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LION Nonio+ Sensitive Care Toothpaste

  • LION Nonio+ Sensitive Care Toothpaste
  • Toothpaste for sensitive teeth
  • Gentle tooth cleaning
  • Prevents hypersensitivity symptoms
  • Ion barrier ingredients reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Blocks nerve impulses to prevent toothache
  • Three components fight bad breath
  • 130g size
    • Introducing the LION Nonio+ Sensitive Care Toothpaste, specially formulated for those with sensitive teeth. This toothpaste, weighing 130g, provides gentle yet effective cleaning and works to prevent hypersensitivity symptoms, all thanks to its unique ion barrier ingredients.
      The key component of this toothpaste is potassium nitrate, which forms an ion barrier that blocks the transmission of nerve impulses, effectively preventing toothache. Consequently, tooth sensitivity is significantly reduced, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable brushing experience.
      But that's not all - this toothpaste also tackles bad breath with its three powerful components. The cleaning ingredient ensures optimal oral hygiene and freshness, leaving you with a clean and healthy mouth throughout the day.
      Choose the LION Nonio+ Sensitive Care Toothpaste for a superior toothpaste that not only cares for your sensitive teeth but also promotes fresh breath. Try it today and experience the difference.