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8 Best Japanese Rice Brands For Sushi 2024

12 de May, 2024Shopify API

Looking for authentic Japanese rice to make your favorite Japanese food. Here are the best Japanese rice brands for you to make sticky rice, mochi rice cakes, or even sake in your kitchen

Rice is not only a staple food but also has a rich cultural significance in the country. If you’re into Japanese cuisine then you’ll know that to make sushi, sticky rice, or traditional wagashi sweets there’s a particular type of Japanese rice you need to use.

Which is the Best Japanese Rice Brand for Sushi?

We tested 20+ Japanese rice brands based on taste, texture, usage as well as rice grain length. We found Koshihikari Japanese rice to be the best Japanese rice brand in the list.

Koshihikari Japanese Rice is characterized by its flexible, aromatic, and sticky grain. This rice is very flavorful and of superior-quality. This Japanese rice brand is also very popular among Japanese chefs. Koshihikari rice is pretty easy to cook and doesn’t require any unique process of cooking.


Some of these top rice brands are featured in Singapore's

Koshihikari Japanese Rice

Koshihikari rice is one of the best Japanese rice brands and the go-to rice brand in Japan amongst a lot of locals. This Japanese rice brand is characterized by its flexible, aromatic, and sticky grain.

Koshihikari rice is very flavorful and of superior-quality. This Japanese rice brand is also very popular among Japanese chefs. I love eating Koshikari rice ever since my childhood and it's easily the best Japanese rice brands in the list.

Koshihikari rice is pretty easy to cook and doesn’t require any unique process of cooking. It is usually steamed but it can also be cooked in the rice cooker, if you prefer.

In fact, the package has instructions on how to make Japanese sushi rice. I followed the instructions on the back when making sushi rice with Koshihikari Japanese Rice. It took me about an hour, I think, to make the rice. The results were pretty good as you can see in the image above.

Key Features:

  • Popular Japanese rice brand
  • Characterized by its flexible, aromatic, and sticky grains
  • Most commonly cultivated in Japan
  • Very flavorful
  • High-quality
  • Popular amongst Japanese chefs in restaurants
  • Can be steamed or cooked in rice cooker 




Tamanishiki Super Premium Short Grain Japanese Rice

The next best Japanese rice brand also popular in Japan is the Tamanishiki Super Premium Rice. It is a blend of Koshihikari rice and  Yumegokochi Rice. It is of the short-grain Japonica rice type that has excellent flavor and texture.

When cooked, it transforms into sticky rice and is perfect for eating with chopsticks. Love onigiri and sushi?

Then this is the best Japanese rice brand you could opt for making these dishes. If you really want the authentic Japanese rice texture in the rice then you have to get this. It's a little expensive, I won't deny that. But it's worth it for the authenticity, I guess.

My mum loves making sushi in this rice. In fact, she's adamant that she'll only use this rice when making sushi. And it always turns out simply perfect - light and fluffy.

Being in the United States, getting high-quality premium Japanese rice in the US is difficulty. I'm so grateful that this Japanese rice brand is available on Amazon US.

It is a common rice brand in Japanese houses and is used to make several Japanese home-cooked dishes. You'll definitely like it more than Kijima rice but not more than Koshihikari.

Key Features:

  • Popular rice brand in Japanese homes
  • Blend of Koshihikari rice and Yumegokochi rice
  • Texture and flavor
  • Sticky rice, when cooked
  • Perfect Japanese rice brand to make onigiris and sushis

Kijima Tsuyahime Yamagata Japanese White Rice

The next of the best Japanese rice brands is the Tsuyahime rice. This Japanese rice brand is slowly gaining more popularity than the Koshihikari Japanese rice brand. The Tsuyahime rice is sticky when cooked, shiny, and sweet.

The rice grains are bigger than most Japanese rice brands. Even when the rice is cold this Japanese rice brand tastes absolutely delicious! Kijima rice is perfect for onigiri or sushi as it's sticky.

This Japanese rice brand is also easy to cook which is also why it is usually picked over the other Japanese rice brands cause it is a premium rice brand. You'll notice that the price is slightly more than the rest. But the quality of this Japanese rice makes up for the rice.

I found the grains to uniformly polished and barely any broken grains

Key Features:

  • As popular as Koshihikari Japanese rice brand
  • Sweet, sticky and shiny grains that are bigger than most other Japanese rice
  • Tastes delicious even when served cold
  • Easy to cook

Hitomebore Japanese Rice

Here’s another one of the best Japanese rice brands for you. Hitomebore Japanese rice brand is a lesser-known variety of rice in Japan.

I love Hitomebore rice because of it's sweet taste and it's perfect to make sweet dish from it. Plus, it doesn't even overboil and retains it's perfect shape.

It is characterized by a soft, glossy texture when cooked. Hitomebore Japanese rice, when cooked, is slightly sticky yet smooth. This Japanese rice is also sweet and the flavor remains intact even when reheated.  


I use this Japanese rice with stir-fried dishes, gravy, and soups and it goes really well. 

Key Features:

  • Lesser-known varieties of Japanese rice brands
  • Soft and glossy texture
  • Texture is slightly sticky yet smooth 
  • Slightly sweet flavor 
  • Perfect for making sushi
  • Retains its shape well
  • Can be used to make a wide variety of dishes
  • Can be paired with a wide variety of dishes, from stir-fry to gravy and soups

Akitakomachi Japanese Rice

One of the best Japanese rice brands, Akitakomachi Japanese rice has a rich flavor. It is one of the premium Japanese rice brands that tastes delicious and is of high-quality.

The rice has a springy texture and a sweet flavor. This rice is slightly sweeter than short-grain rice which is why i really liked it. One thing I don't enjoy about this rice is it's fragrance which is extremely different and not so pleasing.

Popular amongst the locals in Japan, this best Japanese rice brand is quite chewy and sticky when cooked. It’s one of the best Japanese rice brands for making sushi or onigiri and the rice grains retain its size and shape well after being cooked. 

Key Features:

  • Flavorful premium white rice
  • Tastes delicious and superior quality
  • Springy texture, sweet flavor profile
  • Popular Japanese rice brand
  • Sticky and chewy when freshly cooked 
  • Perfect for making sushi and onigiri as it retains shape and size 

Sasanishiki Japanese Rice

This is a short-grain variety of Japanese rice. One of the best Japanese rice brands, it gets fluffy and shiny. It has a smooth texture and is not as sticky as other Japanese rice varieties. I love eating plain rice from this brand as it turns extremely fluffy. It's made it Thailand but the quality and authenticity is not compromised.

You can pair this Japanese rice with soup or gravy, depending on your preference. Rest assured, it will taste absolutely delicious! This is not the perfect Japanese rice to go for if you wanna make sushi or onigiri so you better avoid it.

Key Features:

  • Short-grain rice
  • Shiny and fluffy texture
  • Not as sticky as the others Japanese rice varieties
  • Smooth texture 
  • Has a delicious taste
  • Can be paired with any food

Nozomi Super Premium Short Grain Japanese Rice

One of the best Japanese rice brands, Nozomi super premium short grain Japanese rice is developed using the highest quality Koshihikari rice of Japan.

With an excellent flavor profile and a delicate texture, you can pair this Japanese rice with any of your favorite Japanese dishes. This Japanese rice brand is quite sticky in texture so it’s perfect to make sushi as well.

Key Features:

  • Super premium short grain rice
  • Made using highest quality Koshihikari rice
  • Delicious flavor profile and a delicate texture
  • Works well with other dishes
  • Ideal for making sushi

Ubara Extra Premium Japanese White Rice

Here’s another of the best Japanese rice brands from the Ibaraki prefecture of Japan. The size of the rice grains of this Japanese rice variety is bigger than the most rice varieties offered by other Japanese rice brands.

The texture of the rice is soft and chewy. What I love about this Japanese rice brand is that it is cultivated in an environmentally friendly way using rich soil and clean water. 

The rice variety is slightly sweet and has a chewy texture. This delicate flavor is retained even when the rice is served cold. Best for making sushis, onigiri balls, rice balls, and many other Asian dishes, this is one of the best Japanese rice brands you could go for!

Key Features:

  • Extreme premium Japanese white rice
  • Larger rice grains than other Japanese rice brands
  • Cultivated in an environmentally friendly method in rich soil and clean water
  • Has a sweet flavor profile
  • Ideal for making sushis, onigiri balls, rice balls, and other Asian dishes

Types of Japanese Rice

There are two main varieties of Japanese rice - Urumichai and Mochigome. Urumichai Japanese rice, short-grain rice, is used to make everyday Japanese dishes like sushi, rice balls, rice vinegar, sake, amongst others. Mochigome, on the other hand, is sweet rice and is most commonly used to make traditional wagashi sweets and mochi rice cakes. Compared to Urumichai, Mochigome is stickier, chewier, and glutinous rice. 

Is Japanese Rice and Sticky Rice the same thing?

In the West, Japanese rice is often referred to as sticky rice as many Japanese rice varieties are sticky in nature. However, Japanese rice and sticky rice is not the same thing. Sticky rice refers to glutinous rice but not all Japanese rice is glutinous even if it’s sticky when cooked.

Is there a difference between Japanese Rice and Korean Rice?

Japanese rice and Korean rice do have several similarities. Both rice varieties are short grain cultivators of Japonica rice and have the same sticky texture when cooked. The only difference between the two rice varieties, probably, is the place and method of cultivation. The method of cooking Japanese rice and Korean rice is also different. But you also substitute for the other in most cases.

Where can I buy Japanese rice?

In the US, most major stores like Walmart, Whole Foods, Target sell some of the common Japanese rice brands and varieties. You can also visit the Japanese stores of Asian stores that are dedicated to selling Asian products. Other than that, you can get Japanese rice online from Amazon.

How to store rice?

It's best buy just enough rice that can be finished within a month. When you need to store the extra rice, store it in an airtight container. If there's anymore rice then leave it in the bag. Make sure you seal the bag tight with tape to leave in moisture so it remains fresh. Fill up your smaller container of rice as required.

Which Japanese rice brand to buy?

Some of the best Japanese rice brands to buy are Koshihikari Rice, Tamanishiki Super Premium Short Grain Rice, Kijima Tsuyahime Yamagata White Rice, Hitomebore Rice, and Ubara Extra Premium Japanese White Rice

Is Japanese rice and Sushi rice the same?

Japanese rice and sushi rice is not the same thing. Japanese rice is cooked plain to go along with everyday meals like Japanese curry or for onigiri rice balls. Sushi rice, on the other hand, is steamed Japanese rice that is flavored with vinegar-based seasonings and is used for making sushi only.

What brand rice do Japanese use?

Koshikikari variety of Japanesr rice is popularly preferred by the Japanese. And it's perfect for cooking Japanese dishes sushi, onigiri. Shirakiku Rice brand offers the best Koshikikari Japanese rice.

Where does the best rice in Japan come from?

The best rice in Japan comes form the Niigata prefecture's Koshihikari rice. Niigata’s Uonuma Koshihikara Rice is of the highest quality in all of Japan. The Niigata prefecture has the ideal weather conditions to grow rice. For 28 years, Uonuma Koshihikara Rice grown in the Niigata prefecture has received an 'A' grade in the annual taste ranking.

Is Japanese rice better than jasmine rice?

Japanese rice and jasmine rice are two very different. types of rice and cannot be compared as to which is better cause Japanese rice is used to make certain dishes like sushi, onigiri that you cannot make with jasmine rice. Jasmine rice is long grain rice where as Japanese rice is short grain rice. Jasmine rice is popular in India while sushi rice is popular in countries like Japan and China. When cooked, the consistencies of Japanese rice and jasmine rice is very different. Japanese rice is sticky whereas jasmine rice isn't. So really it depends on what dish you want to make and your preference.

Which part of Japan produce the best rice grain?

Niigata is particularly well-known for producing high-quality koshihikari rice, which is considered one of the best rice varieties in Japan. However, there are many other regions in Japan that also produce excellent rice, and the quality can vary depending on factors such as climate, soil, and cultivation techniques.

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