that truly melts in the mouth with authentic flavor.

You can grab this one at Okayama Prefecture amid Kyoto and Hiroshima. Oysters are very popular in this area, and this popularity rose to another level after this crazy invention of fried oyster ice cream.

Shirasu-Whitebait Fish Ice Cream

You may just utter, "What?" like my other foreign friends.

Well, don't underrate this ice cream by its bizarre name. Let's have the details of this weird flavored ice cream –

This ice cream is a pleasant combination of sweetness with the base cream and the saltiness of the soy sauce mixed along. However, the off-boat fish doesn't vary the flavor much except adding the crunch on the toppings.

While licking it, you may notice those fish eyes staring at you! Don't be scared. Those eyes resemble black sesame seeds that some of my foreign friends found interesting!


You will find this exciting scoop of ice cream at Enoshima Island (a small island located in south Kanagawa Prefecture in Fujisawa).

Hmmm, maybe this fish ice cream shocked you too much, right?

Hahahaha! Let's not dig in more. How about having something crunchy now!

8. Crazy fusions of Crunchy Crackers and Chips

"That's a shame to run out of Crackers before you have run out of Emergency"- being a fast-food lover, I totally agree!

Without Crackers, your fast food diary is incomplete. As a Japanese, I am introducing you to the topmost weirdest crunch in Japan.

Wasp Crackers-Rice Crackers with Bugs

How about having a crisp cracker with bugs in every bite! Though it sounds weird, but trust me, these crackers are one of our exciting items. And it is a good source of protein that boosts your fast food desire.


The cracker is famous for its sweet and savory flavor with the slightly acidic taste of wasp.

These wasps are used in a boiled or dried form to the special rice cracker's mix. The mixture is prepared with water, eggs, rice flour, sugar, salt, oil, sesame seeds, and soy sauce. We believe the ultimate result of the cracker adds a traditional scent of fare.

A Japanese fan club for “Wasps & cracker-bakers'' invented this rice cracker with bugs in Omachi town (120 miles northwest of Tokyo). This club is well known for this insect-stubbed snack .

Whole Octopus, Giant Shrimp & Shirasu Rice Crackers

Did you ever give a dare to your fellow friends? If not, please plan it now.

I promise your excitement will enhance more to have this cracker with real giant shrimp, whole octopus, or some multi-dyed Shirasu! These crackers are way too delicious and are hyped crackers in Japan.

To have this publicized crisp, you have to visit "Asahi Honten" in Enoshima island (located in south Kanagawa Prefecture in Fujisawa).


Simply place an order with your preferred twist. Its cooking process is the main attraction here because they prepared it in front of the long queue of their customers. 

Whenever I go through the mountain gate, I find myself in the line, following the unique scent everywhere.

Last time I ordered the whole octopus cracker, they put the entire octopus on the rice cracker mixture and placed it on a hotplate. The hotplates squashed them to flatten them and this process makes them quickly cooked into crunchy crackers.

Whole Octopus Crackers

Ohh! The chewy octopus with the crispy crackers tastes like seven heavens.

Some Other Fast-Food Gimmicks Crisps Which Are Ready to Eat

Are you thinking about some ready-to-eat crackers you can get in most super shops? Allow me to give you a quick fix strangest package of Crackers, which you may find everywhere in Japan.

Kaki no Tane

The bite-sized crunchy rice crackers coated in soy sauce, packed in a pouch with flavorful peanuts. You will find a range of different flavor's Kaki no Tane like- Wasabi, Caramel, Garlic, Cheese, and so on.

Kaki No tane Japanese Crackers

Undoubtedly the Wasabi Kaki no Tane is most prevalent in Japan. Don't forget to give it a try!

Spicy Fish Egg Flavored Pringles

Fish Egg Flavoured Pringles

Who doesn't love the crunch of globally renowned Pringles? You gonna encounter this fishy flavor crisp in Namco Namjatown, Tokyo. Though it sounds weird, it won't challenge your taste bud, trust me.

Roasted Baby Crabs Crisp

"Baby! Wanna have some baby crabs? " ask it to your partner, and the answer will be lovable for sure.

Roasted baby crabs

These roasted baby crabs are one of the famed snacks in Japan. And you will find it in almost every super shop. The packet of young baked crabs is high in protein and will be wonderful with its soft texture with savory crunchy taste.

An extensive range of Calbee you may find peculiar

While searching for packet crisp in Japan, you should taste some unique snacks from Calbee. It has been a renowned Japanese snack food maker since 1949 in Tokyo. This company always surprises us with its amazing food combination ideas in Chips or crackers.

Here are some popular listed series for you-

Calbee's flavored Chips

Calbee scallops and Mayo flavored Chips, Calbee smokey Bacon, Calbee Roast Lobster, Calbee grilled seaweed, etc.

After having all these crunches, your throat must want some drinks or soda to have a shivering chill. Okay, let's dive into the next segment of freakish cold drinks.

Puzzling Bottles Of Soft Drinks In Japan

"If you bring me a soft drink, I will be your friend!" If you are a fast-food lover, surely you have heard this quote.

Like me, maybe you also noticed that a bottle or glass of soft drinks is mandatory after having any fast food item. No matter how weird junk food we eat, the ending should be refreshing with a bottle of Soda. Aha! Feel the chill with the bizarre named cola!

Diffrent flavored Soft Drinks

We Japanese are ready with our topmost crazy creations to boost the chilling pleasure beyond your imagination. Here, some more shortlisted soft drinks that will definitely leave you in shock!

Unagi Cola-Eel Flavored Soft Drinks

Gulping a refreshing bottle of coke after having grilled eel is normal. But drinking a soft drink made with eel extract is a game-changer.

Unagi Flavored Soft Drinks

It tastes sweeter than regular cold drinks. You will find it more unique in every sip with grilled unagi extract marinated in soy sauce.

Some well-known beverage companies produced this weird drink, and now it has become our most tourist-inquired cola.

Melon Soda

A trendy drink in Japan! It is not fresh melon soda like you might find at juice bars or tropical places.

Melon Soda Drinks

This green delicious drink will amaze you in the heat of summer with its sweet and mild taste.

You will easily get a bottle of this refreshing cola in your nearby stores in Japan.

Curry Flavored Lemonade

Curry Flavoured Lemonade

A kind of fear factor challenge to bring the core two ingredients- curry and lemonade, together. Take a mouthful sip, and you will swing with the curry flavor in lemonade

Water-Salad Drinks

Water-Salad Soft Drinks

Isn't it exciting to robust the taste of water with Salad? It is known as the most healthy junk food ever. Share it with your super health-conscious friend in your group.

Black Vinegar Soda

Black Vinegar Soda

A tasty mixture of black vinegar with soy milk, blueberry, and orange is considered a healthy drink in Japan.

In addition, Octopus Ball Soda, Cottage Cheese Soda, Ice Cucumber Pepsi also got sound feedback from our foreign visitors.

KFC Chicken Katsu Sando

Katsu sando, a traditional Japanese picnic food, consists of breaded and fried chicken or pork between two slices of fluffy white bread. 

Shredded cabbage is also added for additional crunch. An additional layer of umami is added by the sweet and sour tonkatsu sauce drizzled over the meat, transforming a straightforward snack into an appealing afternoon treat in the park or during a lengthy shinkansen ride. 

Although KFC serves traditional western-style chicken sandwiches worldwide, its Japan menu include the delicious chicken katsu sandwich, which is coated in an irresistible mixture of mayo and tonkatsu sauce.

McDonald’s Ebi Filet-O

The only way to make something deep-fried better is to add more carbs to it. McDonald's Japan gave a different spin to the fillet o fish with a crunchy breaded ebi (shrimp) sandwich topped with lettuce and remoulade sauce. YUM!


Dear, hopefully, you received the complete details of "Strangest Japanese Fast Food." As we always value your time, I have mentioned all the crazy food innovations from our abundance of weirdest food lists.

One more thing, it won't affect your experience if you are with your partner, family, friends, or just a solo traveler. To explore the most epic fast food combination, try out all referred puzzling foods and share your Instagrammable photos with your fellows.

Remember, life is too short to try something weird. Enjoy your life fully and gather some fun and crazy memories that will make you smile for the rest of your life.

Well, we will be eagerly waiting to give you a warm welcome at our island of Unique Creations!

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