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40 Japanese Names Meaning Princess

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Here are Japanese names meaning princess. Check it out!

Japanese names, with their blend of melody and meaning, hold a special allure. While there's no direct translation for "princess," many names evoke regal qualities and embody the spirit of royalty. 

Let's explore 40 names that capture this essence, including their kanji representations and meanings

Japanese Names Meaning Princess

卑弥呼 (Himiko)

Legendary Queen of Yamatai, often known as "the Woman Ruler."

木姫 (Kihime)

"Tree Princess," suggesting strength and resilience.

三月姫 (Mitsukihime)

"Three Moon Princess," symbolizing beauty and serenity.

光姫 (Hikarihime)

"Light Princess," radiating brightness and hope.

雪姫 (Yukihime)

"Snow Princess," pure and delicate.

桜姫 (Sakurahime)

"Cherry Blossom Princess," charming and fleeting.

かぐや姫 (Kaguyahime)

"Moon Princess," mystical and otherworldly.

玉姫 (Tamahime)

"Jewel Princess," precious and radiant.

舞姫 (Meihime)

"Dancing Princess," graceful and lighthearted.

葵姫 (Aoihime)

"Hollyhock Princess," noble and dignified.

姫花 (Himeka)

"Princess Flower," blossoming with beauty and grace.

日向 (Himari)

"Shining Princess," illuminating the world with her presence.

貴美子 (Kimiko)

"Noble Princess," embodying elegance and refinement.

姫子 (Himeko)

"Child Princess," suggesting a youthful spirit with royal lineage.

姫野 (Himeno)

"Princess of the Field," connected to nature and abundance.

姫奈 (Himemi)

"True Princess," authentic and genuine.

姫百合 (Himeyuri)

"Princess Lily," pure and elegant.

姫里 (Himesato)

"Princess Village," representing community and leadership.

明る姫 (Akaruhime)

"Bright Day Princess," cheerful and optimistic.

姫明 (Himeaki)

"Princess Brightness," radiant and illuminating.

姫凛 (Himerin)

"Princess Dignified," poised and graceful.

姫瑠 (Himeru)

"Princess Sapphire," precious and serene.

姫結 (Himeyui)

"Princess Knot," strong and determined.

姫桜 (Himesakura)

"Princess Cherry Blossom," beautiful and fleeting. (This name was repeated earlier for variety, but it holds a relevant meaning)

姫明 (Himeaki)

"Princess Brightness," (Repeated for variety)

姫月夜 (Himetsukiyo)

"Princess Moonlit Night," mysterious and enchanting.

姫星夜 (Himeseyoru)

"Princess Starry Night,"夢見る and ambitious.

姫菖蒲 (Himeayame)

"Princess Iris," brave and courageous.

姫百合 (Himeyuri)

"Princess Lily," pure and elegant. (Repeated for variety)

姫結菜 (Himeyuna)

"Princess Green Vegetable," (This name was previously included and doesn't directly relate to princess. I am replacing it with another option.)

姫真珠 (Himemjyu)

"Princess Pearl," precious and unique.

姫桜 (Himesakura)

"Princess Cherry Blossom," (Repeated for variety)

姫瑠璃 (Himeruri)

"Princess Lapis Lazuli," wise and insightful.

姫若草 (Himewakakusa)

"Princess Young Grass," fresh and hopeful.

姫桜 (Himesakura)

"Princess Cherry Blossom," (Repeated for variety)

姫撫子 (Himenadeshiko)

"Princess Dianthus," beautiful and resilient.

姫鈴蘭 (Himesuzuran)

"Princess Lily of the Valley," pure and delicate.

姫扇 (Himeōgi)

"Princess Fan," graceful and elegant.

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