Japanese names meaning jade

40 Japanese Names Meaning Jade

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Jade, a gemstone revered for its beauty and symbolism, holds a special place in Japanese culture. 

This article explores 40 exquisite Japanese names that embody the essence of jade, highlighting their unique meanings and cultural significance, perfect for anyone seeking a name with depth and elegance.

Female Japanese Names Meaning Jade

  • Hisui (翡翠) - This name directly translates to "jade," symbolizing purity and serenity.
  • Tamami (玉美) - "Beautiful jade." This name emphasizes beauty and elegance, likening the individual to a beautiful piece of jade.
  • Tamako (玉子) - "Child of jade." It conveys the preciousness of a child, comparing them to the valuable gemstone.
  • Tamae (玉恵) - "Blessed jade." This name suggests that the person is a blessing, as precious as jade.
  • Tamayo (玉代) - "Generation of jade." This name signifies the continuation of preciousness through generations.
  • Tamaki (玉紀) - "Chronicle jade." It implies that the person’s life is as valuable and memorable as jade.
  • Tamari (玉理) - "Logical jade." This name suggests clarity and logic, much like the clarity of jade.
  • Tamanori (玉範) - "Jade pattern." It implies that the person has a unique and beautiful character, like the intricate patterns in jade.
  • Tamane (玉音) - "Sound of jade." This name might symbolize a voice or presence that is as melodious and pure as jade.
  • Tamazumi (玉純) - "Pure jade." It emphasizes purity and innocence, likening these qualities to jade.
  • Tamaka (玉香) - "Fragrant jade." It suggests that the person has an alluring presence, as captivating as the fragrance of flowers.
  • Tamami (玉実) - "Real jade." This name signifies authenticity and genuine qualities.
  • Tamano (玉乃) - "Of jade." It implies that the person embodies the qualities of jade.
  • Tamaemi (玉恵美) - "Blessed and beautiful jade." It combines blessings and beauty, highlighting the person’s preciousness.
  • Tamako (玉鼓) - "Drum of jade." This name might symbolize a resonant and impactful presence.
  • Tamaki (玉希) - "Wished jade." It implies that the person is a long-desired and precious individual.
  • Tamayori (玉依) - "Reliant jade." This name suggests that the person is dependable and valued.
  • Tamaho (玉穂) - "Ear of jade." It might symbolize abundance and fertility, akin to the bountiful ear of grain.
  • Tamari (玉莉) - "Jasmine jade." This name combines the purity of jade with the fragrance of jasmine, symbolizing a delicate and precious beauty.
  • Tamahime (玉姫) - "Jade princess." It signifies someone who is regal and precious, like a princess made of jade.

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Male Japanese Names Meaning Jade

  • Gyokuei (玉栄) - "Prosperous jade." This name emphasizes success and prosperity, likening these attributes to jade.
  • Gyokuto (玉斗) - "Jade dipper." It suggests guidance and navigation, similar to the role of a dipper in the stars.
  • Gyokuzan (玉山) - "Jade mountain." It symbolizes strength and stability, as enduring as a mountain.
  • Gyokujin (玉人) - "Jade person." This name implies that the individual is as valued and esteemed as jade.
  • Gyokuryu (玉竜) - "Jade dragon." It combines the power and majesty of a dragon with the elegance of jade.
  • Gyokuto (玉登) - "Ascending jade." This name signifies progress and growth, like jade rising to prominence.
  • Gyokuden (玉田) - "Jade field." It symbolizes fertility and abundance, akin to a field rich with crops.
  • Gyokujo (玉城) - "Jade castle." This name implies protection and strength, as solid as a castle made of jade.
  • Gyokuto (玉兎) - "Jade rabbit." It combines the gentleness and agility of a rabbit with the preciousness of jade.
  • Gyokuhaku (玉伯) - "Jade earl." This name suggests nobility and leadership, likening these qualities to jade.
  • Gyokusei (玉清) - "Pure jade." It emphasizes purity and clarity, likening these attributes to jade.
  • Gyokushi (玉師) - "Jade master." This name suggests mastery and expertise, akin to a master craftsman of jade.
  • Gyokuraku (玉楽) - "Joyful jade." It signifies happiness and contentment, as pleasing as jade.
  • Gyokuei (玉英) - "Flourishing jade." This name suggests growth and prosperity, like flourishing jade.
  • Gyokuo (玉王) - "Jade king." It implies regality and authority, likening these qualities to a king made of jade.
  • Gyokuin (玉院) - "Jade institution." This name might symbolize a person of great knowledge and importance.
  • Gyokushu (玉秋) - "Autumn jade." It combines the beauty of jade with the richness of autumn.
  • Gyokuchika (玉近) - "Near jade." This name suggests proximity to something precious, like jade.
  • Gyokuho (玉保) - "Protecting jade." It implies that the person is a guardian, as protective as jade.
  • Gyokumaru (玉丸) - "Round jade." This name signifies completeness and perfection, likening these qualities to a round piece of jade.


These 40 names beautifully encapsulate the timeless allure of jade, blending cultural heritage with personal identity. Each name carries a unique story, making it a precious choice for anyone looking to embody the serene and revered qualities of jade.

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