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30 Japanese Names Meaning Autumn

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Here are amazing Japanese names meaning autumn. Check it out!

Discover the poetic beauty of Japanese names that evoke the essence of autumn. From "Aki" meaning "bright" to "Maki" signifying "true hope," each name reflects the serene and vibrant spirit of the season. 

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Japan as we explore names that capture the essence of autumn.

Japanese Names Meaning Autumn

Aki (秋)

Meaning "autumn," this popular unisex name is a simple yet delightful choice.

Akiko (明子)

"Bright child" or "autumn child," depending on the kanji (Japanese characters used).

Koyo (紅葉)

Translating to "red leaves," a vivid representation of autumn's colors.

Momiji (紅葉)

Also meaning "red leaves," or referring specifically to the Japanese maple.

Shuichi (修一)

"Autumn one," a handsome name for a boy

Kaede (楓)

"Maple," referencing the iconic tree that blazes with autumn color.

Kuri (栗)

"Chestnut," a symbol of autumn treats and flavors.

Ginko (銀杏)

"Ginkgo," referring to the golden-fan-shaped leaves of this unique tree.

Matsu (松)

"Pine," an evergreen that beautifully contrasts with fall colors.

Akane (茜)

"Deep red," mirroring the fiery shades of the season.

Koharu (小春)

"Little spring," often used for late autumn babies as it evokes the feeling of warmth as winter approaches.

Akio (昭夫)

"Bright man" or "autumn man."

Shūbun (秋分)

Refers to the Autumnal Equinox, a specific date within the season.

Shūki (秋気)

Literally translates to "autumn feeling" or "autumn atmosphere."

Kuri (栗)

"Chestnut," a classic autumnal treat.

Takeo (武夫)

Can include meanings like "harvest" or "warrior" depending on the kanji used.

Matsu (松)

"Pine tree," an evergreen that stands out against the changing leaves.

Higan (彼岸)

Refers to the other shore, tied to the autumn equinox and Buddhist traditions.

Michiko (美智子)

Depending on the kanji, variations in this name's meaning can include "wisdom," "beauty," and "autumn."

Kogarashi (木枯らし)

A poetic term for the cold, dry wind that blows in late autumn, stripping leaves from the trees.

Ochiba (落ち葉)

Means "fallen leaves," referencing a quintessential autumnal sight.

Akiha (秋葉)

"Autumn leaves," a delicate and feminine name choice.

Shuugetsu (秋月)

"Autumn moon," conjuring up images of the harvest moon.

Shigure (時雨)

A type of brief, passing autumn rain shower.

Koharu (小春)

"Little autumn" or "Indian summer" (a period of warm weather within autumn)

Higan (彼岸)

The period surrounding the Autumnal Equinox, celebrated with the Higanbana (red spider lily), symbolizing the change of seasons.

Matsu (松)

"Pine", an evergreen tree that stands out even more as other trees lose their leaves.

Kae (楓)

Another spelling for "maple"


May these Japanese names imbued with the spirit of autumn inspire a deep appreciation for the beauty of the season and the rich cultural heritage they represent. 

As you delve into the meanings and significance of these names, may they evoke a sense of tranquility and connection to the natural world, embracing the essence of autumn in all its splendor.

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