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12 Japanese Names Meaning Time

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Here are beautiful Japanese names meaning time. Check it out!

The concept of time is a fascinating one, stretching from the fleeting moments of the present to the vast expanse of history. In Japanese culture, this awareness of time's ebb and flow is often reflected in beautiful and meaningful names.

Let's embark on a journey through some captivating Japanese names that literally embrace the essence of time

Japanese Names Meaning Time

Toki (とき)

A simple yet striking name, "Toki" directly translates to "time." It evokes a sense of universality, reminding us that we are all interconnected by the passage of time.

Kisetsu (季節)

This name captures the ever-changing seasons, each with its own unique character. "Kisetsu" represents the cyclical nature of time and the beauty found in every passing moment.

Kako (過去)

"Kako" translates to "past," a crucial element in shaping who we are today. This name honors the lessons learned and memories cherished from times gone by.

Kaguya (月姫)

From the folktale of Princess Kaguya, this name symbolizes the fleeting nature of time and beauty. It reminds us to cherish the present moment, for just like the princess, our time on earth is precious and temporary.


Ushering in renewal and growth, "Haru" means "spring." This name signifies the cyclical nature of time and the constant potential for rebirth and transformation.


This name, meaning "moment" or "instant," reminds us to cherish the fleeting beauty of each passing moment. It evokes a sense of mindfulness and appreciation for the present.


Translated as "memory" or "recollection," "Kioku" honors the stories and experiences that shape who we are. It signifies the importance of time as a vessel for holding onto the past.


This name, borrowed from Greek, refers to an immense span of time, often associated with eternity. "Eon" carries a sense of vastness and timelessness, suggesting a connection to something beyond the limitations of human life.


Meaning "dawn" or "break of day," "Reimei" symbolizes a new beginning, a fresh start within the flow of time. It evokes hope and optimism for the possibilities that lie ahead.


Meaning "twilight" or "dusk," "Yugure" represents the transition from day to night, a liminal space between two points in time. It evokes a sense of reflection and contemplation on the passage of days and years.


Translated as "an instant" or "a fleeting moment," "Setsuna" captures the ephemeral nature of time. It encourages us to savor each precious moment, for it may never come again.


These names, each with their unique nuance and connection to time, offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Japanese culture and its profound understanding of the ever-flowing nature of existence.

Choosing a name inspired by time can be a beautiful way to connect to something larger than ourselves and embrace the journey of life with a sense of wonder and gratitude.

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