15 Best Japanese Toothpaste 2024

15 Best Japanese Toothpaste 2024

05 de May, 2024Rasmiya Assadi

Japanese toothpastes are renowned for their innovation and effectiveness. From whitening wonders to gum-protecting marvels, they offer a variety of benefits. Dive into this guide to discover the best Japanese toothpastes for your specific oral care needs, for a brighter, healthier smile.


Which are the best Japanese toothpaste?

We tested over 20+ Japanese toothpastes. We found that Sangi Apagard Royal Anticaries Restorative Toothpaste is the best Japanese toothpaste. Here's why:

Sangi Apagard Royal Anticaries Restorative Toothpaste is formulated to help prevent cavities and restore tooth enamel. It contains hydroxyapatite, which is the main component of tooth enamel, and fluoride. It has a mild mint flavor and is suitable for most people. 

Best Japanese Toothpaste  Best For Best Features
Lion Brilliant More Fresh Spearmint Japanese Toothpaste - Best Japanese Toothpaste Teeth Whitening Ideal for daily use
Crest Gum Detoxify Plus Whitening Two-step Japanese Toothpaste Teeth Whitening  Results in 1 week
The Natural Dentist All In One Fluoride Toothpaste  Cavities  Sulphate free
Tom’s Simply White Toothpaste Sweet Mint Gel Cavity Protection No bleaching chemicals
Ora2 Stain Clear Toothpaste  Whitening  Deep cleansing
Lion Japan Clinica Enamel Pearl Whitening Toothpaste Whitening  Quasi-drug product
Ishizawa Hamigaki Nadeshiko Baking Soda Whitening Japanese Toothpaste Whitening  No toxic chemicals
Apagard Smokin’ Toothpaste For Smokers Tooth Enamel Prevents cavities
Shumitekuto, Periodontal Disease Care Sensitivity  Fights hypersensitivity
Kao Clear Clean EX Rich Citrus Japanese Toothpaste  Plaque buildup Nice citrus flavour
Sunstar Gum Pro Care Nice smell and taste
Dent Check-Up Standard Teeth Whitening Low polishing for teeth and gums
Apagard Premio toothpaste Teeth Whitening Great for tooth sensitivity


Which is the best Japanese toothpaste for teeth whitening? 

The Ora2 Stain Clear Toothpaste is one of the best Japanese toothpaste for teeth whitening. However, this is not a toothpaste you should use every day as it contains strong teeth-cleaning agents that will help you get rid of those tough coffee, cigarette, or red wine stains.

Use your regular toothpaste on a daily basis and use the Ora2Stain clear toothpaste just once a week.  From the very first use, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your teeth color. This toothpaste also helps remove any bad odors.

Best Toothpaste In Japan

Kobayashi Sumigaki Charclean Japanese Charcoal Toothpaste

Recommended for plaque removal

Tired of uninspiring toothpaste that just don’t cut it? Say goodbye to dull and routine dental hygiene with Kobayashi Sumigaki Charclean Japanese Charcoal Toothpaste! 

Made of a unique blend of natural, nourishing ingredients, this toothpaste is sure to breathe new life into your dental care routine.

Kobayashi Sumigaki Charclean Japanese Charcoal Toothpaste

Unlike regular toothpaste, Kobayashi Sumigaki Charclean Japanese Charcoal Toothpaste cleans your teeth with an invigorating herbal mint flavor, combined with charcoal micro-particles to help whiten teeth and absorb bacteria that causes bad breath. 

This toothpaste also helps to remove surface stains without damaging the enamel. 

Unlike other more abrasive whiteners, the iodine-rich charcoal powder in this toothpaste is gentle and perfect for everyday use.

But that’s not all! Kobayashi Sumigaki Charclean Japanese Charcoal Toothpaste also helps remineralize your teeth, and enhances oral hygiene without any of the harsh chemicals found in most other toothpastes. 

Sangi Apagard Royal Anticaries Restorative Whitening Toothpaste

Recommended for Sensitive Teeth

Introducing the world’s premier toothpaste: Sangi Apagard Royal Anticaries Restorative Whitening Toothpaste! 

This revolutionary toothpaste is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a gentle, soothing, and effective way to clean their teeth every day.

Specially formulated for sensitive teeth, this toothpaste uses Nano medical hydroxyapatite to gently soothe and relieve any discomfort or pain associated with tooth sensitivity. 

Not only does it offer unbeatable relief of tooth sensitivity, it even helps restore enamel and prevent tooth decay over time.

For those looking for more dramatic results, Sangi Apagard Royal Anticaries Restorative Whitening Toothpaste contains a powerfully effective combination of potent whitening agents and remineralizing serum. 

This unique blend helps to neutralize stains and promote natural whiteness that can last for months in some cases.

Most toothpaste brands contain ingredients that are harsh on teeth, but Sangi Apagard Royal Anticaries Restorative Whitening Toothpaste is designed to be both gentle and effective. 

By replacing calcium and phosphate ions to areas from which minerals have been dissolved, it helps to reverse the effects of erosion and remineralize teeth for improved strength and health.

Furthermore, its unique formula is backed by extensive research and clinical trials, making it one of the most reliable toothpaste options on the market.

Brilliant More (LION)

Best Teeth Whitening Toothpaste In Japan

If you want to brighten your teeth naturally then Lion Brilliant More Fresh Spearmint toothpaste is the best Japanese toothpaste for you!

You can get rid of coffee stains, cigarette stains that you might get on your teeth. This toothpaste has been specially formulated to brighten your teeth. 

ora 2 toothpaste

The special ingredients used in the formulation of this teeth whitening Japanese toothpaste help prevent stains from red wine, coffee, and tobacco. Regular use of this toothpaste will ensure that you have shiny, white and healthy teeth always.

This toothpaste contains apricot that helps in gum maintenance. The fluoride also helps in re-calcification, preventing tooth decay, gum disease as well as whitening teeth naturally.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day with this toothpaste for best results! It’s a good idea to brush your teeth after eating or drinking any stain-causing food or drink.


  • Teeth brightening
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Prevents gum diseases
  • Quasi-drug


  • Slow results

Crest Gum Detoxify Plus Whitening Two-step Japanese Toothpaste

Best Japanese Toothpaste For Whitening

This Japanese toothpaste comes in two components so you can get the maximum benefits out of your toothpaste. It’s a two-step toothpaste that whitens your teeth as well as ensures you have fresh breath.

This toothpaste also cleans your gum which when uncleaned in the breeding ground for bacteria. Clean gums also ensure that you have healthy teeth and mouth overall. 

Use the crest toothpaste at least twice a day as recommended by dentists for best results.

brilliant more lion

The active ingredient Stannous Fluoride prevents tooth decay and plaque attacks. It deep cleanses and provides extra freshness. 

The Crest Gum detoxify plus whitening two-step toothpaste has a special triggered foam formulation that penetrates in the areas of your mouth that are difficult to reach.

What’s more, this Japanese toothpaste is also clinically tested to neutralize bacteria on your gums.

This toothpaste will also ensure that all the gum-related diseases like gingivitis don’t affect your gums. 

You might experience temporary changes in teeth like white spotting, soft tissue or oral discomforts. However, if it continues then please discontinue the product.


  • 2 step toothpaste
  • Results in 1 week
  • Fights gingivitis


  • Not for sensitive gums or teeth


The Natural Dentist - All In One Fluoride Toothpaste 

Best Japanese Toothpaste With Fluoride

This best Japanese toothpaste protects your cavity - thanks to the fluoride content in its formula. Many of us think that brushing and flossing our teeth just once a day is enough.

This can lead to cavities and plaque buildup in your teeth. This Japanese toothpaste helps you fight off the plaque buildup and prevents cavities.

hamigaki nadeshiko

This toothpaste is sulphate free which is great because sulphate (SLS) toothpastes affects sensitive teeth and gums. It’s safe to be used by all teeth and gym types. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

The flavour of mint isn’t too strong and only meant to freshen up the breath and prevent halitosis. 

It also makes your teeth and gums stronger. This Japanese toothpaste also contains tons of natural ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice and echinacea extract that have anti-inflammatory properties. So it soothes the gums as well. 


  • Sulphate free
  • Freshens breath
  • No toxic chemicals


  • Takes time to get adjust

Tom’s Simply White - Best Japanese Toothpaste

Best Japanese Toothpaste Prevent Cavities And Tooth Decay

This is another one of the best Japanese toothpaste. It doesn’t contain any harsh bleaching chemicals to whiten your teeth.

It contains hydrated silica that removes stains or plaque buildup on your teeth to reveal naturally white teeth that are hidden behind all that.

This toothpaste has a sweet minty taste and smell that freshens up the breath. It doesn’t contain bleaching chemicals that whiten up teeth temporarily and cause permanent damage.

Also, it contains natural fluoride that doesn't harm the balance of the teeth and fights decaying and plaque buildup.

brilliant more toothpaste

This product is safe and there’s no artificial colors, flavors, fragrances, preservatives, animal ingredients or animal testing.

With an ADA seal of acceptance to its name, Tom’s Simply White toothpaste not only makes your teeth whiter but also prevents cavities and tooth decay!  Check it out below!


  • No artificial chemicals
  • No bleaching chemicals
  • Cruelty-free


  • Slow results

Ora2 Premium Cleansing Paste Premium Mint 

Best Japanese Toothpaste For Teeth Whitening

Here’s another one of the best Japanese toothpaste for teeth whitening. This toothpaste is formulated with a strong concentration of teeth cleaning agents to ensure that your teeth are free of stains.

If you want whiter teeth then removing those stubborn teeth stains is the first step to go. And this toothpaste helps you achieve just that without being too harsh on your teeth or gums.

japanese toothpaste with fluoride

However, it’s not an everyday toothpaste because it does contain some strong active ingredients.

This toothpaste prevents tartar formation and promotes teeth whitening. It deeply cleanses stubborn stains and prevents the foul smells from the mouth. 

It’s slightly expensive but worth trying as you only use it once a week.

Use your regular toothpaste everyday and use the ORa2Stain Clear Japanese toothpaste once a week to get the desired results.


  • Removes stubborn stains
  • Deep cleansing
  • Prevents foul smell


  • No value for money

Lion Japan Clinica Enamel Pearl Whitening Toothpaste

Top Whitening Toothpaste In Japan

Here’s another one of the best Japanese toothpaste brand for you. This is a fairly new Japanese toothpaste that has come in the market.

It’s a medicated toothpaste and works like a charm! It whitens your teeth to make it brighter by fighting off tough stains.

japanese toothpaste flavors

Other than that, Lion Clinica is formulated with a unique tooth enamel care formula to make sure your teeth stay healthy, bright, and shiny.

Clinica toothpaste is a quasi drug product and recommended by a lot of dentists for all types of teeth and gums.

This Japanese toothpaste creates a gentle foam as you brush your teeth. It reaches that tough corners in your mouth and thoroughly cleans your mouth to reveal whiter teeth and healthy gums. 


  • Quasi-drug product
  • Fresh breathe
  • Whitens teeth


  • Slow results

Hamigaki Nadeshiko (Ishizawa Laboratory)

Best Japanese Toothpaste With Baking Soda

This is another one of the best Japanese toothpaste brand you have to try! I absolutely love the super-adorable packaging of this toothpaste.

crest toothpaste in japan

But, obviously, this toothpaste is not in this list just because of its cute packaging. This toothpaste is formulated with sodium bicarbonate that’s known to whiten your teeth.

It helps remove any tar stain from your teeth to reveal your naturally white teeth.

This toothpaste doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and uses all crop-produced active ingredients. It has a fresh peppermint flavor that will definitely wake you up.

This hamigaki toothpaste is perfect for anyone who is frustrated with stains of coffee, tea or cigarettes. 

The taste however is a little spicy and might not be liked by everyone. By far, this is one of the best Japanese toothpaste flavors and my personal favorite as well. This toothpaste, no doubt, will keep your mouth feeling fresh throughout the day! 


  • Teeth whitening
  • Fights plaque attacks
  • No toxic chemicals


  • Spicy taste

Apagard Smokin’ (Sangi)

Best Japanese Toothpaste For Smokers

This best Japanese toothpaste is specially formulated for smokers. Apagard Smokin’ toothpaste is one of the top-rated toothpaste in Japan.

The formula effectively helps fight off cigarette stains to reveal white teeth. With consistent use, this toothpaste will definitely whiten your teeth comparatively. This is a recommended medicinal hydroxyapatite toothpaste for gentle whitening.

aquafresh toothpaste japan

Please avoid this toothpaste if you have sensitive teeth as it isn’t meant for it.

This special ingredient prevents any cavities from forming so you always have healthy teeth. This toothpaste has a refreshing light mint flavor that will keep your breath smelling fresh always! It is also remineralizing toothpaste.


  • Good for smokers
  • Prevents cavities
  • Fresh breath


  • Contains SLS

Shumitekuto, Periodontal Disease Care

Best Japanese Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth

If you experience bleeding gums, bad breath, or a sticky feeling in the mouth constantly then this is one of the best Japanese toothpaste for you!

japanese toothpaste with fluoride

This Japanese toothpaste keeps all of these problems at bay and makes sure you have healthier teeth. This toothpaste also helps fight hypersensitivity, gingivitis, and periodontitis.

The toothpaste has been formulated with fluoride and sodium fluoride to help strengthen your gums and prevent tooth decay as well!

This is a powder-form teeth cleanser. Shumiteko toothpaste is good for daily oral hygiene and can be used twice a day.


  • Prevents bad breath
  • Fights hypersensitivity
  • Strengthens teeth


  • Contains SLS
  • No value for money

Kao Clear Clean EX Rich Citrus Japanese Toothpaste 

Best Japanese Toothpaste For Plaque 

Here’s another one of the best Japanese toothpastes that helps remove plaque and also whitens your teeth.

It helps remove stains as well with consistent use. It features a bright white tooth formula that is specially developed for smokers and helps remove those yellow or black stains from the teeth. It helps restore the health of your teeth. 

apagard vs sensodyne

It also promotes teeth whitening and cleansing. It keeps the teeth polished and doesn’t let the dirt get accumulated in a place.


  • Nice citrus flavour
  • Teeth whitening
  • No plaque buildup 
  • Affordable 


  • Contains SLS

Sunstar Gum Pro Care

best toothpaste in Japan

Sunstar gum pro care is a high concentration fluorine formulated toothpaste. The high concentration of fluorine prevents acid attacks from plaque bacteria and prevents and reverses tooth decay. 

This toothpaste claims to be the “sterilization of periodontal disease” because of the ingredients used in it. The W vitamin that it contains helps in promoting and activating blood circulation to the gums and strengthens the defence of postcards.

Sunstar toothpaste contains CPC ( Cetylpyridinium chloride) which is a disinfectant and an anti-inflammatory beta--GR (Glucocorticoid Receptor) that kills bacteria and reduces the chance of bleeding and hearing respectively. 

The packaging of the tube is perfect to use on a daily basis. It’s the best toothpaste in Japan for fighting plaque-related issues.


  • Flights plaque bacteria
  • Reverse tooth decay
  • Nice smell and taste
  • Quasi-drug


  • No value for money

Dent Check-Up Standard

Dent Checkup standard is another product from the lion brand which is a fluoride toothpaste. The fluorine concentration is about 1450 ppm and is not recommended for anyone aged below 6 years. 

This unique soft paste is easy to spread to the nicks of the teeth where cavities hide and has a low polish that is smooth on teeth and gums. The flavour is also mild and the paste is easily washable with water. 

This toothpaste is great to use on a daily basis and can be used for longer periods of time. It also has a whitening effect on teeth. This toothpaste consists of Silicic anhydride which is a clearing agent and also prevents tooth decay.

The only problem with this toothpaste is that it contains parabens for preservation which might harm the body. 


  • Gentle in mouth
  • fluorine concentration 1450 ppm
  • Low polishing for teeth and gums


  • Contains parabens

Apagard Premio Toothpaste

Apargard Premio is the best whitening toothpaste in Japan. If you have teeth sensitivity, this toothpaste can work very well for you. Although it’s a little bit pricey but shows quick and effective results. 

This toothpaste is formulated with hydroxyapatite at the nano level that prepares teeth for three actions: whitening, preventing dental caries and protecting tooth enamel.

If you have yellow stains that are hard to clean, this toothpaste can work well by gently scrubbing in those areas. 

If you want extra brightening effects you can go for the Apagard M-plus but I’d suggest you stick to this as it addresses the issue of sensitivity and whitening both. 

It’s a quasi-drug product, recommended by many dentists as whitening toothpaste in Japan.


  • Quasi-drug product
  • Great for tooth sensitivity
  • Whitening product


  • No value for money

How To Choose The Best Japanese Toothpaste?

Choosing the best Japanese toothpaste for you depends on your specific oral health needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

Your Oral Health Concerns:

  • Sensitivity: If you have sensitive teeth, look for toothpastes with low abrasivity and mild flavors. "Saraya Arau Additive-Free Toothpaste" is a good option.
  • Gingivitis: For gum health, consider toothpastes with ingredients like xylitol or cetylpyridinium chloride. "Sunstar Settima Toothpaste Special Care" and "Sistema Dental Plus Toothpaste" are popular choices.
  • Bad breath: Charcoal-based toothpastes like "Kobayashi Sumigaki Charclean Japanese Charcoal Toothpaste" or "World Paradise Charcoal Toothpaste" can help combat bad breath.
  • Whitening: If you want whiter teeth, look for toothpastes with gentle polishing agents or hydroxyapatite, like "Sangi Apagard Smokin' Anticaries Restorative Whitening Toothpaste" or "Ishizawa Lab Hamigaki Nadeshiko Baking Soda Toothpaste."
  • Cavities: Most Japanese toothpastes contain fluoride for cavity prevention. Choose one with a higher fluoride content if you're prone to cavities. "Sangi Apagard Royal Anticaries Restorative Toothpaste" is a good choice.

Is Japanese toothpaste safe?

Most Japanese toothpastes are formulated using ingredients that are safe for both adults and children. They help take care of your gums and prevent tooth decay. But make sure to read the ingredients for strong cleaning agents that are specially formulated for teeth stain-removal like coffee stains and red wine stains. These toothpastes may not be safe for children. 

What is Apagard toothpaste?

Apagrad toothpaste is one of the best Japanese toothpaste that concentrates on restoring tooth enamel. This toothpaste is formulated using nanoparticles and hydroxyapatites that helps remove plaque buildup. It also reduces hypersensitivity in teeth and also fills in fissures and scratches.

What is in Japanese toothpaste?

Many Japanese toothpastes consist of Nano-Medical Hydroxyapatite as a replacement for fluoride. It’s one of the best ingredients that helps in maintaining oral healthcare by flighting tooth decay and tooth repairing and remineralising. 

Is nano-hydroxyapatite good for teeth?

Nano hydroxyapatite remineralizes enamel lesions and is recommended by preventive and restorative dentistry. It’s better than conventional fluoride toothpaste and has a better effect on teeth.

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