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KOSE LECHERI Test kit, type II - moisturizing

  • KOSE LECHERI Test kit, type II – moisturizing
  • Anti-aging line aimed at elasticity, skin tightening, and radiance
  • Restores skin elasticity, provides lifting effect, and moisturizes the skin
  • Positively charged ionized capsules penetrate deep layers of the skin and deliver nourishing ingredients
  • Suitable for skin with lost elasticity, signs of aging, and dullness
  • Designed for 7 days of use
  • Includes cleansing gel, cream wash, face lotion, and face emulsion
  • Made by KOSE in Japan
    • Introducing the KOSE LECHERI Test kit Type II - Moisturizing. This innovative anti-aging line from KOSE is designed to improve elasticity, tighten the skin, and enhance its radiance. With the LECHERI skincare products, you can restore your skin's elasticity, achieve a lifting effect, and enjoy perfectly moisturized skin that radiates health and freshness.

      The key ingredient in the LECHERI series is the positively charged ionized capsules developed by KOSE. Through a unique phospholipid-based penetration technology, these capsules deeply penetrate the skin, delivering nourishing beauty ingredients and providing intense hydration.

      The KOSE LECHERI Test kit Type II - Moisturizing is specifically formulated for skin that has lost elasticity, appears dull, and shows signs of aging. This trial kit is designed for 7 days of use and contains the following items:

      - KOSE LECHERI Oil in Cleansing Gel, a hydrophilic makeup removal gel (20g).
      - KOSE LECHERI Cream Wash, a face cleansing cream (20g).
      - KOSE LECHERI Lift Glow Lotion, a lifting face lotion (35ml), suitable for moisturizing (Type II).
      - KOSE LECHERI Lift Glow Emulsion, a lifting face emulsion (35ml), suitable for moisturizing (Type II).

      All products in the LECHERI line are manufactured by KOSE in Japan. Experience the power of LECHERI and discover the full range of KOSE LECHERI products available.