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6 Best Fantasy Anime Of All Time 2024

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We curated a list of best fantasy anime of all time for you to enjoy. Check it out!

The fantasy genre mostly revolves around aspects such as magic, wizards, castles, demons, and whatnot. It has been one of the most favorite genres anime enthusiasts are gravitated towards. 

Recently, most fantasy anime have made remarkable success and have showcased the wider nature of the genre.

From magical fantasy to dark fantasy, there are several anime that have made it into the spotlight which is worth binge-watching.

If you’re looking to find the best fantasy anime, then this is the right place for it. We have curated a list of the best fantasy anime of all time here which have fabulous storylines and are binge-watch worthy. Read further to know more about each anime and its storyline.

Best Fantasy Anime Of All Time - Quick Summary

Best Fantasy Anime Of All Time Genre  Editor’s Rating
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Fantasy, Adventure, Action 9/10
Black Clover Fantasy, Adventure 8.5/10
Code Geass Dark Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Thriller 8.5/10
Seven Deadly Sins Fantasy, Supernatural 7.5/10
Ancient Magus Bride Dark Fantasy, Mystery 8/10
Yuyu Hakusho: Ghost Files Fantasy, Adventure, Supernatural 8.5/10

Top Fantasy Anime Of All Time

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

This fantasy anime revolves around two brothers called Alphonse Elric and Edward Elric who were raised by their mother after their father abandoned them. They lost their mother to a terminal disease that left them depressed and devastated. 

The two brothers are amateurs in alchemy and decide to resurrect their mother using their knowledge in alchemy. Without taking the implications of such matters into consideration, the resurrection process fails and both Edward and Alphonse lose parts of their body. 

Best Fantasy Anime Of All Time

Edward loses his right arm and Alphonse loses his entire body with only his soul left roaming around. However, Edward lets his brother’s soul enter a suit of armor so that he can be alive in the form of a giant armor. 

Edward uses prosthetic arms to replace his lost arm. Edward who’s hit hard with the failure learns about a Philosopher’s Stone which would help him and his brother reclaim their lost body parts. 

Edward sets out to join the military as a state alchemist, with the intention of seeking the Philosopher’s Stone. 

As the brothers embark on their journey to look for the legendary stone they come across several dark conspiracies and top secrets in the military. Shocked by these events they decide to take the matter up to themselves and reveal the dark secrets and save their country.

Fullmetal Alchemist has received countless positive reviews and it’s hands down one of the best fantasy anime of all time.

Black Clover

Black Clover is a fantasy anime that focuses on two young orphan boys who were abandoned in a church. The boys are called Asta and Yuno and they have been inseparable friends since childhood. 

They both aspire to become the next Wizard King of the country and have challenged themselves to fight each other to acquire the title.

As they grow together in the mystical lands they learn about their different capabilities. 

top Fantasy Anime Of All Time

Yuno was able to conjure magical powers and control them whereas Asta had no magical powers and hence moved on to gain enough physical strength to fight anyone.

After reaching the age of 15 they receive gifts from their relatives. 

The gifts were Grimoires and Yuno received a four leaf clover while Asta received a five leaf black clover but hid it from Yuno. 

When Yuno was faced with a challenge and couldn’t fight back, Asta uses his magical powers to save Yuno. Yuno was left surprised at his friend’s actions as he did not possess any magical powers. Then Yuno learns about the five leaf clover Asta received and about its magical powers. 

They both go on to achieve their goals by entering into the kingdom’s defense forces called Magic Knights and they eventually become some of the respected people in the kingdom. 

To know who became the Wizard King, watch Black Clover and you won’t regret investing your time in this amazing series.

Code Geass

This anime features the medieval times of an established kingdom called Britannia. The emperor of this kingdom is Charles Zi Britannia. When his son, Lelouch Vi Britannia witnesses the death of his mother and the ordeal his sister went through after seeing her mother die, Lelouch becomes severely depressed. 

He becomes furious at his dad for not caring about the family and blames him for the death of his mother. This results in Lelouch getting exiled from the kingdom and sent to Japan as a political pawn.

Fantasy Anime Of All Time

Eventually, the Empire of Britannia invades Japan and renames it Area 11, and calls the citizens 11s. Meanwhile, Lelouch lives as an exiled prince in Japan and goes to high school as an ordinary boy. However, Lelouch is still enraged with his father and pledges to destroy the Britannian Kingdom one day and avenge his mother’s death.

After 7 years Lelouch gets involved in a terrorist attack to overthrow the kingdom and gets caught by a royal Britannian guard. However, a strange girl saves him from the guard and offers him a magical power called Geass. 

This power is also known as the Power of Kings and it lets him control anyone and command them to do anything he wishes.

Lelouch uses this power and also forms a resistance army to overthrow the Britannian Kingdom. Watch Code Geass to see what other challenges Lelouch would come across.

Seven Deadly Sins

This anime revolves around a group of mighty knights called The Seven Deadly Sins. They were knights of the kingdom of Liones in the region of Britannia. 

The Seven Deadly sins were falsely accused by the Holy Knights of staging a coup to overthrow the kingdom. This led the Seven Deadly Sins to get expelled from the region.

Roughly after 10 years the Holy Knights staged a coup and overthrew the Liones Kingdom, taking control of the Britannian area.

The third princess of the Liones Kingdom called Elizabeth has had enough with the tyrannical rule and sets out of the palace to look for the Seven Deadly Sins. She plans to bring them back and help her reclaim the kingdom. 

As she continues on her quest to find them she is hit with exhaustion and accidentally stumbles upon a mystical talking pig.

The talking pig takes her to his master Melodias. Fortunately, Melodias turns out to be the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins and informs her that the group was split after their expulsion from the kingdom. 

However, Melodias promises Elizabeth to help look for the rest of the Sins and help her win the kingdom back.

This series depicts the beauty and uniqueness of the fantasy theme and also keeps you enthralled till the end with its beautiful storyline.

Ancient Magus Bride

This is a beautiful story that revolves around a 15 years old girl called Chise Hatori. She grew up in a very poor household and was abandoned at a very young age. As she grew up she faced many difficulties and was mocked for her personality. 

Her relatives abandoned her and with no place to go, she placed herself in a slave auction out of desperation. As she was in chains and wondering how her life was going to turn out she was bought by a man who wears an animal skull as a mask called Elias Ainsworth.

Not knowing about her new owner she still decides to go with him. Elias teleports both of them to his home which is in Great Britain. Chise gravitated towards his home as it was very cozy and in every way she wanted her dream house to be. 

Chise then becomes the apprentice of Elias and learns that Elias is a very respected man in the area. Elias informs Chise that he’s a magician and teaches her magic and the lessons related to it.

Will Chise be happy with her new home and condition? Watch Magus Bride to indulge in the fantasy world of magic and I promise you’ll not regret it.

Yuyu Hakusho: Ghost Files

This anime focuses on a 14 years old boy called Yusuke Urameshi. He’s an unruly boy who has a cold personality and gets into a fight with everyone he sees. His entire life takes a turn when he sacrificed himself to save a boy from getting hit by a car. 

This surprised the officials in the Underworld or the Spirit World where souls are judged for their deeds. It was so out of character for Yusuke to save someone’s life as he was a merciless criminal. 

The King of the Underworld is called Enma and his son Koenma gives Yusuke a chance to get back to his human body but only if he passes the tests. Yusuke successfully passes all the tests and Koenma fulfills his promise and lets Yusuke return back to his human form. 

In addition, Koenma also offers Yusuke a job which is to be the Spirit World Detective and assign him duties to investigate supernatural activities in the human world. 

Yusuke comes across several supernatural criminals and faces obstacles along the way. 

This anime has an interesting storyline that keeps you indulged throughout the end.

Best Fantasy Anime Of All Time: FAQs

What fantasy anime should I watch?

Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Clover, Code Geass, Seven Deadly Sins and Ancient Magus Bride are some of the best fantasy anime you can watch.

What fantasy animes have the best world?

Black Clover, Seven Deadly Sins, and Ancient Magus Bride have the best fantasy worlds.

Is Black Clover a good anime?

Black Clover is one of the best fantasy anime of all time.

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