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40 Radiant Japanese Names Meaning Rainbow

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Here are Japanese names meaning rainbow. Check it out!

Japanese names often hold deep meanings and capture beautiful imagery. Names relating to the rainbow, with its vibrant colors and symbolic significance, are particularly enchanting.

Here are 40 Japanese names that evoke the essence of a rainbow.

Japanese Names Meaning Rainbow

Niji (虹)

Meaning: Rainbow. This straightforward name directly translates to "rainbow" and is a classic choice.

Kougei (虹霓)

Meaning: Rainbow. Another direct translation of "rainbow," Kougei offers a more poetic and elegant option.

Teitou (蝃蝀)

Meaning: Rainbow. This name is less common but still evokes the image of a rainbow with its evocative kanji characters.

Azayaka (鮮やか)

Meaning: Vivid, Bright, Vibrant. This name captures the vibrant colors of a rainbow and conveys a sense of energy.

Meirou (明朗)

Meaning: Cheerful, Bright. This name evokes the feeling of joy and optimism associated with seeing a rainbow.

Akihiro (昭弘)

Meaning: Bright and Vast. This name combines the kanji for "bright" and "vast," creating an image of a wide, expansive rainbow.

Akari (明かり)

Meaning: Brightness, Light. This name evokes the illuminating power of a rainbow, bringing light and hope.

Akarui (明るい)

Meaning: Bright, Clear. This name emphasizes the clarity and vibrancy of a rainbow's colors.

Akiraka (明らかな)

Meaning: Clear, Obvious. This name highlights the distinctness and beauty of a rainbow, impossible to miss.

Nijiyume (虹夢)

Meaning: Rainbow Dream. This name combines "rainbow" with "dream," suggesting a hopeful and optimistic outlook.

Nijiiro (虹色)

Meaning: Rainbow Color. This name focuses on the diverse and beautiful colors that make up a rainbow.

Nijihi (虹飛)

Meaning: Flying Rainbow. This imaginative name evokes the image of a rainbow soaring through the sky.

Nijihashi (虹橋)

Meaning: Rainbow Bridge. This name draws inspiration from the mythical rainbow bridge, symbolizing hope and connection.

Niji no Me (虹の目)

Meaning: Rainbow Eyes. This name suggests seeing the world with the same vibrant perspective as a rainbow.

Kirakira (キラキラ)

Meaning: Sparkling, Glittering. This name captures the shimmering quality of a rainbow.

Hikaru (光る)

Meaning: To Shine, To Glow. This name evokes the radiant light and brilliance of a rainbow.

Kagayaku (輝く)

Meaning: To Shine, To Dazzle. This name emphasizes the powerful and captivating light of a rainbow.

Hinokage (日陰)

Meaning: Sunlight and Shadow. This name evokes the dynamic interplay of light and shadow within a rainbow.

Amaya (彩雨)

Meaning: Colorful Rain. This name combines the image of rain with the vibrant colors of a rainbow.

Irodori (彩り)

Meaning: Color, Variety. This name emphasizes the diversity and richness of colors within a rainbow.

Niji no Otome (虹の乙女)

Meaning: Rainbow Maiden. This name conjures an image of a beautiful and graceful being associated with rainbows.

Niji no Kagami (虹の鏡)

Meaning: Rainbow Mirror. This name suggests a connection between the rainbow and reflection, symbolizing self-discovery and understanding.

Niji no Tsubasa (虹の翼)

Meaning: Rainbow Wings. This name evokes the image of wings imbued with the vibrant colors and hope of a rainbow.

Ten no Niji (天の虹)

Meaning: Rainbow of the Heavens. This name elevates the rainbow to a celestial level, suggesting divine beauty and blessing.

Hana no Niji (花の虹)

Meaning: Flower Rainbow. This name combines the beauty of flowers with the vibrant colors of a rainbow, creating a harmonious image.

Irizumi (入虹)

Meaning: Rainbow Setting. This name captures the fleeting and ephemeral nature of a rainbow, yet its beauty remains unforgettable.

Shinshoku (新色)

Meaning: New Color. This name suggests the emergence of something new and vibrant, like the appearance of a rainbow after a storm.

Harukana (遥かな)

Meaning: Distant, Faraway. This name evokes feelings of mystery and the unknown, like the distant beauty of a rainbow across the horizon.

Hikari no Miya (光の宮)

Meaning: Palace of Light. This name draws a connection between the rainbow's light and a place of beauty and splendor.

Yumemiru Niji (夢見る虹)

Meaning: Dreaming Rainbow. This name suggests a connection between rainbows and the world of dreams, where anything is possible.

Akari Hikaru (明かり光る)

Meaning: Bright Light Shining. This name emphasizes the radiant light and brilliance associated with a rainbow.

Aoi Sora (蒼い空)

Meaning: Blue Sky. This name evokes the open sky where rainbows appear, symbolizing hope and freedom.

Akane Iro (茜色)

Meaning: Crimson Color. This name focuses on the vibrant red color within a rainbow, representing passion and energy.

Murasaki Kumo (紫雲)

Meaning: Purple Cloud. This name combines the mystical purple color with the fleeting nature of clouds, resembling a rainbow's ephemeral beauty.

Hana no Kaze (花の風)

Meaning: Flower Wind. This name evokes the gentle and fragrant breeze that carries the essence of flowers and rainbows.

Niji no Megumi (虹の恵み)

Meaning: Rainbow's Blessing. This name suggests that rainbows are a symbol of good fortune and blessings bestowed upon us.

Hikari no Kiseki (光の奇跡)

Meaning: Miracle of Light. This name emphasizes the wonder and magic inherent in the appearance of a rainbow.

Niji no Oto (虹の音)

Meaning: Sound of the Rainbow. This name evokes the imagination to hear the sound of a rainbow, adding a unique dimension to its essence.

Yume o Miru (夢を見る)

Meaning: To Dream. This name suggests that rainbows inspire dreams and aspirations, encouraging us to reach for our goals.

Niji no Chikara (虹の力)

Meaning: Power of the Rainbow. This name highlights the resilience and hope associated with rainbows, reminding us of our inner strength.


These 40 Japanese names, each rich with meaning and evocative imagery, capture the beauty and wonder of a rainbow. Choosing a name from this list is a way to imbue your child with a sense of hope, optimism, and connection to the natural world.

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