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6 Best Anime Like Naruto 2024

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Loved Naruto? Here are more anime like Naruto to fill the Naruto-sized hole in your heart!

Everyone’s journey to anime started with legendary anime like Naruto, Pokemon, and Dragon Ball. But Naruto holds a special place in everyone’s hearts and is most likely the all-time favorite anime for most people. 

The storyline of Naruto revolves around a young boy called Naruto Uzumaki who was a ninja. He lives in a magical world where people are born with elemental powers. The fight and action scenes of Naruto are what drew several fans towards the show. 

If you’re a die-hard fan of Naruto and are looking for anime similar to Naruto, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of anime like Naruto that is packed with action, emotion, and entertainment. 

Anime Like Naruto -- Quick Summary

Anime Like Naruto Genre  Editor’s Rating
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Action, Adventure, Fantasy 7.5/10
Hunter x Hunter Action, Adventure, Fantasy,  9/10
Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files Action, Adventure, Supernatural 7/10
Dragon Ball Z Action, Adventure, Fantasy 8.5/10
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Action, Adventure, Dark Fantasy 9/10
Dororo Action, Adventure, Fantasy 8/10

Top Anime Like Naruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

An anime that is just like Naruto or if not a continuation of the series is Boruto. The storyline of this anime takes place right after Naruto marries his wife Hinata Hyuga. They both have two children called Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari Uzumaki. 

Naruto’s son Boruto is the opposite of his father and does not want to be a Hokage. As Boruto grew up in a different modernized age he has little to no interest in being a ninja.

best anime like naruto

However, Naruto wants his son to become a Hokage like him and insists he joins the ninja academy. Boruto faces several challenges in the academy as most of the people around him envy him for being the son of Naruto the Seventh Hokage. 

He comes across new friends such as Sarada Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha and they team up to become the next generation ninjas in the village.

This anime has quite a ton of action scenes and shows the beauty of practicing martial arts. It showcases the traditions of Japan and is very nostalgic to watch. It has a total of 200 episodes and would certainly make you feel like watching Naruto itself as the story relates very much to Naruto’s life as well.

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Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is a remake of the series which was initially released in 1999. The storyline of this anime series revolves around hunters who perform dangerous tasks like, hunting criminals and looking for unfounded treasures. 

The protagonist of this anime is a young boy called Gon Freecss who resides in Whale Island. He lost his father when he was a kid who disappeared without a trace. 

Gon who believed his father was dead would one day find out that his father is still alive and is a specialized hunter who went to seek unknown and mysterious things. As Gon grew up he decides to become a hunter and enters the Hunters Exam believing that he could reunite with his father someday. 

top anime like naruto

He comes across several challenges practicing to be a professional hunter. Gon realizes the decision he took to become a hunter is a matter of life or death as the Hunters Exam tests him severely. 

He befriends three other people in the academy who are called Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua. Together they have to hurdle across the obstacles and become pro hunters to survive in the wild.

This series has aspects similar to Naruto like the son trying to live up to his father’s name and prove he’s strong enough to take up their place. It has 5 seasons and lengthy episodes which you’ll love to watch as this was one of the popular shows during the time of its release.

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Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files

This anime series is quite unique from the rest as it contains supernatural aspects. The story introduces a young 14 years old boy called Yusuke Urameshi who’s a criminal with a very cold personality. 

His story begins when he saves a young boy from a deadly accident by killing himself in the process. This incident surprises the officials in the spirit realm as they are quite impressed to see this happen yet not ready to accept this deed from him.

However, the leader of the spirit realm who’s known as Koenma offers him a chance to restore his life if he works under him. This work would include Yusuke completing tasks like fighting crime in the spirit world and also evict evil forces on earth. 

This would ultimately lead Yusuke to become a Spirit Detective and he puts together a team of people to help him on his quest to battle evil.

best anime like naruto

On his journey, Yusuke learns how to deal with criminals and fight against them. The series would eventually become more action-oriented with heavy fight scenes. 

It’s a good watch for those who are fans of martial arts from Naruto. This anime series has 4 seasons with many episodes that are worth the watch.

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Dragon Ball Z

This is another famous anime show people can’t stop talking about. Dragon Ball Z has quite a lot of similarities with Naruto. The story focuses on the protagonist called Goku. He’s a renowned martial art fighter who participates in the World Martial Arts Tournament. 

After winning the tournament Goku lives a normal life by getting married and eventually has a son. When Goku thinks everything is going smooth he gets a surprising visit by a space being who’s called Raditz. He claims to be Goku’s long-lost brother and explains to Goku about his lineage.

other anime like naruto

Goku learns from his brother that he was initially sent on a mission to destroy the earth. However, Goku doesn’t remember his past due to an accident he faced when coming to earth. 

Goku then decides to fight his brother after he threatened to destroy Earth once and for all. This series has breathtaking fighting scenes that involve using mystical objects like dragon balls. This anime is definitely the ideal pick for Naruto fans.

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

This anime is slightly on the horror side yet it also has an action packed journey. Demon Slayer is a story about a boy called Tanjiro Kamado who faces an ugly fate when he goes back to his home that’d change his entire life. 

He finds out that his family was slaughtered by demons. Luckily enough his sister is still alive but she’s a half turned demon. When the demon slayers in the city come to kill his sister he defends her and protects her from them. 

To prevent his sister from turning into a demon and also to protect her from other demon slayers, Tanjiro decides to become a Demon Slayer. 

He goes on to destroying demons with a friend he meets along the way. Together they combat evil demons and fight for justice at all times.

emotional anime like naruto

This anime movie has attracted many fans with its interesting concept of fighting off evil forces. Naruto fans would definitely love this anime as it features one of the best action scenes in anime movies. It’s intriguing and very enjoyable to watch especially if you like the combo of horror and action.

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This is quite an emotional story as it features the struggles of a boy since his birth. The story starts with a samurai general called Daigo Kagemitsu. Daigo notices that the land he lives in has become lifeless and without any hope for becoming a rich land. 

He decides to worship demons and offer them a sacrifice in order to gain power and control over the land he’s living in. He sacrifices his newborn son’s body parts in exchange for his demands. The poor boy was born without a face, limbs, and skin and he was thrown into a river. 

The boy was later found by a man who raised him and gave him a prosthetic face and limbs. The boy later names himself Hyakkimaru and learns to fight demons. He comes to realize that whenever he kills a demon he reclaims a part of his body. This motivates him to fight more demons and to retrieve all his body parts.

anime like naruto

One day Hyakkimaru saves a little boy called Dororo from a group of kidnappers. They become good friends and share their life stories with each other. Dororo tells Hyakkimaru that he’s an orphan and a professional thief. Together they combat demons and Dororo helps Hyakkimaru receive his lost body parts.

This TV series has a total of 24 episodes and they’re pleasing to watch as they teach inspiring life lessons and have eye-catching scenes. Though this anime series is not entirely like Naruto it has some incredible fight moments which will keep you entertained towards the end.

Best Anime Like Naruto: FAQs

What anime should I watch if I like Naruto?

You can watch anime like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball Z, and Hunter x Hunter if you like Naruto.

Is Naruto one of the best anime?

Naruto is one of the best anime out there as it has received wide popularity worldwide and still remains to maintain its reputation.

What is the Big 3 anime?

The Big Three anime is a name for the 3 most famous anime such as Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece.

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