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DHC Natto Kinase, Quercetin and Omega-3, course for 30 days

  • DHC Natto Kinase, Quercetin and Omega-3 is a 30-day course supplement complex
  • Recommended for increasing stamina, eliminating muscle fatigue, and normalizing circulation and vascular systems after a heart attack or stroke
  • Promotes the production of plasmin, which destroys blood clots and prevents blockage and rupture of blood vessels
  • Contains soybeans Natto, which improves oxygen transport, reduces pain, and cleanses the body of toxins
  • Contains DHA and EPA, omega-3 fatty acids that improve brain function, energy recovery, memory, and cell membrane structure
  • Contains quercetin, a powerful antioxidant that protects vascular tissues, prevents damage, and has rejuvenating effects
  • Each piece contains energy 1.3 kcal, nattokinase 3100FU, quercetin 10 mg, DHA 5 mg, and EPA 0.5 mg
  • Take 1 piece per day for 30 days. Made in Japan
    • Product Description: DHC Natto Kinase, Quercetin and Omega-3, 30-day Course

      Introducing the DHC Natto Kinase, Quercetin, and Omega-3, a comprehensive dietary supplement from the renowned Japanese company, DHC.

      This unique blend combines the power of natto kinase, quercetin, and omega-3 fatty acids (DHA docosahexaenoic acid and EPA eicosapentaenoic acid) to promote various health benefits.

      The recommended use of this supplement may help regulate blood sugar levels and prevent sudden drops in blood pressure. It is also suitable for enhancing stamina and relieving muscle fatigue.

      Specifically designed to support the normal functioning of the circulatory and vascular systems, this supplement is highly recommended for individuals recovering from heart attacks or strokes. Additionally, it can play a crucial role in cancer prevention.

      Key Ingredients:

      1. Natto Extract: Derived from soybeans, this extract aids in the transportation of oxygen to tissues and cells. It has pain-reducing properties and boosts efficiency. Furthermore, it purges the body of harmful toxins, restores endoecology, and improves lymphatic function.

      2. DHA and EPA: These omega-3 fatty acids are essential components for optimal human performance. They support brain function, aid in energy recovery, boost memory, and enhance cognitive processes. DHA is vital for maintaining the structure and function of cell membranes.

      3. Quercetin: As a powerful antioxidant sourced from onion peel, quercetin prevents the oxidation of fats. This helps protect the cardiovascular system from damage caused by external factors. It also eliminates the formation of harmful particles that can harm internal organs. Moreover, quercetin possesses rejuvenating properties and promotes tissue elasticity.

      Product Composition per Tablet:
      - Energy: 1.3 kcal
      - Protein: 0.02 g
      - Lipid: 0.03 g
      - Carbohydrate: 0.24 g
      - Salt: 0.001 g
      - Natto Fungus Culture Extract Powder: 155 mg (Containing 3100 FU Nattokinase)
      - Onion Husk Extract Powder: 10 mg (Containing 5% Quercetin)
      - DHA: 5 mg
      - EPA: 0.5 mg
      - Other Ingredients: Starch, Potassium Casein (Contains Milk), Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Cellulose, Calcium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Thickener (Gellan Gum)

      Recommended Dosage: Take 1 tablet per day.

      Package Contents: 30 tablets, sufficient for a 30-day course.

      Manufacturer: DHC

      Country of Origin: Japan

      Experience the remarkable benefits of the DHC Natto Kinase, Quercetin, and Omega-3, and empower your well-being in just 30 days.