7 Best Coffee Brands In Japan

7 Best Coffee Brands In Japan

22 de April, 2024Rasmiya Assadi

We made a list of the best coffee brands in Japan. Check it out!

Japanese coffee has captured the hearts of both locals and visitors alike, thanks to a range of flavors from lighter to deeper roasts. 

The love for coffee in Japan encompasses everything from morning service—a delightful combo of coffee, bread or toast, to eggs—to the beloved canned and iced coffees that punctuate everyday life.

Japan is an epicenter of coffee culture, boasting an extensive array of coffee shops that speckle almost every street, reflecting the country's ranking as the fourth-largest consumer of coffee globally. 

Numerous brands offer exquisite coffee experiences, but a few stand out for their exceptional brews.

Best Japanese Coffee Brands

Kurasu Kyoto

This brand began by specializing in coffee equipment before opening a café in Kyoto. Their beans are roasted on a weekly basis, ensuring freshness and flavor. They offer a distinct house blend available as whole beans, ground coffee, or drip coffee bags.

For those new to Kurasu, the brand offers taster sets and convenient drip coffee bags, perfect for quality coffee on the go. With prices ranging from 200 to 250 yen per bag, their products are accessible internationally via their website.

Onibus Coffee

With several outlets, including a roastery in Okusawa, Onibus is celebrated for its splendid coffee blends. Their shops may be cozy, but they leave a lasting impression with their menu featuring diverse beans from Colombia, Ethiopia, and Rwanda.

New to coffee? Pop into an Onibus shop for a welcoming tasting set, thoughtfully prepared by the owner.

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Maruyama Coffee

As a stalwart in the Japanese coffee scene, Maruyama has been serving clients since 1991.

Their distinct edge lies in the owner's dedication to hand-picking beans from global farms, resulting in high-quality, richly flavored coffee blends. Maruyama’s storefronts are spread throughout Japan, offering an extraordinary experience to coffee devotees.

Passage Coffee

Perhaps underrated, Passage Coffee brandishes an exceptional blend and cold brew pack. Their shops, decorated in a tranquil aesthetic, roast their beans on-site and display a range of coffee accessories.

Their hospitable ambiance extends online, where their active store ensures you can have their delightful coffee shipped to your doorstep.

Leaves Coffee Roasters

If you seek comfort married with excellent service, Leaves is your match. Established in 2018, the brand quickly made its mark with its open-concept cafe and unique roasting techniques.

They advise patrons to sample their beans, which are expertly roasted from Tuesday through Friday.

Suntory Boss

A household name in canned coffee, Suntory Boss is renowned for its rich flavor derived from a generous use of beans, coupled with a hint of sweetness and milk.

This brand is a go-to recommendation for anyone seeking a canned coffee with a balanced taste profile.

Takamura Coffee Roasters

Starting in 1992 as a liquor shop, Takamura shifted to concentrate on wine and coffee twenty years later. They boast a rich selection of beans that have earned accolades, including the prestigious Cup of Excellence. Whether purchasing coffee beans or drip bags, visiting their commodious cafés is a must.

When traversing the varied tapestry of Japanese coffee culture, you're bound to encounter baristas well-versed in both traditional and innovative brewing methods, from the time-honored kissaten—reflecting a deeply rooted coffee history instigated by Portuguese and Dutch traders in the 18th century—to modern chain coffee shops like Doutor and Dotour.

In Tokyo alone, the diversity from one shop to the next can range from the flash-brewed specialties of Blue Bottle Coffee to the mellowness of Mellow Brown Coffee, or even to the lifestyle-centric spaces of cat cafes.

Japan's dedication to coffee is exemplified through its myriad coffee shops, each offering a signature blend or single-origin variety.

Beans are meticulously roasted, often with a certain kodawari—a Japanese term for a relentless pursuit of perfection—resulting in a delectable spectrum of flavors, whether from arabica or robusta species.

Not only have coffee shops become a cultural staple, but convenience stores across Japan provide an impressive range of coffee selections, including the phenomenon of canned coffee, popularized by brands like Georgia Coffee and Boss Coffee by Suntory.

Whether your preference is for a robust Kenyan single-origin or a harmonious house blend, coffee in Japan provides a tapestry of tastes to explore.

With deep-rooted traditions and a vibrant modern scene, the coffee culture invites you to discover its unique brews.

From the convenient drip pods for a quick fix to the elaborate offerings at chain and independent shops, the options cater to all, from casual drinkers to the most discerning coffee enthusiasts.


Renowned Japanese Coffee Roasting Companies

Notable Japanese coffee roasters have gained international acclaim for their meticulous approach to the craft. Among them, Glitch Coffee Roasters stand out, blending tradition with a modern twist in their offerings.

Indigenous Japanese Coffee Beans

Japan is not traditionally known for growing coffee beans; it's rather the artisanal approach to roasting and brewing that sets it apart. However, should you seek beans that are roasted locally and carry the essence of Japan, you'll find specialty shops and roasters offering curated selections.

Coffee Drinking Trends in Japan versus Elsewhere

Japanese coffee enthusiasts often prefer their brews to be prepared as "Americano style", a contrast to the espresso-style coffees popular in Europe. Coffee chain trends in Japan also show a unique merge of traditional tea culture with their coffee drinking habits.

Finding High-Quality Japanese Coffee

To purchase top-tier Japanese coffee beans, you can visit specialty coffee stores or online marketplaces that offer selections from acclaimed roasters like Ueshima Coffee Company, also known as UCC, recognized for their quality and brewing excellence.

Unique Aspects of BOSS Coffee

BOSS Coffee is a beloved brand in Japan, resonating with consumers through its accessibility and a wide array of flavors. The brand is known for its ready-to-drink canned coffee options, catering to the busy lifestyles of many Japanese consumers.

Ueshima Coffee Company's Position in Japan

As one of Japan's leading and oldest coffee brands, Ueshima Coffee Company, often referred to as UCC, has a storied history and a commitment to quality. Their dedication is reflected in meticulous brewing methods and high-quality beans, setting them apart in the Japanese market.

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