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11 Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul | What To Watch After Tokyo Ghoul

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Loved watching Tokyo Ghoul? Here are the best anime like Tokyo ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the ever-famous anime that has garnered a lot of fans with its incredible storyline and breathtaking scenes. The story begins with an eerie setting for the city of Tokyo where dark secrets lie within.

The protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul is a boy named Ken Kaneki who’s a college student. He has a reserved personality but somehow attempts to ask a girl out on a date. 

During the date, the girl reveals herself to be a ghoul who feeds on human flesh and tries to attack him. Ken tries to fight back and gets saved by an accident that causes the ghoul to die.

Meanwhile, Ken is in the hospital and the doctor operates on him by replacing his organs with those of the ghoul. As Ken recovers from his surgery he begins to crave human flesh and learns that he became a ghoul. 

Eventually, Ken goes on to find out how many ghouls live around him and how they control their desires for human flesh. 

Since the end of Tokyo Ghoul, fans have been eagerly looking for anime similar to it. If you’re one of them then don’t worry we’ve got your back. Here’s a list of some of the best anime that have similarities to Tokyo Ghoul.

Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul: Quick Summary

Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul Genre Editor’s Rating
Attack On Titan Action, Dark Fantasy, Apocalyptic Fiction 9/10
Parasyte: The Maxim Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi 9/10
Deadman Wonderland Action, Apocalyptic Fiction 8/10
Claymore Adventure, Dark Fantasy 8/10
Devilman Crybaby Action, Dark Fantasy 7.5/10

Top Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul


No of Seasons  No. of Episodes
1 13

Another is an anime series based off the three-volume novel series by Yukito Ayatsuji.

The story starts in 1972, its story is still full of fear, death and mystery surrounding a certain student in the 3-3 classroom, Misaki Yōmiyama. After the death of this student, most of the class moves on with the passing year, though a few still remember her name and her fate.

Fast forward to 1997, when Mei Misaki joins the school under mysterious circumstances. 

Most of the members of the class remain as oblivious as before, except for another student, Kouichi, who becomes more and more curious about the girl. Mei Misaki slowly starts to become involved in the dark events at the school. 

Just as dark as Tokyo Ghoul, the feel and tone of Another are similar. It is set in a high-school environment, where fear and death take over, creating a suspenseful atmosphere. 

It also explores similar dark and horror themes, but does not shy away from a lighter, more human tone when needed, creating a balance within the story.

As with Tokyo Ghoul, the characters are mostly teenagers and, although death and tragedy is present, life must still go on. 

In Another, this is highlighted by Hōjō Kōichi, who continues to try and live his own normal life, despite being aware of the secrets and events occurring around him. 

He is not alone in this, though, as with any high school anime, he has a close group of friends to help him through it.

Themes of horror, violence, and death are all explored in both Tokyo Ghoul and Another. 

The difference is the way they are approached. Tokyo Ghoul focuses more on the dark and bloody side of life, whereas Another takes a more subtle approach. 

It explores these events from a psychological standpoint, highlighting the effects of tragedy on the characters and their psyche. 

At its heart, Another is an anime about the fear of death and its impact on those that are left behind. 

And, although it does not have the same level of explicit horror as Tokyo Ghoul, it still manages to evoke a similar feeling of deep suspense and fear. The series combines both horror and mystery to create a unique and enjoyable experience.


  • Plotline: 8/10
  • Graphics: 8/10

Demon Slayer

No of Seasons  No. of Episodes
3 44

Demon Slayer follows the story of Tanjiro Kamado. The life of Tanjiro Kamado changed in an instant, losing his family to a ruthless demon attack and his beloved sister Nezuko slowly turning into a demon.

Set in a classic Japanese world, Tanjiro was forced to take drastic measures, risking the safety of himself and the remainder of his family, to avenge his lost family and protect his sister. 

He willingly sets out on a quest, to become a Demon Slayer and free Nezuko from the curse.

The journey for Tanjiro wasn't an easy one. Armed only with a fierce sense of justice and a passionate heart, Tanjiro endures a great many challenges as he strives to become more powerful and master the ways of the Demon Slayer's art. 

He fights against the odds, pushing through pain and despair. In this, he manages to cheer on his fellow slayers, determined to see his mission to the finish, no matter the cost. 

Tanjiro's will alone sets him on a path to face powerful and mystical demons, driven by an unquenchable desire to rescue his loved one. 

His courage remains unflinching even as he faces hordes of demons, comingup against some of the most powerful and dangerous demons of all. 

The strength of his commitment tells us the lengths Tanjiro will go to free Nezuko from her living scythe. 

Despite all of the sacrifices he made, Tanjiro never lost his gentle, compassionate side, holding onto his humanity as his biggest weapon against evil creatures. 

The path to redemption was a long and arduous one, and forty-one episodes of Tokyo Ghoul witnessed Tanjiro's growth from a fledgling prospect to a red-clothed, reliable Demon Slayer. 

Every trial, tribulation, and loss only serves to arm Tanjiro with more vigor and determination. His struggle for justice made him one of the most respected members of the Demon Slayer Corps, and a newfound strength within himself solidified Tanjiro as one of the bravest heroes. 

Ultimately, Tanjiro's journey lead to a heart-breaking yet inspiring conclusion as he sets out to save his family and bring peace to the world. 

When faced with an unrivalled enemy, Tanjiro manages to prevail despite all the odds, using his courage and unwavering sense of justice to defeat the demon and rescue his sister, who finally returns to her original form.

Though Tanjiro's journey of justice and redemption has ended, his story still lives. 

His unwavering courage, honor, and compassion serves as a testament to humanity's endless battle and fight for justice, as well as hope in even the darkest times. 

Tanjiro's mission to protect his family and free his sister was a success and will be remembered in the years and generations to come.


  • Plotline: 9/10
  • Graphics: 8/10


No of Seasons  No. of Episodes
1 22

Perhaps not as widely known as Tokyo Ghoul, Shiki, a horror anime produced by Daume, is one of those beautiful gems of animation and storytelling.

Like Tokyo Ghoul, Shiki is an anime that deals with monsters in a very humanizing fashion and also tackles themes of death and morality.

The story of Shiki revolves around the sudden death of a young girl in the small, sleepy village of Sotoba. 

The death sparks off a ferocious epidemic that begins to spread among the inhabitants of the village, and it’s up to the town’s doctor, Ozaki, to figure out why. 

As Ozaki works to uncover the truth about the mysterious deaths in Sotoba, so too does Yuuki, the protagonist of the anime. 

He is dealing with the sudden death of his best friend, Megumi, and his struggles with the truth of what lurks in Sotoba.

The story of Shiki has a lot in common with Tokyo Ghoul as both animes try to portray their titular monsters in a human way. 

Admittedly, while Tokyo Ghoul’s ghouls are still monsters, they are monsters with feelings, goals, and emotions. The same can be said of Shiki’s twisted vampires. 

One of Shiki’s most heartbreaking scenes is when a young Natsuno, the child vampire, laments that he failed to become something he always wanted- a human. It is moments like this that make Shiki shine in the same way Tokyo Ghoul does.

Even the action scenes in Shiki work in a similar manner as Tokyo Ghoul. There’s carefully varied levels of intensity created by clever camera shots and timed animation. 

As the tension increases scenes become increasingly intense, leaving viewers breathless and at the edge of their seats.

Shiki does, however, distinguish itself with its gripping horror atmosphere. It uses an eerie soundtrack and creepy sound effects to paint images of fear and dread. 

While Tokyo Ghoul has many thrilling action scenes and intense moments, Shiki’s horror focus builds suspense and keeps viewers hooked.

Shiki is a anime that too often flies under the radar, but one that should not be overlooked. 

While its approach may be a bit more horror focused compared to Tokyo Ghoul, it is still a great example of humanizing monsters. It takes the traditional notion of what a monster is, and adds a touch of humanity to create moments of horror that linger in your mind long after the episode is over.


  • Plotline: 7/10
  • Graphics: 6/10

Kabanari Of The Iron Fortress

No of Seasons  No. of Episodes
1 12

Kabanari of The Iron Fortress is an action-packed anime series set in a world during the Industrial Revolution, where a mysterious virus has surfaced and is transforming humans into zombie-like creatures.

These creatures can only be killed if their glowing heart is destroyed. 

At the center of the story is Ikoma, a young steam smith who holds a grudge against the creatures known as Kabane, having survived a zombie attack that left his sister dead. 

This experience has led Ikoma to develop an obsession with destroying all Kabane, leading him to become a revered figure among his peers. 

Ikoma believes he can use a powerful Steam Gun developed by his late sister as the ultimate tool of Kabane extermination. 

But when he accidentally gains the ability to see directly into the minds of some Kabane, he finds himself unable to justify fighting them. 

He must now find a way to form the ultimate Kabane extermination squad to protect humans from their zombie-like enemies. 

Kabanari of The Iron Fortress takes viewers on a wild ride of intense battles, character development and soul-searching. 

It continues to garner rave reviews for its original story as well as its enthralling animation. The smooth movements between 3D animation and 2D are particularly remarkable, and there are plenty of thrilling fight scenes between Ikoma and the Kabane. 

Action aside, one of the most notable elements of Kabanari of The Iron Fortress is its moral complexity. 

The story shows how, while the humans desire to rid their world of the Kabane, they’re not necessarily monsters and can be given a chance to redeem themselves. 

Watching Ikoma grapple with his own morality as he navigates his relationships with both humans and Kabane makes Kabanari of The Iron Fortress a thought-provoking watch. 

If you’re a fan of Tokyo Ghoul and are looking for a different take on the action/supernatural genre, Kabanari of The Iron Fortress is a great choice. 

Aside from the same concept of normal people being confronted with the supernatural, this anime offers a unique perspective on morality. Its fast-paced action and the deeper human element make it an immersive and well-developed series.


  • Plotline: 7/10
  • Graphics: 7/10

Future Diary

No of Seasons  No. of Episodes
1 26

Future Diary is an anime like Tokyo Ghoul that centers around Yukiteru Amano, a loner teenager who befriends a god of space and time known as Deus Ex Machina.

After forming a special bond with Yukiteru, Deus turns his ordinary cell phone into a Future Diary, allowing him to partially see up to 90 days into the future.

Yukiteru finds himself in a battle against eleven other Future Diary holders, as the winner of this battle will become the new god of space and time. 

Future Diary has elements of teenage drama and action just like Tokyo Ghoul. Furthermore, just like Tokyo Ghoul, it incorporates edgy and mysterious elements, making it the perfect anime for those who are looking for the same sort of city and atmosphere featured in Tokyo Ghoul.

The main characters in Future Diary all face difficult decisions as they battle for the position of a god. 

It’s an intense and thrilling series as the lead characters must use their Future Diaries to keep track of who is trying to kill them, who can be trusted, and who is trying to trick them. 

As the plot progresses the stakes keep getting higher and higher as Yukiteru struggles to determine the right course of action.

The tension that builds within the anime is palpable, and you can’t help but get swept into the emotional rollercoaster of the characters’ struggles, joys, and losses. 

With unique characters and gripping challenges, Future Diary takes its viewers on a rollercoaster ride of intense emotions and thrilling scenes.

 Additionally, the various methods each character uses to win makes Future Diary truly unique and captivating to watch. Each diary user has their own distinct skills and resources, giving each character a unique and powerful persona. 

From Yukiteru’s pacifism to Yuno’s deadly violence, each competitor brings something incredibly dynamic and different to the table.

For anime fans looking for something like Tokyo Ghoul, Future Diary should be at the top of their list. It contains all the edgy, mysterious elements that Tokyo Ghoul has and then some, as well as plenty of intense emotions and suspense. 

If you're in search of an anime with teenage drama and action, Future Diary is the perfect choice.


  • Plotline: 9/10
  • Graphics: 8/10

Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan is one of the best anime to be ever made. The story of this anime revolves around a boy named Eren Yeager. Eren lives in the town of Shiganshina which is surrounded by humungous circular walls.

The backstory of this anime begins with cities that are covered with huge circular walls to protect them from the monstrous Titans. 

The Titans are vast humanoid beings that emerged thousand years back and devastated all the cities around them. The Titans also feed on human flesh for their survival.

animes like tokyo ghoul

The story of Eren begins when his city is breached by two large Titans called Colossus Titan and Armored Titan. Both of these Titans attack Eren’s city and one of them eats Eren’s mother while he tries to escape. Eren is faced with depression and fury and promises to destroy all the titans and avenge the death of his mother.

As Eren grew up he enlists himself into the military with his childhood friends with the aim to destroy the Titans. 

In the military, Eren joins an expeditionary force called The Survey Corps which is responsible for preventing the Titans from entering through the walls. Eventually, Eren finds out that he’s capable of turning himself into a titan and the military helps him control his power.

To find out what happened afterward, watch Attack On Titan and I promise you’ll love it. This anime relates to Tokyo Ghoul with its human eating aspect and the fight between one’s desires.

What I loved most about this anime was the character development of Eren, it's something really inspiring, and even the graphics which is really good.


  • Plotline: 9/10
  • Graphics: 8.2/10

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Blue Exorcist

The story of Blue Exorcist follows Rin Okumura, a teenager who discovers he and his twin Yukio are the sons of Satan. As an exorcist, Rin uses his powers to fight demons and protect the world from their influence.

The series explores the themes of friendship, brotherhood, and redemption as Rin grows into his role as an exorcist and comes to understand the true nature of his father's evil. Along with its strong narrative, Blue Exorcist also features spectacular action scenes and powerful character development.

best anime like tokyo ghoul

I love how the theme of this anime is so dark yet, there are moments of comedy that Rin brings in. The plot kept me hooked for a good time and it’s one of those anime I can watch anytime, just like Tokyo Ghoul. 

Tokyo Ghoul and Blue Exorcist have quite a few similarities like both are dark and have a gothic theme. ​​Both stories feature characters who are half-human, and half-monster. In Blue Exorcist, Rin and Yukio are the sons of Satan, and in Tokyo Ghoul, Ken is the son of a human and a ghoul.

Both stories focus on the conflict between humans and monsters, with each side trying to destroy the other. In Blue Exorcist, Rin fights against his father and the other demons in order to protect humanity, and in Tokyo Ghoul, Ken fights against other ghouls in order to protect humans.


  • Plotline: 8.6/10
  • Graphics: 9/10

Parasyte: The Maxim

This is a Sci-Fi anime that features alien creatures trying to cause havoc on planet Earth.

The protagonist of this anime is a 17-year-old boy named Shinichi Izumi. He lives with his parents in a quiet neighborhood in the city of Tokyo. His peaceful life turns upside down when an alien creature called Parasyte that looks like a worm attempts to enter his body. 

top 10 anime like tokyo ghoul

The Parasytes have invaded Earth in order to take over the planet by entering into human bodies through the nose and ears. By doing so they can control the minds of humans and also feed on human flesh for their survival.

The Parasyte that tried to enter into Shinichi’s ear fails as he was wearing earphones. However, the Parasyte burrowed itself into his arm and takes control of his right hand. After entering his hand the Parasyte takes a weird shape that looks like a spider. 

Since the Parasyte didn’t enter Shinichi’s head, he is able to be like himself. Shinichi names the Parasyte as Migi and they both cooperate with each other.

As Shinichi discovers other humans infected by the Parasytes, he goes on to find methods to save the planet from further destruction. 

He uses his intellect and strength to fight them and also gets help from his Parasyte friend to know about the weaknesses of Parasytes. Shinichi is a major target to other Parasytes as they perceive that he’s still human.

Will Shinichi be able to save the planet from the Parasyte invasion? Watch Parasyte to know what happened next. Tokyo Ghoul fans would adore this show as it has intense action scenes and an enthralling plot.

According to me, this is one of the top 10 anime like Tokyo Ghoul. I loved the plotline and how the anime progresses, just kept me hooked throughout.


  • Plotline: 9/10
  • Graphics: 8.7/10

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Deadman Wonderland

The storyline of this anime begins with a massive earthquake that destroys most of the cities in Japan including Tokyo.

Ten years after the disaster, the story shifts towards the protagonist of the show, Ganta Igarashi. Ganta is a normal student who studies in middle school. Ganta was also a survivor of the deadly earthquake but doesn’t reminisce about the disaster. 

While Ganta is studying in his school he witnesses a strange man with crimson armor and covered in blood. He’s called the Red Man and he massacres all of Ganta’s classmates but lets Ganta live and embeds a piece of red crystal in his chest.

Deadman Wonderland

Since Ganta is the only survivor of the massacre, he’s believed to be the main suspect, and all the evidence stands against him. As a result, Ganta is sentenced to death in a prison called Deadman Wonderland.

Unlike any other prison, Deadman Wonderland is similar to a theme park that is run by warden Tsunenaga Tamaki. 

In the prison, a collar is placed on Ganta’s neck that monitors his vital signs and location. The collar injects fatal poison in Ganta’s neck which can be treated by a peculiar medicine. 

In order to obtain this medicine, Ganta has to earn Cast Points by partaking in violent games. He meets a girl called Shiro who’s an albino and they become good friends. 

Ganta realizes that he needs to clear his name and get out of prison. He eventually learns to manipulate his own blood and use it as a weapon.

Although this anime doesn’t involve any ghouls or human-eating monsters, it consists of intense action scenes which Tokyo Ghoul fans will love.

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Claymore features a fictional island in medieval times where humans are affected by a plague called Yoma. Yoma is a species of humanoid shapeshifters who feed on humans for their survival. 


To save humanity from the brink of extinction, a secret group called The Organization create hybrids of humans and Yoma. The hybrid beings are mostly female and they are dressed as warriors with armored uniforms.

They are referred to as the Claymores by the public because they use claymore swords. 

Both Claymore and Yoma have similar demonic energy called Yoki which allows them to shapeshift and possess extreme strength. When they use excessive energy it causes them to become super Yoma or Awakened Beings which is the highest level of strength they can achieve.

This anime depicts how the Claymore beings attempt to save humanity from the Yoma who try to feed on humans. 

It also features intense action and gore scenes that Tokyo Ghoul fans would enjoy. Watch Claymore to know what happened next and how humanity survives from these deadly beings.

Devilman Crybaby

This anime is ideal for Tokyo Ghoul fans as it contains extreme gore and profound action scenes. The protagonist of this anime is a high school student named Akira Fudo. 

Akira lives with his friend and long-time crush Miki Makimura. When Akira goes on an expedition to the Amazon rainforest he discovers the existence of demons. 

Akira meets his childhood friend Ryo Asuka who saves him from a group of thugs and reveals to him how the world governments are trying to conceal his discovery of demons in the rainforest.

With a plan to expose the demons, both Ryo and Akira visit an underground club and they purposefully attack the people there to provoke them to reveal their true identity. 

Devilman Crybaby

When the demons are provoked, Ryo records them massacring humans but unfortunately gets attacked by a demon. Meanwhile, Akira is attacked by a powerful demon called Amon who attempts to possess him.

However, Ryo and Akira fight several demons such as Silene who’s the lover of Amon. Akira also fights a demon called Jinmen who killed his parents. 

Ryo reveals the footage of demons attacking humans and how some demons have disguised themselves as humans. This puts the entire city of Tokyo into chaos as people become afraid to live in the city.

Will humanity continue to survive in the demon infested city? Or is someone conspiring behind these gruesome events? To catch up with the events watch Devilman Crybaby. With utmost gore, this series will keep you thrilled just like Tokyo Ghoul.

Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul: FAQs

What anime should I watch if I like Tokyo Ghoul?

If you like Tokyo Ghoul you can watch Attack On Titan, Parasyte- The Maxim, Deadman Wonderland, Claymore, and Devilman Crybaby.

Is Rize the strongest ghoul in Tokyo Ghoul?

Rize is among the strongest ghouls in Tokyo Ghouls due to her ability to regenerate and kill anyone instantly.

Is Rize good or bad?

Rize is one of the powerful ghouls and also the main antagonist in Tokyo Ghoul.

Is there any anime like Tokyo Ghoul?

Tokyo Ghoul has a dark and gothic theme and is one of the best anime but there are a lot of anime with similar themes and characters like Blue Exorcist, Attack on Titan, Claymore etc.

Is Demon Slayer similar to Tokyo Ghoul?

Tokyo Ghoul and Demon Slayer are extremely different anime that have similar genre like supernatural, and demonic elements.

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