Cost of Japanese Maid Cafes | Everything To Know Before Going To A Japanese Maid Cafe

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Want to check out the maid cafes in Japan? Well, here’s a guide to Japans maid cafes that has everything you need to know before visiting a maid cafe in Japan. Check it out!

If you are in Japan and you’re looking to have a one of a kind experience, head over to one of the maid cafes in town. Yep, you heard it right- maid cafes.

Cafes and restaurants with themes are becoming increasingly popular in Japan. If cosplay and food are your jam, maid cafes should definitely be on your list of things to do in Japan. 

Unlike regular cafes, customers will have a more intimate connection with their server or in this case, maid. The maids will perform while serving food and pouring drinks for the customers entertainment. Maid cafes are a great place to hang out with family and kids.

Maid cafes were first started in 2001 in the Akihabara area of Tokyo. This area is known to be one of the most popular shopping hubs in all of Japan. Anime, comic books, and cosplay are also very popular here. 

Here is everything you need to know about maid cafes in Japan!

Guide To Japans Maid Cafes 

What are maid cafes?

Maid cafes are themed cafes that are found all over Japan. This quirky little cafes are a must visit on your trip to Japan. Dressed in maid costumes, the female staff look like they have stepped right out of a comic book or anime series. 

Unlike what you would usually expect when you hear the term “maid cafe”, these cafes are not kinky or sexual in any way. 

Customers can order food and drinks just like they would at a regular cafe and even play games and take photos with the maids. 

Japans Maid Cafes

My favourite part of maid cafes? It definitely has to be the way I was greeted by the maids when i entered. They greet customers with “Welcome home, princess/master.” After this greeting, I don’t want to be greeted in any other way!

Customers are allowed to interact with the maids which makes the experience even more fun. If you are lucky, the maid serving you will give you a fictional story about her background. 

How did maid cafes start in Japan?

Maid cafes began back in 2001 in Akihabara, Tokyo with Cure Maid Cafe being the first. 

The idea of this kind of a cafe comes as a solution to the stressful lifestyle that the Japanese people lead. 

The Japanese people are known to be a very hardworking bunch. They lead stressful lives tha can often be overwhelming and lonely. 

In an attempt to ease the pressure and help these people meet their need for communicate, maid cafes were started. 

maid cafes japan

Here, people could come after a tiring day at work and spend their time taling to the maids. Nothing sexual, just a good ranting seesion to help the people cope with their stressful lives. 

In recent years, maid cafes have come up in many locations around Japan. These cafes are no longer frequented by only tired workers. They are now a big hit among curious tourists as well. 

In recent years, maid cafes have come up in many locations around Japan. These cafes are no longer frequented by only tired workers. They are now a big hit among curious tourists as well.

Cost of Japanese maid cafes

The cost of Japanese maid cafes can vary depending on the location and the specific cafe. Generally, customers can expect to pay a cover charge of around 500 to 1000 yen (approximately $5 to $10 USD) upon entering the cafe. In addition, customers are expected to order food and drinks, which can range from 500 to 2000 yen (approximately $5 to $20 USD) per item.

Some cafes also offer photo opportunities with the maids, which can cost extra. Overall, customers can expect to spend around 3000 to 5000 yen (approximately $30 to $50 USD) for a visit to a Japanese maid cafe.

4 Rules To Follow When Visiting A Maid Cafe In Japan

Maid cafes have been attracting people from everywhere and it is only fitting that there be rules in place to protect the staff and customers. 

Here are some rules and pieces of advice for customers to follow while visiting a maid cafe in Japan:

  • Customers are not allowed to touch the maids.
  • Taking photos with the maids or of the maids is not allowed unless you pay a fee and permission is granted. Customers have to pay around 500 Japanese yen to get a printed photo with the maids.
  • The staff at aid cafes remain anonymous and their real names are not used. Some cafes don’t allow pictures either to protect the identity of the staff. This is because many of the women who work her come from conservative or traditional families who don’t know what they do for a living. 
  • You are more than welcome to interact with the maids. However, customers are not allowed to ask for any personal information of the maids. So no asking for phone numbers, names, social media IDs, etc. 

Food at maid cafes in Japan

Food is an important aspect of your trip to a maid cafe. Menus are available in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. 

The menu usually includes omurice and a curry. Omurice is an omelette packed with friend rice. What makes this special is the cute, handwritten notes by the maids. 

The maids use ketchup to draw cartoons and write messages on the foo.Very Kawaii, if you ask me! 

maid cafes in Japan

At some maid cafes in Japan, the maids will put up a performance for the guests while serving up orders. As part of the entertainment, some maids will say good luck chants called omanjinai. The maids may also sing while making and serving drinks.

The dessert menus usually have delicious goodies like brownies, waffles, and sundaes. Of course these are presented with elaborate drawing and designs on them as well!  

Prices at maid cafes in Japan

Visiting a maid cafe in Japan can be an expensive affair. So I suggest keeping these for special occasions.

Unlike most regular restaurants and cafes, maid cafes charge their customers an entrance fee or seating charge of about 500 yen to 1000 yen. 

Each dining session lasts for about hald an hour to 90 minutes. Some maidcafes also have a nomihodai option which is an all you can drink alcohol option. 

Many times I have heard stories of people losing track of time while at a maid cafe and then ending up with a very expensive bill to pay off. Since many maid cafes charge by the duration of your stay, it is important to stay aware of the time. 

Popular maid cafes in Tokyp

There are more than 200 maid cafes in Japan. Here are some of the most popular ones for you to visit:


  • Address: Sumiyoshi BLDG.6F 3-16-17 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0021 Japan
  • Contact: 0120 - 229 - 348

With more than 500 employees, Maidreamin is one of the largest maid cafe restaurant chains in Japan. It has 16 restaurants in Japan and Thailand, out of which 7 are in the Akihabara area of Tokyo.

Known for its lively vibe, this maid cafe is one of the most popular maid cafes in Japan. It is frequents by couples and families. 

The menu features a ranges of dishes, beverages, and desserts that are all elaborately designed with anime and kawaii patterns. They also serve alcohol. 

@home cafe 

  • Address: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Sotokanda 1-11-4 Mitsuwa Building 3F-7F
  • Contact: 03 - 3255 - 2808, 03 - 5294 - 7709, 03- 5294 - 7708, 03- 5294 - 7707

Known for the lively entertainment and cheerful attitude of the maids, this is probably the most famous maid cafe in Japan. 

People flock to this four floor maid cafe for their famous omelette rice that the maids draw and write on with ketchup. This maid cafe attracts more than 600,000 guest severy year. 

@home cafe is open to everyone, including women and children. Admission charges to this maid cafe are 600 Japanese yen. 

Maid Cafe Pinafore 

  • Address: Kogure Suehiro Building 2nd Floor, 3-15-6 Sotokanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, Japan 101-0021
  • Contact: 03-6202-8739

Pinafore maid cafe opened in 2003 and is known for its vibrant atmosphere. The maids put up performances that can be enjoyed by all. 

The maids serve up a variety of signature cocktails as well as non alcoholic drinks. The maids at the cafe designed their costumes and decor. They aren’t just cute, but very talented. 

Cure Maid Cafe

  • Address: 1-2-7 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021, Onoden Main Store 4F Gee Store Akiba
  • Contact: 03 - 3258 - 3161

Cure Maid Cafe was the first maid cafe in Japan. It was opened in 2001 in Akihabara. Here the maids dress up in Victorian styled maid outfits for a more sophisticated ambience. 

This maid cafe serves some of the best tea and has been certified by the Japanese Tea Association. Over the weekend, they also have live performances and concerts.


Japan’s Maid Cafes: FAQs

Do maid cafes really exist?

Yes, maid cafes do exist! They are a big part of Japan and there are more than 200 maid cafes in Japan.

Are there maid cafes in America?

Maid cafes are slowly making their way to America. My Cup of Tea Maid Cafe is one such maid themed cafe. Just like maid cafes in Japan, this cafe also has staff dressed like anime maids that serve their guests with a cheerful attitude.

How much do maid cafes cost?

Maid cafes charge customers an entry fee that can be anywhere from 500 Japanese yen to 700 Japanese yen. In addition to this, customers have to pay for their food and beverages. In case customers want to get their picture taken with the maids, that will be an additional cost.

How old must you be to work at a maid cafe?

All employees at maid cafes must be female and over 18 years old.

Can foreigners work at a maid cafe in Japan?

Some maid cafes are now hiring staff from other countries as long as they fulfill the criteria of being female and over 18 years of age.

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