how many pokemon does ash have

How Many Pokemon Does Ash Have?

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How many Pokemon does Ash have? Does Ash really ‘catch ‘em all’? We checked. He didn’t. Ash has 77 unique Pokemon in total. We think his intention was never really to catch ‘em all!

Ash Ketchum, the ever-optimistic protagonist of the Pokemon anime, has embarked on a seemingly endless journey to become a Pokemon Master. A key element of his ambition is to "catch them all," meaning collecting every Pokemon species. 

But how many Pokemon has Ash actually caught and owned throughout his travels? This question is surprisingly complex to answer, but we can delve into the details and explore the fascinating evolution of Ash's Pokemon collection.

How Many Pokemon Does Ash Have?

According to meticulous fan calculations, Ash has owned a total of 77 unique Pokemon species across all his adventures. 

However, this number comes with caveats. Some of these Pokemon were released or traded away, while others were only temporarily owned and not considered part of his main team.

Category Number of Pokemon Notable Examples
Currently with Ash Approximately 30 Pikachu, Infernape, Dragonite, Gengar, Lucario, Dracovish, Sirfetch'd
Released or traded away Approximately 20 Butterfree, Charizard, Greninja, Sceptile, Pidgeot, Kingler
Temporarily owned A handful Articuno, Latios, Melmetal, Naganadel, Bewear
Total Unique Pokemon Owned 77

Breaking Down The Numbers Of Pokemon Ash Owns

  • Currently with Ash

Approximately 30 Pokemon, including his iconic Pikachu, Infernape, and Dragonite. This core team represents the Pokemon Ash has chosen to dedicate the most time and effort to, forging deep bonds that transcend mere ownership. 

Each member plays a vital role in Ash's journey, offering unique strengths and abilities that complement each other flawlessly.

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  • Released or traded away

Around 20 Pokemon, including iconic companions like Butterfree, Charizard, and Greninja. While the decision to trade or release a Pokemon like Greninja is often difficult, Ash understands that it is sometimes necessary for their individual growth and happiness.

Releasing Butterfree allowed it to find its mate and start a family while trading Charizard to a skilled trainer like Drake enabled it to reach its full potential in competitive battling. These releases, though bittersweet, demonstrate Ash's maturity and selflessness.

Temporarily owned

A handful of Pokemon caught specifically for battles or contests, not included in the 77. 

Although these Pokemon may not be permanent members of Ash's team, they still play a significant role in his development as a trainer. 

Battling with legendary Pokemon like Articuno and Latios provides him with invaluable experience and insights into the world of Pokemon, pushing him to constantly improve his skills. 

Furthermore, caring for and battling with these powerful creatures fosters a sense of responsibility and respect that will benefit him throughout his journey.

Region Name Current Status
Kanto Bulbasaur Released
Kanto Charmander Evolved into Charizard and traded to Drake
Kanto Squirtle Released
Kanto Pidgey Evolved into Pidgeotto and released
Kanto Caterpie Evolved into Metapod and then Butterfree and released
Kanto Weedle Evolved into Kakuna and then Beedrill and released
Kanto Pikachu Currently with Ash
Kanto Nidoran (Female) Traded to Professor Oak
Kanto Oddish Evolved into Gloom and then Bellossom and released
Kanto Pidgeotto Evolved from Pidgey and released
Kanto Butterfree Evolved from Caterpie and released
Kanto Beedrill Evolved from Weedle and released
Kanto Ekans Released
Kanto Krabby Evolved into Kingler and traded to Tracey Sketchit
Kanto Abra Evolved into Kadabra and traded to Mr. Mime
Kanto Haunter Evolved from Gastly and traded to Sabrina
Kanto Snorlax Released
Kanto Lapras Released
Kanto Tauros (30) Caught in Safari Zone and later released
Johto Cyndaquil Released
Johto Totodile Released
Johto Chikorita Evolved into Bayleef and released
Johto Sentret Released
Johto Heracross Released
Johto Noctowl Released
Johto Phanpy Traded to Professor Elm
Johto Sneasel Evolved into Weavile and released
Johto Sudowoodo Traded to Professor Oak
Johto Bayleef Evolved from Chikorita and released
Hoenn Treecko Released
Hoenn Torchic Released
Hoenn Mudkip Released
Hoenn Taillow Evolved into Swellow and released
Hoenn Shroomish Evolved into Breloom and released
Hoenn Corphish Evolved into Crawdaunt and released
Hoenn Makuhita Evolved into Hariyama and released
Hoenn Torkoal Released
Hoenn Grovyle Evolved from Treecko and released
Hoenn Sceptile Evolved from Grovyle and released
Sinnoh Turtwig Released
Sinnoh Chimchar Evolved into Monferno and Infernape and currently with Ash
Sinnoh Piplup Released
Sinnoh Starly Evolved into Staravia and Staraptor and released
Sinnoh Buneary Evolved into Lopunny and released
Sinnoh Buizel Evolved into Floatzel and currently with Ash
Sinnoh Gible Evolved into Gabite and Garchomp and released
Sinnoh Munchlax Evolved into Snorlax and currently with Ash
Sinnoh Gliscor Evolved from Gligar and currently with Ash
Sinnoh Torterra Evolved from Turtwig and released
Sinnoh Infernape Evolved from Chimchar and currently with Ash
Sinnoh Staraptor Evolved from Starly and released
Unova Oshawott Evolved into Dewott and Samurott and released
Unova Snivy Evolved into Servine and Serperior and released
Unova Tepig Evolved into Pignite and Emboar and released
Unova Pidove Evolved into Tranquill and Unfezant and released
Unova Sewaddle Evolved into Swadloon and Leavanny and currently with Ash
Unova Pansage Evolved into Simisage and released
Unova Scraggy Evolved into Scrafty and currently with Ash
Unova Krookodile Evolved from Krokorok and currently with Ash
Unova Leavanny Evolved from Sewaddle and currently with Ash
Kalos Chespin Evolved into Quilladin and Chesnaught and released
Kalos Fennekin Evolved into Braixen and Delphox and released
Kalos Froakie Evolved into Frogadier and Greninja and released
Kalos Bunnelby Evolved into Diggersby and released
Kalos Fletchling Evolved into Fletchinder and Talonflame and currently with Ash
Kalos Hawlucha Currently with Ash
Kalos Noibat Evolved into Noivern and released
Kalos Greninja Evolved from Froakie and released
Kalos Talonflame Evolved from Fletchling and currently with Ash
Alola Rowlet Evolved into Dartrix and Decidueye and currently with Ash
Alola Litten Evolved into Torracat and Incineroar and released
Alola Popplio Evolved into Brionne and Primarina and released
Alola Pikipek Evolved into Trumbeak and Toucannon and released
Alola Grubbin Evolved into Charjabug and Vikavolt and released
Alola Rockruff Evolved into Lycanroc (Midday Form) and currently with Ash
Alola Mimikyu Currently with Ash
Alola Bewear Temporarily owned
Alola Drampa Temporarily owned
Alola Naganadel Temporarily owned
Alola Melmetal Currently with Ash
Alola Lycanroc (Midday Form) Evolved from Rockruff and currently with Ash

Beyond the Numbers: The Impact of Every Pokemon

It's important to remember that the number of Pokemon Ash owns only tells part of the story. 

Each Pokemon he encounters, regardless of how long he keeps it, leaves a lasting impact on him. 

From the mischievous Bulbasaur who taught him about patience to the determined Greninja who mirrored his own unwavering spirit, each Pokemon has contributed to Ash's personal growth and his understanding of the Pokemon world. 

The memories he forms and the lessons he learns from each pokemon, whether it's a temporary companion or a lifelong partner, stay with him long after they part ways.

Evolution of a Team: From Kanto to the World

Ash's team composition has undergone a remarkable evolution over the course of his journey. As he ventured from region to region, encountering new environments and challenges, his team adapted to reflect these changes. 

In Kanto, his team consisted primarily of Kanto-native Pokemon like Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Pidgeot. However, as he explored Johto, Hoenn, and beyond, his team incorporated diverse species like Cyndaquil, Sceptile, and Glalie. 

This evolution demonstrates Ash's adaptability and willingness to embrace new experiences. He actively seeks to learn about different Pokemon types, strengths, and teamwork dynamics, constantly refining his team composition to maximize its potential.

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Unbreakable Bonds: The Heart of Ash's Journey

While the strategic value of each Pokemon is undeniable, it's the emotional bonds Ash forms with them that truly define his journey. 

The joy of overcoming challenges together, the comfort of companionship, and the shared experiences of growth foster an unbreakable connection between him and his Pokemon. 

Whether it's the unwavering loyalty of Pikachu, the playful camaraderie of Bulbasaur, or the fierce determination of Charizard, each Pokemon holds a special place in Ash's heart. 

These bonds teach him valuable lessons about empathy, responsibility, and the importance of nurturing relationships. 

He learns to understand their individual personalities, needs, and motivations, allowing him to connect with them on a deeper level. It is this profound understanding and respect that allows Ash to unlock the true potential of his Pokemon and achieve remarkable feats together.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Ash's Pokemon Collection

With Ash's journey still unfolding, the future of his Pokemon collection remains an open book. He may encounter new Pokemon that capture his heart and add them to his team. 

He may release or trade additional Pokemon as he encounters new challenges and opportunities. He may even form temporary bonds with unique creatures that further enhance his understanding of the Pokemon world. 

What is Ash's rarest Pokémon?

Ash's rarest Pokemon is arguably his shiny Noctowl. Shiny Pokemon have a rare 1 in 4096 chance of appearing, making them incredibly valuable and sought-after. While Ash has briefly owned other legendary and mythical Pokemon, none are technically considered his own, making Noctowl his most unique and precious capture.

Who was Ash’s first Pokemon?

The first ever Pokemon Ash Ketchum received was Pikachu. Ash, who dreamt of being a Pokemon Master, was supposed to get his first Pokemon by Professor Oak. Since Ash arrived late, he was given Pikachu who was the only Pokemon left. Pikachu was an untamed Pokemon who disliked Ash initially but eventually developed a strong bond with him.

How many Pokemon does Ash release?

Ash Ketchum has traveled to several regions which are home to exotic Pokemon and he has caught quite a large number of Pokemon and also traveled with them. Ash has released 6 Pokemon and they are Butterfree, Pidgeot, Lapras, Greninja, Goodra, and Naganadel.

Does Ash catch all 150 Pokemon?

Ash Ketchum’s dream of becoming a Pokemon Master finally became true when he caught all 150 Pokemon. After two decades in Pokemon The Series: Sun and Moon, Ash finally caught 'em all in the 139th episode.

Why does Ash have 30 Tauros?

Since Ash wanted to become a Pokemon Master, he attempted to catch as many Pokemon as possible. Ash had a different kind of Pokeballs called Safari Balls which when he threw attracted many Tauros Pokemon and that’s how he caught 30 of them.

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