Japanese Names Meaning Owl

15 Cool Japanese Names Meaning Owl

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Here are Japanese names meaning owl. Check it out!

Owls, with their piercing eyes and silent flight, have captivated cultures for centuries. 

In Japan, they hold a special place, revered for their association with wisdom, luck, and protection. This reverence is reflected in the many beautiful names inspired by these majestic birds. 

Let's embark on a journey through the world of Japanese owl names, exploring their meanings and unique charm.

Japanese Names Meaning Owl

Fukurou (梟, ふくろう)

The most straightforward option, meaning "owl" itself. It carries the positive connotations of wisdom, fortune, and guardianship.

Ken (賢, けん)

Signifying "wise" or "intelligent," it directly references the owl's reputation for wisdom.

Fukuroumaru (梟丸, ふくろうまる)

Combining "fukurou" with "maru" (meaning "round"), this name creates a playful image of a fluffy owl.

Kenmei (賢明, けんめい)

Combining "ken" with "mei" (meaning "bright"), this name denotes "wise and bright," highlighting the owl's intelligence and illumination.

Myōgan (明眼, みょうがん)

Meaning "bright eyes," similar to Mekaru but with a focus on clarity and insight.

Shinonome (篠の目, しののめ)

Literally "reed's eye," referencing the owl's eyes piercing through darkness like starlight through reeds.

Komori (蝙蝠, こうもり)

Though meaning "bat," this kanji can also represent nocturnal creatures like owls, emphasizing their association with the night.

Kasumi (霞, かすみ)

Meaning "mist" or "haze," it evokes the owl's silent and mysterious presence amidst the fog.

Yasei (野生, やせい)

Signifying "wild" or "untamed," it highlights the owl's independent spirit and connection to nature.

Yamitsuki (闇月, やみつき)

Meaning "dark moon," it creates a mystical image of the owl guarding the secrets of the night.

Reimei (黎明, れimei)

Signifying "dawn," it represents the owl observing the transition from darkness to light, symbolizing wisdom and foresight.

Yuki no Fuyuki (雪のふゆき)

Meaning "snow blizzard," it captures the image of an owl silently observing the winter storm, symbolizing resilience and strength.

Tsubasa no Kenja (翼の賢者, つばさのけんじゃ)

Meaning "wise one of the wings," it emphasizes the owl's wisdom and its ability to navigate the night sky.

Megumi no Fukurou (恵みの梟, めぐみのふくろう)

Meaning "owl of blessings," it highlights the owl's positive symbolism of good fortune and prosperity.

Yoru no Me (夜の目, よるのめ)

Meaning "eyes of the night," directly references the owl's exceptional vision in darkness.


The world of Japanese owl-inspired names stretches far beyond a singular translation. Delving into symbolic meanings, natural connections, and poetic imagery unlocks a treasure trove of possibilities. 

From "forest guardian" to "moonlit wisdom," each name offers a unique lens to view these majestic creatures. 

So, let your creativity take flight and discover the perfect name that embodies the awe-inspiring essence of the owl.

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