10 Popular Sports Brands in Japan: A Guide to Athletic Apparel Giants

10 Popular Sports Brands in Japan: A Guide to Athletic Apparel Giants

22 de April, 2024Rasmiya Assadi

In my exploration of Japan's affinity for athletics and the businesses that equip sportspersons, I've pinpointed ten distinguished brands that are acclaimed for their contribution to the sports industry. 

These establishments are not only engrained in Japan's culture but have also impacted a global audience.

Most Popular Sports Brands In Japan


Yonex stands atop as a revered purveyor of sports equipment, specifically for tennis, badminton, and golf. Their expertise in crafting gear tailored to these sports has solidified their status as the go-to brand for both casual and professional athletes.


Initiated in 1949 with its foundation in Kobe, Asics stands out for promoting robust living through sports. This acronym "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" translates to a 'sound mind in a sound body.' The brand is reputable for its high-quality running shoes, aside from its diverse range of sportswear including hoodies, t-shirts, and more.

Silvery Gates

Silvery Gates, operated by TSI Groove and Sports Co., offers a chic array of golf attire. While the sport is popular among Japanese executives and young women, the brand also enjoys a consumer base in Hong Kong and China for its distinct golf apparel.


From its inception in 1935, Descente, hailing from Osaka city, has curated sportswear that blends function with style. This brand is synonymous with skiwear and ski accessories, gaining fame for intricate designs that resonate with sports aficionados globally.


ENERGY Japan celebrates female athleticism by intertwining elegant fashion with the sporty lifestyle. The label's online presence features style coordination that sometimes integrates with brands such as Nike, exemplifying innovation and artistry in their apparel.


Since 1921, Shimano has pioneered the market in cycling, rowing, and fishing gear. This Osaka-headquartered firm accounts for a substantial portion of the global bicycle component market share, thanks to their leading technology like the front freewheeling system.


Established in 1906 and based in Osaka, Mizuno is a stalwart in the sporting goods arena. Renowned for adeptness in translating innovative designs into tangible products, the brand equips a multitude of sports, with an exceptional focus on golf and baseball equipment.


The UNIQLO brand transcends beyond simple sportswear. With its Tokyo-based 'UNIQLO MOVE' store, the brand emphasizes the importance of movement and a vibrant lifestyle, conveying that health intertwines with sports and daily well-being.


A household name in table tennis, Butterfly — also known as Tamasu — based in Tokyo, has been a dominant force since 1950. With vast market share and sponsorships of individuals in the sport, Butterfly's influence is unmistakable worldwide.

ABC Mart

In an authoritative move towards athleisure, ABC Mart launched 'ABC-Mart SPORTS' with a plan to open numerous stores across Japan. As of May 2019, ABC Mart has made significant strides towards that goal. Their focus is on providing athletic footwear suitable for both sports and leisure activities.

This concise assembly of brands illustrates Japan's dynamic presence in the sports domain, each brand catering to various aspects of a sporty lifestyle.

Whether it's comprehensive sportswear, technologically advanced equipment, or attire that blends athleticism with leisure, these brands represent Japan's dedication to sports and its cultural integration.

Internationally Renowned Japanese Sports Companies

My research indicates a few Japanese sports brands have achieved international acclaim, famous for their quality and innovation. Brands like ASICS and Mizuno have established a strong presence globally, especially in fields like running and golf.

Rising Stars in Japan's Sports Brand Scene

The Japanese sports brand market is continuously evolving, with newer brands making their mark. Companies like Descente and Under Armour Japan are gaining traction for their performance-oriented apparel and commitment to innovation.

The Distinction Between Japanese and Korean Sports Brands

Japanese and Korean sports brands differ mainly in their design philosophy and material quality. Japanese brands often prioritize precision and technical performance, while Korean brands may focus more on style and trend-setting designs.

Leaders in Innovative Sports Footwear Technology from Japan

Japanese companies recognized for their cutting-edge technology in sports footwear include ASICS, with their GEL cushioning technology, and Mizuno, praised for their Wave plate technology that provides extra cushioning and stability.

Mizuno Among Japan's Elite Sports Brands

Compared to other leading Japanese sports brands, Mizuno stands out for its comprehensive involvement in various sports, from running to baseball, and for offering high-quality equipment synonymous with Japanese craftsmanship.

Symbolism in Japanese Sports Brands' Logos

Japanese sports brand logos often embody simplicity and strength. For instance, the ASICS spiral symbolizes continuous improvement, while Mizuno's 'Runbird' logo represents a forward motion and universal approach to sports.

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