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Toothpaste "Zact" to eliminate plaque nicotine and smell of tobacco , 150 gr, Lion

  • Toothpaste for eliminating plaque, nicotine, and tobacco smell
  • Recommended for smokers and people who consume coffee, tea, and dark sodas
  • Whitening effect achieved through active medical component and cleansing components
  • Strong menthol flavor
  • Comes in a plastic tube and cardboard dropbox
  • 150 gr weight
  • Suitable for permanent use
  • Contains micro granules of polyethylene glycol
    • Introducing "Zact" Toothpaste - the ultimate solution to eliminate plaque, nicotine stains, and the smell of tobacco. This 150g tube of toothpaste by Lion is specially formulated to effectively remove and prevent stubborn nicotine and coffee or tea stains, as well as plaque build-up. It is highly recommended for smokers and individuals who frequently consume coffee, strong tea, dark sodas, or mineral water with high iron content.

      With the powerful combination of active medical component micro granules of polyethylene glycol and cleansing agents, this toothpaste not only ensures oral hygiene but also offers a whitening effect. The result is a brighter smile and a fresh breath, free from the unpleasant odor of tobacco.

      Additionally, the "Zact" toothpaste leaves a refreshing menthol flavor that lasts throughout the day. This product comes in a convenient plastic tube, packaged in a sturdy cardboard box, ensuring its durability.

      Choose "Zact" toothpaste and experience a comprehensive oral care solution tailored to combat plaque, nicotine stains, and the lingering smell of tobacco. Weight: 150g.