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40 Beautiful Japanese Names Meaning Royalty

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Here are beautiful Japanese names meaning royalty. Check it out!

Japanese names are known for their beautiful and meaningful sounds. Many Japanese names also have meanings related to royalty and nobility. 

Here are 40 Japanese names meaning royalty, along with their meanings and short descriptions:

Japanese Names Meaning Royalty

Hiroto (ヒロト)

  • Meaning: "Big"
  • Description: Hiroto is a strong and masculine name that also embodies royalty.

Haruto (ハルト)

  • Meaning: "Falcon"
  • Description: Haruto signifies strength, power, and leadership.

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Kaito (カイト)

  • Meaning: "Kite"
  • Description: Kaito is associated with ambition, freedom, and the ability to soar to great heights.

Hiroki (ヒロキ)

  • Meaning: "Generous"
  • Description: Hiroki is associated with kindness, compassion, and a willingness to help others.

Yuki (ユキ)

  • Meaning: "Snow"
  • Description: Yuki is associated with purity, beauty, and tranquility.

Ren (レン)

  • Meaning: "Lotus"
  • Description: Ren signifies purity, enlightenment, and spiritual growth.

Kazuya (カズヤ)

  • Meaning: "Harmonious"
  • Description: Kazuya is associated with peace, balance, and good fortune.

Hikaru (ヒカル)

  • Meaning: "To Shine"
  • Description: Hikaru signifies brilliance, intelligence, and creativity.

Takumi (タクミ)

  • Meaning: "Artisan"
  • Description: Takumi is associated with skill, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Ryosuke (リョウスケ)

  • Meaning: "Assistant"
  • Description: Ryosuke signifies helpfulness, reliability, and loyalty.

Mei (メイ)

  • Meaning: "Brightness"
  • Description: Mei signifies intelligence, talent, and a positive outlook on life.

Aoi (アオイ)

  • Meaning: "Hollyhock"
  • Description: Aoi is associated with beauty, grace, and refinement.

Sakura (サクラ)

  • Meaning: "Cherry Blossom"
  • Description: Sakura signifies beauty, transience, and the renewal of life.

Hinata (ヒナタ)

  • Meaning: "Sunny Place"
  • Description: Hinata is associated with warmth, happiness, and optimism.

Hana (ハナ)

  • Meaning: "Flower"
  • Description: Hana signifies beauty, delicacy, and femininity.

Yui (ユイ)

  • Meaning: "Bond"
  • Description: Yui is associated with friendship, love, and unity.

Aiko (アイコ)

  • Meaning: "Love Child"
  • Description: Aiko signifies affection, tenderness, and devotion.

Emi (エミ)

  • Meaning: "Blessing"
  • Description: Emi is associated with good fortune, happiness, and prosperity.

Hikari (ヒカリ)

  • Meaning: "Light"
  • Description: Hikari signifies hope, inspiration, and the ability to guide others.

Kiyoto (キヨト)

  • Meaning: "Pure and Bright"
  • Description: Kiyoto is a name that evokes a sense of purity, brightness, and nobility.

Hisashi (ヒサシ)

  • Meaning: "Long and Lasting"
  • Description: Hisashi signifies longevity, prosperity, and enduring royalty.

Kimi (キミ)

  • Meaning: "Noble"
  • Description: Kimi is a name that directly conveys nobility and royalty.

Mamoru (マモル)

  • Meaning: "Protect"
  • Description: Mamoru signifies protection, strength, and the ability to safeguard royalty.

Akira (アキラ)

  • Meaning: "Bright and Clear"
  • Description: Akira represents brilliance, clarity, and the radiant qualities of royalty.

Keiko (ケイコ)

  • Meaning: "Respect"
  • Description: Keiko embodies respect, admiration, and the reverence accorded to royalty.

Kiyoshi (キヨシ)

  • Meaning: "Pure and Clean"
  • Description: Kiyoshi signifies purity, innocence, and the unblemished nature of royalty.

Satoshi (サトシ)

  • Meaning: "Clear and Wise"
  • Description: Satoshi represents clarity, wisdom, and the discerning qualities of royalty.

Takahiro (タカヒロ)

  • Meaning: "Soaring and Generous"
  • Description: Takahiro signifies ambition, generosity, and the lofty attributes of royalty.

Yutaka (ユタカ)

  • Meaning: "Abundant and Prosperous"
  • Description: Yutaka represents abundance, prosperity, and the flourishing state of royalty.

Akemi (アケミ)

  • Meaning: "Bright and Beautiful"
  • Description: Akemi embodies radiance, beauty, and the captivating qualities of royalty.

Akitoshi (アキトシ)

  • Meaning: "Autumn and Wise"
  • Description: Akitoshi represents maturity, wisdom, and the refined qualities of royalty.

Haruka (ハルカ)

  • Meaning: "Far and Distant"
  • Description: Haruka signifies vision, ambition, and the boundless reach of royalty.

Hiroyuki (ヒロユキ)

  • Meaning: "Generous and Shining"
  • Description: Hiroyuki represents generosity, brilliance, and the magnanimous nature of royalty.

Isamu (イサム)

  • Meaning: "Courageous"
  • Description: Isamu signifies courage, bravery, and the fearless spirit of royalty.

Kazuhiro (カズヒロ)

  • Meaning: "Harmonious and Broad"
  • Description: Kazuhiro represents harmony, expansiveness, and the unifying qualities of royalty.

Kengo (ケンゴ)

  • Meaning: "Strong and Healthy"
  • Description: Kengo signifies strength, vitality, and the robust constitution of royalty.

Mitsuru (ミツル)

  • Meaning: "Shine and Light"
  • Description: Mitsuru represents radiance, enlightenment, and the illuminating qualities of royalty.

Naoki (ナオキ)

  • Meaning: "Honest and Bright"
  • Description: Naoki signifies honesty, integrity, and the upright nature of royalty.

Renji (レンジ)

  • Meaning: "Lotus of Wisdom"
  • Description: Renji represents wisdom, knowledge, and the profound understanding of royalty.


Japanese names are imbued with rich meanings and cultural significance, and many names evoke a sense of royalty and nobility. 

This article has explored a selection of Japanese names meaning royalty, each carrying its own unique meaning and description. These names reflect the qualities and aspirations associated with royalty, such as strength, wisdom, brilliance, compassion, and leadership. 

Choosing a name with royal connotations is a meaningful way to honor one's heritage and celebrate the enduring legacy of royalty.

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