does ash ketchum have a girlfriend

Does Ash Ketchum Have A Girlfriend?

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Does Ash Ketchum have a girlfriend in Pokemon? Read on to find out!

Ash Ketchum's on a lifelong quest to be a Pokemon Master, but what about love? Does this persistent trainer have a special someone catching his eye, or is his heart set solely on becoming the very best?

We investigate Ash's journey to see if romance has a place in his Poké Ball.

Does Ash Ketchum Have A Girlfriend?

It hasn’t officially been confirmed if Ash Ketchum has a girlfriend or not but it’s evident that Ash has feelings for one of his traveling companions named Serena who loves him too and they could possibly be a couple in the future.

Girls Who Have Have Shown An Interest In Ash

Since Ash is on a never-ending journey, he has met quite a number of people in his life, and girls aren’t an exception. There are a couple of girls who’ve had a crush on Ash and who might have been Ash’s love interest. Let’s take a look at the girls who’ve had a close relationship with Ash.

Was Misty Ash’s girlfriend? 

Misty is a female character who appeared in the first episode of the Pokemon series. Misty initially meets Ash when he was trying to escape from Spearows. 

He gets Misty’s bike which he uses to escape from the Spearows but unfortunately, the bike gets destroyed. Misty follows Ash throughout his journey until he pays her for the damaged bike. 

Eventually, they both become best friends and Misty forgets the debt Ash owes her. She learned that Ash was an honest person who only had good intentions and wanted to help his friends at all times. 

Although Misty and Ash never had an affair, there were some scenes that depicted Misty could’ve had feelings for him since they’re both of the same age and several Pokemon fans shipped both of them. 

However, both Misty and Ash have a close amicable relationship and Misty revealed that she was in love with someone else.

Did Ash and Melody date in Pokemon?

Melody is one of the characters in the Pokemon movie, The Power of One. She’s the same height as Misty and she meets Ash and his friends in Orange Islands. Melody welcomes Ash with a traditional welcome kiss on his cheek and this makes Misty envious. 

There were a few scenes in the movie which depicted the intimate actions of Melody which made the viewers think she had a crush on Ash. However, it’s not quite certain if Melody actually had a crush on Ash or if she was just playing around as a young teenage girl would.

Did Ash Ketchum like Salon Maiden Anabel?

Salon Maiden Anabel or Anabel is a character who was introduced in Pokemon Emerald. She was the Sixth Frontier Brain and one of the strongest Frontier Brains in the anime. Anabel is quite younger than Ash and she’s well known for her lilac-colored hair. She has impressive abilities like telepathy which allows her to communicate with Pokemon.

Despite her strengths and abilities, Anabel is also very attractive and usually wears outfits that make her look older. When Anable met Ash, she knew he was genuine and trustworthy. The traits of Ash made Anabel develop a love interest towards him.

Did Lyra and Ash Ketchum like each other?

Lyra is one of the protagonists of the Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver series. She’s also one of the players who appear in Generation IV. She’s quite a playful character who’s often sweet and happy. 

When Lyra is chosen as the playable character she respects the player’s character and is implied to have an affection for them. Lyra’s grandmother always teases her if she has a boy as her close friend.

Lyra’s character depicts that she’s someone who’d easily fall in love and there are no efforts required to impress her. 

The way Lyra behaved around Ash made viewers think if she had a crush on him or was just infatuating. Besides, Lyra told one of the characters named Dawn that she had a crush on Ash.

Did Ash and Serena like each other?

Serena is one of the female protagonists of the Pokemon XY series. She’s a Pokemon trainer from the Kalos region and yearns to become the Kalos Queen which is a title for the best Pokemon performers. Serena initially met Ash in the summer camp which was held in Pallet Town. 

Her first meeting with Ash was quite the romantic scene loved by most Pokemon fans. She was lost and injured in the forest where she unexpectedly met Ash who treated her wounds and helped her to walk by holding her. 

They shared a brief hug and it was evident that Serena fell in love with Ash at that moment. She follows Ash throughout his journeys and usually blushes when she’s around him.

In the final episode of the XY series, Serena kisses Ash on his lips but they didn’t start a romantic relationship yet.

Does Ash Have A Love Interest?

It’s quite an intricate question given that Ash himself hasn’t openly confirmed nor shared anything regarding this matter. The Pokemon anime series features Ash, Pikachu, and his friends traveling to countless areas. 

It can be seen throughout the series that Ash has met quite a lot of female trainers and most if not all of them have accompanied Ash in his adventurous journeys. 

Some of his female companions have developed feelings for him after they learn about his personality and selfless nature. Some of them were just infatuated with him while some have a close bond with Ash and highly value him.

Regardless of what most of his female friends feel towards him, Ash has not once mentioned nor shown to have any feelings for any of them. Most Pokemon fans love to think that Misty is Ash’s love interest but it was proved that they both only have a platonic relationship. 

So who is Ash’s love interest? As far as we know Ash has a crush on one of his female companions and that is Serena. 

We know this because the director of the XYZ series, Tetsuo Yajima speculated that Ash and Serena could be a thing in the future of the Pokemon series after she kissed Ash in the last episode.

What’s The Relationship Between Ash and Serena?

As mentioned above, Ash and Serena aren’t involved in any kind of relationship yet and haven’t shared their feelings for each other. In the XYZ series, Serena left Ash and his team and departed to the Hoenn region. 

Before she left, she kissed Ash on the lips, a scene which wasn’t shown but the shocked reactions of Ash and his friends hinted that it actually happened.

Serena will be gone for a while in the series and would potentially return in the future where she and Ash could be a couple as stated by Tetsuo Yajima, the director of the XYZ series.

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