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40 Beautiful Japanese Names Meaning Water Moon 

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Japanese names meaning water moon are both beautiful and meaningful. Discover some of the most popular and unique Japanese names that evoke the imagery of the moon reflecting on water.

The moon and water are two of the most important elements in Japanese culture. The moon is often associated with beauty, mystery, and romance, while water is associated with purity, life, and abundance.

Japanese names that mean "water moon" combine these two elements to create a name that is both beautiful and meaningful. Some of the most popular Japanese names meaning "water moon" include:

  • Mizuki (美月) - This unisex name means "beautiful moon" or "water moon."
  • Suigetsu (水月) - This unisex name literally means "water moon."
  • Tsukimizu (月水) - This unisex name also literally means "water moon."
  • Minamo (水辺) - This feminine name means "water's edge" or "shore."
  • Kagami (鏡) - This feminine name means "mirror," but it can also be used to evoke the imagery of the moon reflecting on water.

In addition to these popular names, there are many other Japanese names that mean "water moon." Some of these names are more unique and less common, but they are all beautiful and meaningful in their own way.

If you are looking for a Japanese name that is both beautiful and meaningful, consider a name that means "water moon." These names are sure to evoke images of the natural world and the beauty of the Japanese landscape.

Japanese Names Meaning Water Moon

Mizuki (水月)

  • Meaning: Water Moon
  • Description: Mizuki combines "water" and "moon," evoking the image of moonlight shimmering on a calm water surface.

Tsukimi (月水)

  • Meaning: Moonlit Water
  • Description: Tsukimi paints a serene picture of moonlight dancing on tranquil waters, creating a peaceful ambiance.

Suigetsu (水月)

  • Meaning: Water Moon
  • Description: Suigetsu symbolizes the harmonious blend of water and moonlight, embodying tranquility and elegance.

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Minamo (水面)

  • Meaning: Water's Surface
  • Description: Minamo reflects the stillness of water, akin to the moon's reflection on its placid surface.

Ayame (菖蒲)

  • Meaning: Iris, a flower that thrives near water
  • Description: Ayame represents the flourishing flora by water bodies, like ponds and streams.

Mizuno (水野)

  • Meaning: Water Field
  • Description: Mizuno conjures an image of fertile landscapes beside calm waters, illuminated by the moon's soft glow.

Uzuki (卯月)

  • Meaning: Fourth Month (April), when the moon reflects on blooming waterways.
  • Description: Uzuki celebrates the season when the moon graces blossoming water scenes, highlighting nature's beauty.

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Kiyomi (清美)

  • Meaning: Pure Beauty
  • Description: Kiyomi embodies the unspoiled allure of water and moonlight, offering a name of serene elegance.

Suijin (水神)

  • Meaning: Water Deity
  • Description: Suijin represents the reverence and respect for the divine aspect of water in Japanese culture.

Yoru (夜)

  • Meaning: Night
  • Description: Yoru signifies serene evenings when the moonlight delicately bathes the world in its silvery radiance.

Akiha (秋葉)

  • Meaning: Autumn Leaves
  • Description: Akiha conjures moonlight filtering through rustling autumn leaves, reflected on water's surface.

Haruka (遥)

  • Meaning: Distant
  • Description: Haruka evokes the sense of the moon's remote beauty, casting its glow from afar on tranquil waters.

Nagisa (渚)

  • Meaning: Seashore
  • Description: Nagisa captures the allure of moonlit seashores, where the tide meets the moon's silvery light.

Himawari (向日葵)

  • Meaning: Sunflower, often associated with sunny days and water sources
  • Description: Himawari reflects the connection between sunflowers and water, expressing the harmony of light and water.

Tsukiko (月子)

  • Meaning: Moon Child
  • Description: Tsukiko symbolizes a child born under the moon's gentle influence, promising a life of serenity and grace.

Mizushiro (水城)

  • Meaning: Water Castle
  • Description: Mizushiro evokes the image of a castle surrounded by serene waters, bathed in the moon's enchanting light.

Sora (空)

  • Meaning: Sky
  • Description: Sora represents the vast, tranquil sky where the moon resides, casting its serene glow.

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Tsumugi (紡ぎ)

  • Meaning: Spinning threads, akin to moonlight weaving through water.
  • Description: Tsumugi draws parallels between moonlight and delicate threads intertwining on a calm water surface.

Haruki (春輝)

  • Meaning: Spring Radiance
  • Description: Haruki captures the luminous beauty of spring nights when the moon casts its radiant glow on water.

Yuri (百合)

  • Meaning: Lily, a flower often associated with water features.
  • Description: Yuri represents the grace and elegance of lilies that adorn the banks of peaceful waters.

Setsuna (刹那)

  • Meaning: Moment
  • Description: Setsuna reflects the transient beauty of a moment, like the moon's reflection on water that comes and goes.

Mizuno (瑞乃)

  • Meaning: Of Water
  • Description: Mizuno signifies a deep connection to water, encapsulating its purity and serenity.

Akari (明り)

  • Meaning: Light
  • Description: Akari symbolizes the moon's gentle illumination of water, creating a soft and calming light.

Nami (波)

  • Meaning: Wave
  • Description: Nami evokes the image of moonlight dancing on the surface of gently rolling waves, creating a soothing rhythm.

Yozora (夜空)

  • Meaning: Night Sky
  • Description: Yozora represents the vast, starry canvas of the night sky, where the moon holds its celestial position.

Ayaka (彩花)

  • Meaning: Colorful Flower
  • Description: Ayaka signifies the moon's influence on the vibrant flora near water, creating a colorful and enchanting scene.

Suien (水園)

  • Meaning: Water Garden
  • Description: Suien conjures images of moonlit gardens with serene water features, providing a tranquil escape.

Sakura (桜)

  • Meaning: Cherry Blossom, often associated with water features.
  • Description: Sakura reflects the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms that bloom near water bodies.

Mio (澪)

  • Meaning: Waterway
  • Description: Mio represents the calm and meandering paths of water under the moon's gentle gaze.

Asuka (飛鳥)

  • Meaning: Flying Bird
  • Description: Asuka conjures images of birds gliding gracefully over moonlit waters, embodying freedom and elegance.

Kira (綺羅)

  • Meaning: Shimmering
  • Description: Kira captures the moonlight's dazzling and shimmering reflection on water.

Yumi (弓)

  • Meaning: Bow, often associated with moonlight's arch.
  • Description: Yumi symbolizes the moon's radiant arch across the night sky, reflecting on tranquil waters.

Shizuku (雫)

  • Meaning: Droplet
  • Description: Shizuku evokes the image of moonlight glistening on a water droplet, symbolizing purity and clarity.

Arisa (有紗)

  • Meaning: Possessing Silk
  • Description: Arisa signifies the moonlight's gentle touch, as soft as the finest silk, on the water's surface.

Tsukiyo (月夜)

  • Meaning: Moonlit Night
  • Description: Tsukiyo embodies the magic of a night illuminated by the moon's serene and enchanting light.

Yuki (雪)

  • Meaning: Snow, often associated with serene winter nights.
  • Description: Yuki represents the moon's serene presence on snowy landscapes and icy waters.

Mizukiyo (水清)

  • Meaning: Clear Water
  • Description: Mizukiyo symbolizes the pristine and transparent nature of water, reflecting the moon's purity.

Nozomi (望)

  • Meaning: Hope
  • Description: Nozomi reflects the hopeful anticipation of seeing the moonlight dance on water, inspiring optimism.

Hikari (光)

  • Meaning: Light
  • Description: Hikari represents the moon's radiant and guiding light that touches the heart as it reflects on tranquil waters.

Izumi (泉)

  • Meaning: Spring, often associated with clear water sources.
  • Description: Izumi symbolizes the refreshing and rejuvenating quality of water, much like a serene moonlit spring.

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Japanese names that intertwine the elements of "Water Moon" evoke a sense of serenity and elegance. 

These names celebrate the profound connection between nature, the moon, and water, painting vivid pictures of tranquility and beauty. 

Each name tells a unique story, capturing the essence of a moonlit night by the water's edge. In choosing one of these names, one can carry with them the enduring charm and mystique of a "Water Moon" throughout their life.

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